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I'm a life-long Buckeye Fan who has always bled Scarlet & Gray!!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Attending the 1997 Rose Bowl Game!!
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Comment 02 Jun 2020

If we're talking changing the outcome of single game(s) there are 3: The 1969 TTUN Game, that made Bo Schembechler's entire career and got Jim Mandich into the NFL. In 1998, the Shawn Springs slip that cost the Buckeyes another Natty. Lastly, the 1976 Rose Bowl. It was Archie's final game as a Buckeye and they had the Natty in the palm of their hand. If it's a program moment, it has to be Woody punching Charlie Bauman.

Comment 24 Apr 2020

The Raiders suck, Jon Gruden is the most overrated HC in the NFL and Mike Mayock is a talking head whose hiring showed what a fool Owner Mark Davis really is. Drafting Arnette at 19 is a reach, he had a 3rd round grade at best. However, he would have been long gone when the Raiders drafted again in the 3rd round because they don't have a 2nd round pick. So they went and got the guy they wanted. Good luck to Arnette and even in Vegas the Raiders will still suck...

Comment 22 Mar 2020

This kind of shit is why I stopped following CFB recruiting! The 'he said/he said,' the cottage industry of supposed recruiting bloggers who purport to have "inside info" on recruits and really don't. I'm not going to let an 18 YO that I don't know and have never seen play a down determine my fandom. Wake me up on NLI Day and then we won't have to wonder...

Comment 17 Mar 2020

C'mon now Buckeye Fans, we're in the midst of what's going to be an epic 2021 recruiting haul. We've got the presumptive Heisman Trophy winner returning. We've got more offensive weapons than the U.S. Army. Our new DC coached a defense that allowed Ryan Tannehill to break the bank in free agency. LJ is still our D-Line coach, so Zach Harrison will be the next in the Chase Young-Nick Bosa-Joey Bosa line of stud DEs. Do we really give two shits about Josh Gattis or his thoughts? I mean the guy is the OC for Jim Harbaugh and we've scored 118 points on those 'Bamas' the past two games. What is Gattis supposed to tell his team and his delusional fanbase; "hey those Buckeyes are way too awesome for us and they're going to kick our asses again down in the Shoe..."

Comment 13 Feb 2020

I don't believe Master Teague will even be the opening day starter. He showed in the last 3 games that his upright running style, lack of vision, and hesitancy in the hole will be issues against quality opponents. He'll run wild against the Bowling Greens, Miamis, and Rutgers of the world but against quality competition, he doesn't show he has the chops. If Marcus Crowley is recovered from injury I fully expect him to be behind Justin Fields on opening day. Even though we only got to see Steele Chambers in garbage time he also flashed some great potential.

Comment 25 Jun 2019

What UCONN fans cannot and probably will never truly understand is that in major College Athletics, Football is the 'straw that stirs the drink.' While winning Nattys is a great thing, WCBB doesn't move the needle with sponsors and more importantly TV Networks. UCONN desperately wanted into the B1G but that was mostly driven by former AD Warde Manuel, who is now at TTUN. The Husky Faithful don't realize that no matter how many Nattys Geno racks up, CFB is what's important to the people with the money. The B1G already has a presence in the NY Market in Rutgers and Connecticut FB is worse than them. Their facilities for Football are shit and Pratt Whitney Stadium only holds 40K people. Can anyone imagine FOX, ABC, or even the B1G Network televising an 8 PM game from a stadium that seats 40K? I hope the Huskies do well back in the Big East but I doubt it, they're WCBB won't even be a contender this upcoming season.

Comment 13 Jun 2019

James Franklin was mediocre as an HC at Vandy and has been pedestrian at best in Happy Valley. He made his rep off the "White Out" Game in 2016, when tOSU shit the bed and allowed a blocked FG, a blocked punt, and a Pick Six in a 24-21 win over the Good Guys. He's done absolutely nothing of note since that game. Don't be fooled, neither he nor his program are elite!

Comment 24 May 2019

NFL Owners make massive investments in players. I don't know of one that would sanction something like this. The really fast NFL players are not among those listed because they know they can't go back to their teams and say I blew out my Hammy in Ted Ginn, Jr.'s Celebrity Track Meet in an effort to assuage his ego. Let Teddy race Joey Galloway, who could probably still beat him in a 40!!

Comment 08 Mar 2019

As a life-long Raiders fan(since 1967) I can concur that this is Metcalfe is quintessential "Al Davis" draft pick. Metcalfe gets the Gold Medal in the Underwear Olympics but on the Football Field, he'll be a total bust. I'm hoping the Raiders take Parris Campbell at 24 if he's still on the Board.

