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Comment 24 Nov 2019

Hopefully the "D", while capable, will shut down their QB's hot passing streak over the last two games.  Stay focused, come prepared for the biggest game of the year and bring a "W" back to Columbus.

Comment 23 Nov 2019

Definitely need to work on securing the ball.  While I am assuming the plays were called from the sidelines am I the only one that wonders why in the last 3 minutes of the game when you need to drain the clock we call a play where our QB runs out of bounds and stops the clock. . . then another play where the QB takes a sack at the 40 yard line instead of throwing it away?  Is that on the players, in this case Fields, or the coaches?

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Great to see the young Bucks developing their game and blending well with the vets but hope both can improve their free throw shooting before it cost them in a close game. . . especially with the upcoming schedule.