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Lifelong Ohio State fan. I grew up in southern Ohio and have lived all over the state including Chillicothe and Cleveland. I now live in Florida but O-H-I-O is home. I was raised on my grandfather's Scioto County farm where I learned two important life lessons: 1, Always treat people how you'd like to be treated; 2, Three yards and a cloud of dust! One of my earliest childhood memories is wearing my scarlet and gray footie pajamas when I was 5 while watching OSU game replays on the local WOSU channel with my dad. I even remember Paul Warfield announcing. I've been known to scream at the TV when Ohio State plays. I hate TTUN. I hate them more than Khan hated Captain Kirk. That Team Up North sucks. The SEC sucks. Mark May sucks. Go Bucks!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: My best personal sports moment was my 1 tackle in high school in the 1989 OHSAA Division IV state championship game at Ohio Stadium on the old field turf. To play an actual game on the same turf Woody walked on will always be the greatest sports moment of my life. That and OSU's 2002 national championship game win over Miami. I cried tears of utter joy after that win.
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bungals
  • NHL TEAM: Charlestown Chiefs
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 23 Jun 2019

I played Little League in 1984-85 and I saw parents back then acting like stupid asswipes. I remember one game I when I was 12 an angry mother ran onto the field after our pitcher hit a batter. The angry mother rushed the pitcher instead of running to her son who was writing in pain on the ground. She grabbed the kid by the shirt collar and tried to smack him. The other player's parents then rushed onto the field and started fighting right there on the pitcher's mound in front of everyone They had to call the sherriff's on them all. That kind of thing has always been around but the Internet age you hear about these incidents far more.

And yes, I agree that most of these are from parents who are re-living their "golden years" through their children. Same thing happens with mothers who put their 6-year-old daughters in pageants.

Comment 21 Jun 2019
Bell yanked Iglesias in the 9th after he walked the leadoff guy in favor of Lorenzen who closed Mondays win then Iglesias set up for Lorenzen closing Tuesdays win. Wonder if that was to get Iglesias' attention or will be permanent. Right now Lorenzen is the better closer.
Comment 18 Jun 2019
It's an FNL style camp but instead of it being in the Shoe it's likely in the WHAC. They then have the BBQ after. If you remember last year's FNL was cancelled because of rain with most of our recruits in town and Urban and staff were forced to improvise and practice in an open field outside. At least with this setup Ryan Day can both evaluate players and spend 1-on-1 time with the recruits.
Comment 18 Jun 2019
You don't go from 100-loss seasons to world champ level in less than a year. I was at the Rangers game Sunday and they ripped the cover off the ball and Sonny Gray Kd 8 in 5 innings. You would've never seen that the last two 2-3 years. They'll win 75-78 games this year and be set up for a postseason run next year. They have a lot of good young arms including Gray. Dare I say they seem to have a better long-term outlook than the Indians do, especially if the Reds trade for or sign Klubot or Bauer in the off-season.
Comment 17 Jun 2019
A lot of people are playing a wait and see approach with Day, it makes sense. I do LOL at the folks who think Ryan Day is going to be a bust. Some even think he's not HC material. I hope he not only proves everyone wrong but thumps their freaking asses along the way.
Comment 16 Jun 2019
The No. 1 concern would be the condition of all load bearing areas, especially C deck. It's good the Shoe was built at a time when things were built to last. If the concrete in the load bearing areas stay strong and doesnt deteriorate it could last another century IF the maintenance costs don't make it impractical. The Roman highway and aqueduct have lasted 2000+years. Why not the Shoe?
Comment 14 Jun 2019

This is definitely Ryan Day putting his own stamp on things. Urban's FNL was good that he could bring kids into the Shoe and evaluate them with an audience, but he couldn't really visit too much with the guys who did not work out. A barbeque/family type atmosphere with a camp involved allows Day to both evaluate kids and visit with the Official visitors 1-on-1. Win-win.

Comment 14 Jun 2019

Franchise chain pizza will never be as good as the hometown mom-and-pop places. I had Dominos for the first time in years the other day. It was edible but I'd rather have my favorites.

1. Fred's Pizza, Wheelersburg, OH

2. Any Giovanni's in Ohio

3. Sirrico's Pizza, New York-New York Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Comment 13 Jun 2019

I read some of those PSU meltdowns and it does make me LOL that they have so little respect for Ryan Day, going as far as to call him a "Ventriloquist dummy." I hope Coach sees that stuff. Will make him putting 60 on them that much more fun.