Comment 04 Mar 2019

I have no concerns about the Offense, Ryan Day will do what Ryan Day does on that side of the ball. Fields didn't transfer to tOSU to sit behind Matthew Baldwin, so that's settled. The Defense is where my focus will be this Spring because it was atrocious last season and the most significant thing to making it better was jettisoning UFM's BFF Billy Davis who did absolutely nothing in 2 years as the LB Coach. Rushmen1 will once again have one of the top D-Lines in the nation, led by The Predator! Keep an eye on Tyreke Smith, he's the next one in LJ's Scarlet Line. I believe Mattison's scheme will put the LB's in a better position to make plays. Malik Harrison is a "Freak" and hopefully, Baron can finally harness that enormous potential. Dallas Gant is the LB to watch and I really hope Justin Hilliard can get some run in his Senior season. Hafley has a world of talent to work with on the back-end and he brings an NFL pedigree that the players should respond to. Arnette still scares me because he gambles way too much. He's always looking in the backfield or for the kill shot on a WR. Hopefully, Hafley and Matt Barnes will correct that. It's Spring Practice and I'm excited!!

Comment 10 Jan 2019

I don't believe Justin Fields was given any assurances, tacit or explicit, other than the fact that he would be given a fair opportunity to compete for the starting QB position at one of the three premier football institutions in America. He's great friends with Dwayne Haskins and they share a QB Trainer. Fields has eyes and a brain and he saw what Haskins did in his one year as a starter under the tutelage of Ryan Day. To infer that Day, with the results he's shown to date, had to guarantee Fields a starting job is ludicrous. Martell ran his mouth and now that the transfer has manifested itself he's hedging his bets. Moral of this story; Don't let your alligator mouth overload your hummingbird ass!!

Comment 02 Dec 2018

Stop whining!! I've been a Buckeyes fan all of my life and will remain so until I die!! It's not the fault of E$PiN or the CFP Committee that our Bucks didn't make the playoff again! You can't shit the bed against inferior teams and get the benefit of the doubt. This Bucks team is not one of the 4 best teams in the nation, neither is UGA so finishing 5th or 6th, what's the difference if you're not in the top 4. The CFP isn't about the teams playing the best Football, it's a beauty contest. E$PiN owns the SEC and the SEC Network and they have the loudest voice in the process so of course, they're going to promote their product. tOSU has to beat the Iowa 's and Purdue's of the world or at least not get blown out by them, which has been the case the past two seasons. The Buckeyes have to give the CFP Committee reasons to put them in instead they keep giving the Committee reasons to keep them out...

Comment 25 Nov 2018

I read very similar comments about our favorite team on "MGoBlog" the University of Alabama is a fine school with high academic standards. Attacking the university and its academic standards and graduation rates because they win is banal. Saban wins championships and graduates players. They also have plenty of players leave early for the NFL just like we do. Let's be better than this...

Comment 31 Jul 2018

For one reason and one reason only, On August 12, 1978, in a preseason game, Tatum hit NE Patriot WR Darryl Stingley as Stingley was attempting to catch a pass that was too wide. Tatum blasted Stingley and compressed his spine and broke Stingley's 5th and 6th cervical vertebrae, rendering Stingley a quadriplegic for the remainder of his life. The hit wasn't dirty and Tatum wasn't trying to injure Stingley but Tatum until the day he died never apologized for the hit or to Stingley personally, although he expressed remorse that Stingley was injured. That is the sole reason that Tatum isn't enshrined in Canton, where he should be among the other Raider and Buckeye greats. He was the most feared player in NFL history...

Comment 01 May 2018

Now that you've been given all the hipster recommendations and the usual E. 4th Street hype and Flats bullshit. If its just a quick in-and-out for you for the game. Harry Buffalo is right across the street from the Arena. It has great food at a very reasonable price and a great selection of beverages. Get there early because it get crowded on Game days. Don't try to park near the Arena because you'll get gouged, lots near the Q were charging $90 during the Finals year. Park at one of the lots between E. 9th and E.18th on Prospect Ave. and take the shuttle to the Arena. They run for 90 minutes after the game and it'll be easier for you to access I-71 on your way out. Have a great time and enjoy the game.

Comment 23 Apr 2018

I can't blame the young man, ballers want an opportunity to ball and he is intelligent enough to read the tea leaves. He knows Dobbins has two years of eligibility left and is a potential Heisman candidate, He saw Teague in the Spring Game and what he brings to the table with Brian Snead and Jalen Gill yet to come, He saw the G.O.A.T. who is still a tailback at heart and the electricity he brings every time the ball is in his hands. I hope he finds his place at UNC  and balls out for them. Good luck Antonio, may the universe light your path to success, stay humble.....