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Comment 15 Jan 2019

I see a lot of Emmanuel Sanders in Campbell's game. And I think that comp might be closer to floor than ceiling. No disrespect to Sanders. I just think Campbell could be THAT good in the right offense.

Comment 10 Jan 2019

My EXACT thought on this. The "Tate is the ultimate competitor" montra has left my brain.

Comment 08 Jan 2019

Mattison and Washington were both positional coaches, which means they didn't set direction for defensive schemes/play calling. You bring them in for their ability to teach and recruiting capabilities (and it sounds like they both get rave reviews in those two categories).

Comment 07 Jan 2019

Let's hope that's still a possibility because.... well.. I don't know about this one.

Comment 31 Dec 2018

Tomorrow evening can't come soon enough!

Comment 31 Dec 2018

That's what I've gathered as well. There's no way Hue can get this job, right? Asking for a disgruntled Browns fan.......

Comment 28 Dec 2018

I think reasonable losses could come vs. MSU, @Iowa, vs. Purdue, @UM, @IU, @MSU, @Maryland, @Purdue, and vs. Wisconsin. Do I think we lose all 9 of these? Of course not. Anything at or under 5 losses and I'll be very satisified/impressed with the season.

Comment 27 Dec 2018

You're right, we're going to need Mack back for *next year*. Which is all the more reason he should sit the bowl game out to heal. The depth I'm referencing is current WR depth for the bowl game. 

Comment 27 Dec 2018

With the depth we still have at WR, no need for him to rush back into things. But- sitting out Urban's last game is probably a tough pill to swallow.