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Comment 16 Oct 2019
You're stretching a bit Evanston. The majority of college football players at "big time" schools are black. So I don't think you can make the argument that the FSU Miami comment is race based. Probably more based on the reputation those schools have for being unruly and embracing a culture that other schools don't. This guy clearly didn't have an issue with Saquan, or Trace, or any other number of players. I have to take him at face value and assume the guy really hates dreads.
Comment 13 Oct 2019
Similar to the#firefickell but dumber...salty Cincinnati fans.
Comment 15 Sep 2019
He tries to get cute, I think Greg Williams kept that in check last year.
Comment 15 Sep 2019
Eh, we've seem this before. Purdue, Iowa sometimes teams with superior talent shit the bed. That is on the coaches.
Comment 14 Sep 2019
Right? I try hard not make a ranking until each team has had a test. That said JF is the best QB in the B1G and it's not even a race. Shea Patterson is...well let's just say he's closer to the bottom than the top.
Comment 08 Sep 2019
Keep telling yourself that. Bengals roster is devoid of talent. This browns roster (outside of the OLine) is stacked. If they can get a trade for Williams theyd have all the pieces for a deep playoff run. Provided they don't get cute and do what they can do best. It's why I like the Patriots style #doyourjob is the best NFL slogan
Comment 01 Sep 2019
No complaints about Fields, he had a great debut. O line worriese greatly. Secondary depth is non existent, injury or two and we could be in trouble. A certain LB still looks slow but perhaps I've been spoiled with Lee, Shazier and the like. I can see a loss coming at some point during the season (not you Michigan) unless the OLine improves greatly.
Comment 20 Aug 2019
Woody Hayes assaulted a kid total criminal they should take down his statue, right? Meanwhile a bunch of saltyass beengals fans pissing in their beers pretending their team wasn't full of the biggest pieces of shit in the NFL for the last sixteen years.
Comment 15 Aug 2019
Yeah, they were laughing at #16 who is a God to people on this site for some reason.