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Comment 19 Apr 2019
Yeah, who the hell did Tate think he is? Justin Fields? Can we all stop pretending Fields wasn't promised the starting job because he looked like ass, my dude (so did Haskins, who I love) in the spring game so it's doubtful he earned the job in that moment.
Comment 24 Feb 2019
I've never admitted this on here before but...I cheered when he got hurt. Dead serious got left hanging on a high five from every member of my family.
Comment 24 Feb 2019
The fact that they have cash flys in the face of the "poor athlete" narrative that is widely accepted. Therefore the optics are terrible and is not what this University needs given this past season.
Comment 02 Feb 2019
Thank you. Seriously people are calling a young man's sister a slut "no one swings and misses" Walk away from the keyboard go look in a mirror and think "would I want someone to say that about my daughter, or my sister?" Especially when you don't know the people involved.
Comment 28 Jan 2019
Heard it, not thrilled to have our University now connected to a lying jackass. We laugh about Tawanna Bradley but let's also remember he tried to pin it on a man who had committed suicide. He's trash.