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Comment 02 Oct 2019

If it's the same play I'm thinking of, the initial hit looked like clear targeting, but the replay--to me--showed that the defender came a lot higher and didn't make contact with his helmet. However, you could be referring to a different potential head-shot to Dobbins.

Comment 25 May 2018

This article, truth be told, has a tiny potentially interested audience but I AM IN IT.

This is the best thing on the internet. You have science fiction, astrophysics, football, Saban eternally owning Kiffin, and even some good takes on tOSU football. What's not to love?

Comment 19 Jan 2018

This is, for me, the line that matters most:

"Anyone that’s skeptical about J.T. Barrett has never met him," Grossi said.

He may never be NFL MVP, but there's not a single player or coach he's been around that wouldn't want him on their side.

Mostly unrelated, but I'll write it anyway. I don't watch a ton of college football outside of tOSU games. I do, though, watch as many bowl games as I can. I couldn't help but notice how slow most read options seemed compared to how the Bucks run it. JT rarely makes a bad read and, as mentioned above, if he misses a read it's more than likely a consequence of being too cautious. I'm looking forward to following his career, wherever he lands.

Comment 18 Dec 2017

Cowboy fan here. While I wish he'd taken the suspension earlier in the season, I'm glad it's over and our team is still in the hunt. I'm hoping Zeke has watched Smith and Morris and realized the team can survive without him. That being said, I'd much rather have him on the field in Dallas rather than the putting green (that was made into a workout facility at the resort) in Mexico. Go Bucks; Go Cowboys!