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Born and raised in the Buckeye state, Ian has been a Bucknut from birth.

His blogging efforts began in 2009 when he started Inside The Shoe. Ian has spent many years researching the history of the Ohio State football program, and gathers insight from the various strategies of previous coaches and players. In his spare time, he enjoys rooting for his favorite Ohio teams, which include the Reds, Bengals, Cavs and Jackets (despite the lack of success).

Ian is currently a writer for the SB Nation Ohio State site, Land-Grant Holyland


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Comment 15 Jun 2012

There is always room for improvement in my game. I never want to settle so I decided to get down there and work with Coach Vrabel. I wanted to learn some things to help me individually, and also take away some things to bring back and show my team. I feel like I accomplished that.

This is pretty telling in that Spinkle wants to become the best he can be. Buckeyes got a good, hard-working kid. Good for him.

Comment 08 Jun 2012

Have to agree with Rooster. Chapman is much improved from his rookie year. He's the most dominant closer right now in the game. He has a very bright future.

Comment 04 Jun 2012

So, so sad Beanie Wells wasn't on there. I can't disagree with the picks at all though, it's just that Beanie is one of my favorites. 

You could make an argument for Ted Ginn too. OSU fans were infatuated with Ginn (including me), it was basically his team for a while!

Comment 20 May 2012

I love Aroldis Chapman. Probably my favorite Red, other than Joey Votto. He's just a dominant pitcher.

Comment 09 May 2012

The movie is Dead Poets Society, but the actual poem is from Walt Whitman, yes. I was mainly referencing the movie because of the picture Chad had used as well.

Comment 20 Feb 2012

I'm so glad you somehow, some way fit that Kevin Noon picture/arguement in. It's fantastic. Great article Ramzy.

Comment 04 Feb 2012

Huge win, but I couldn't help but think that I was watching a replay of last year at Wisconsin once it got under 3 minutes, when we started to pull away. That's when the replay really hit, and Jordan Taylor got hot, as well as Wisconsin hitting a huge 3 to cut the Buckeyes lead to 1. This year, thankfully, was different and Sullinger really stepped up.

Great overall effort from the team though, huge win.

Comment 29 Jan 2012

I'm becoming more and more impressed with Smith. I didn't think much of him at the beginning of the year, up until midway through the year. He has really worked hard and proved himself to have a high motor all game long. Seems like the Aaron Craft of last year (even though Craft still is going strong) and is even a better offensive threat than Craft. 

I'm exicted to see this kid progress over the next month or two.

Comment 30 Dec 2011

Has there ever been a Buckeye football game that most have felt so "meh", about?

I know the feeling. This game just doesn't perk the interest as much. The season has been disappointing overall. A few bright spots though, (landing Meyer, progressing of Braxton) and hopefully will be a showcase for what we can expect to see from Miller next year as he drives towards a Rose Bowl or better. Damn you Gene.

Comment 29 Dec 2011

Wow, Georgia's schedule. Eastern Michigan might be able to run the table with that. That's all I have to say about that. 

Comment 23 Dec 2011

The new Jared Sullinger, after dieting all summer: Little in the middle but he's got much back.

This made me laugh out loud so hard.

Comment 22 Dec 2011

Outstanding stuff Alex. You're one of the best people to go to for recruiting news. 

Comment 29 Aug 2011

It is journalism like this that allows 11W to transcend the blog label.


Couldn't have put it any better. 


Great stuff Ramzy.

Comment 19 Aug 2011

Please don't be another Maurice Wells.


How dare you. We are no longer on speaking terms until further notice.