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Comment 17 Aug 2017
I don't believe Harbaugh has the composure to win big games. Just look at his track record. Also, I don't think he has the patience to win big with a young team. He is more suited for the professional game. And he is a very good NFL coach. Once he begins to melt down on the sideline his team usually follows by example on the field. Too worried about screaming at officials.
Comment 10 Aug 2017
How are you coming up with 4 consecutive appearances? We have yet to accomplish 2. This years OSU team will have to be undefeated and win the b10 in impressive fashion in order to make it. I fully believe the 2015 should have repaeated as natiinal champions and for that, and the collapse of sparty against bama the year before, led to the Bucks being selected over Penn St. last year. So this years team will have to be even more impressive than the 2014 team.
Comment 06 Jul 2017
So basically, save for a few players, recruitment is basically a crap shoot. I go by the old eyeball test. For example, Master Teague, passes the eyeball test. Looks like he has a strong lower body and is more physically developed than his competition.
Comment 27 Jun 2017
Penn State would be 3rd on my list. Yes it is loud, but you are ranking the stadium atmosphere when the home team plays Ohio St. Seems like a small sample size to go off of. I mean really scUm was giving away tix for a few seasons there. If you are ranking stadiums alone, where else could be better than Ohio Stadium?
Comment 23 Jun 2017
Im excited fir college hoops for the first time in about 3 or 4 years. I think osu was always a final destination for Thad and similar to the end of the Tressel era, there was a complacency starting to take over. I think Holtmann can win big here. The question is whether there are “bigger" jobs out there than osu or not? My opinion is that only names like Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, unc, etc., etc., are bigger in terns of hoops. I personally dont see Holtmann going anywhere else other than potentially following his predecessors path to the NBA. Go Bucks!
Comment 07 Jun 2017
Wanting to win and avoid complacency doesn't equal being spoiled. How did Thads physical decline result in 4 transfers in one classs? Please dont get me wrong, Thad is a great coach and has done alot for Ohio State. But, when do we put program first?
Comment 27 May 2017
Harbaugh is a great coach, but he is also a total head case. Things are still positive in Michigan. However, once the tough losses start piling up, and they will, the finger pointing begins and before you know it, poof, Harbaugh is back in the NFL. Although, i do partially believe he is better suited for college due to his insistence of being in total control.
Comment 09 Jan 2017
Take your scarlet colored glasses off dude. Kids get screwed all the time by schools including our beloved OSU and the NCAA. You said it right, you dont even know what happened. So zip it. Like I said, if it went down how I heard and has been confirmed by a few dozen people I know, who are former players BTW, its a bunch of BS. Why else would Urbz go public in saying he is adamantly against the suspension? Gibson got screwed bruh, jealous females, OSU dont want the bad pub.