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Comment 25 Feb 2020

From Marotti's bio on tOSU site:

Marotti first worked with Meyer when the two were graduate assistants at Ohio State, in 1987, with Marotti earning a master’s of arts degree in strength and conditioning from Ohio State before moving on to the University of West Virginia to be a strength assistant. He spent two years at WVU and graduated with a master’s of science degree in sports medicine.

I'm guessing he's familiar with "the science of strength and conditioning." 

Comment 05 Dec 2019

whenever I hear that dingleberrt.

I know this is a typo but I want to pretend you meant it as a slight to Clay and a reminder of the glorious years we had Bert Bielema as the Badger coach. He was such a fun coach to hate.

Comment 02 Oct 2019

If it's the same play I'm thinking of, the initial hit looked like clear targeting, but the replay--to me--showed that the defender came a lot higher and didn't make contact with his helmet. However, you could be referring to a different potential head-shot to Dobbins.

Comment 25 May 2018

This article, truth be told, has a tiny potentially interested audience but I AM IN IT.

This is the best thing on the internet. You have science fiction, astrophysics, football, Saban eternally owning Kiffin, and even some good takes on tOSU football. What's not to love?