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Comment 15 Jun 2020

Just don't see it happening. If the talent gap between tOSU and the skunk weasels continues to widen, the same thing will be the case with sparty but just to a greater degree. I think the great equalizer could be catching lightning in a bottle with a NFL quarterback type of talent. Sparty has had quite a few of those in the past. However, outside of finding one of those qb's I think they will just be a middle of the road B1G team. Watching their offense play the last couple years is like watching paint dry.

Comment 11 Jun 2020

Sports is an escape from politics. Don't believe me? Look at ESPN's ratings drops over the last several years and the mass layoff of employees. Jordan had it right "Republicans buy shoes too" so why bash the right or the left when you can just entertain and play sports? Sports, Music, Art, Food, etc... used to all be things that brought people together of all races and religions. It's sad that politics has to be involved in everything today. 

Comment 11 Jun 2020

I served in the military with many different races. That's the thing I love about football and the military. There isn't black or white or hispanic or asian. There are just brothers striving and sacrificing towards a common goal. The black brothers I have from the military have told me they would punch anyone in the face that publicly disrespects the flag. It's the same flag that's laid over caskets of other brothers that haven't been lucky enough to come home. I guess perhaps my black military brothers haven't earned the right to publicly express their opinions as well?

Comment 11 Jun 2020

I miss ElevenWarriors just covering sports. But... since we are going where we are going, and for those who haven't read the autopsy report (which is non political) here it is. History of cardiovascular disease, positive for methamphetamine, positive for fentanyl, positive for covid. None of this excuses the police officers actions but it does paint a broader picture that the main stream media won't cover. There's also new video that has surfaced that shows a struggle with the officers minutes before he was taken down. I'll gladly accept any down votes for just speaking truth. Once again I will re-iterate I am not excusing the officers actions in the slightest.


"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves"

-Edward Murrow

Comment 03 Jun 2020

I wouldn't call Italy a success. However, if you read the article, (you can find many on this doctors findings) the virus itself has weakened to a point where it is no longer clinically significant. That's potentially encouraging news considering it is the same virus here that it is there. Jesus with all the negative in America right now take a small glass of positivity.

Comment 03 Jun 2020

High ranking MD in Italy stated that after the last 10 days of swabs taken that the virus clinically no longer exists. Good news moving forward. Of course people will debate this and draw their own conclusions on what best fits their political parties narrative. It's possible Ohio State in 3 months could completely revisit and revise these guidelines if the virus is gone.


Comment 14 May 2020

Best pure passer is Haskins. I can agree with that just off of pure arm talent. But statistically Fields had a better season than Haskins. Even though he threw 180 fewer passes because he only played in half of most games. Field's running ability also allowed JK to have the best season of his career. Like you, I love Troy Smith, but Fields accounted for almost as many touchdowns in one season as Troy did in his entire career. Fields also never had a Purdue game for Haskins, Iowa/Clemson/Oklahoma/MSU game for JT, or a Florida game for Troy. Fields is the most talented QB in program history. I would argue just after one year he is the best we have seen. 

Comment 14 May 2020

Fields is already the best QB in program history and I think the only thing that can cause a sophomore slump for Justin is Covid 19. Regardless of how ridiculous or how dangerous you think Covid is, I think the season very much hangs in the balance. It’s in the hands of mostly clueless governors who love their newly found power. WR will be better just young, O-line will be better, RB will take a step back, and Fields should only improve. Only thing derailing Fields or the Buckeyes is Covid. 

Comment 20 Apr 2020

I think people were tired of hearing about it. Whatever happens with that situation has to play out in court. They are no longer part of the program. Let's talk about the guys that are. It's also very difficult to comment on these type of ongoing criminal trial these days. You are either labeled an insensitive sexist or yelled at for not believing in due process. I appreciate the omission. If you follow tOSU football you know the situation.

Comment 16 Apr 2020

1-6 are strawman arguments. Furthermore, it's not a matter of life vs the economy. It's a matter of life vs life. How many hundreds of thousands of people will die if the economy completely tanks? You're right I'm entitled to my opinion and you to yours. I agree it needs to be done responsibly but that means weighing all factors. Not just what Covid can cause. 

Comment 16 Apr 2020

Covid 19 is the same as driving 180 mph on the highway??????? Covid has about a 98 plus percent survival rate here in the US currently. The thing we haven't factored in are the majority of the people that have had it going back as early as November and now have antibodies after never exhibiting symptoms. That brings the survival rate well up above 99%. Driving 180 on the highway? Try driving the speed limit on a rainy day. Then you have a better analogy. Like I said previously. Far more people die of MVA's than people that will die of Covid.

Further food for thought. Suicide and alcoholism kill about 120k in the US every year. How many more suicide and alcohol related deaths will there be this year due to the lockdown? People can't go anywhere, but liquor stores are still open. Hell I will admit I have drank more during the lockdown lol. We already know that Domestic Violence is up 40% statewide. My point is that a lockdown doesn't just happen in a vacuum. There are residual effects. Saving lives is obviously supremely important, but at what cost?