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Comment 23 hours ago

Sure wish KBD would have stayed. He would have surely helped the Bucks far more than setting the bench, and often not even on the bench, in Minnesota.  Once again far too often college players see themselves as better than they are or will be especially at the NBA level. 

Comment 23 hours ago

This team has become very frustrating to watch. . . undisciplined, sloppy play and not learning from past mistakes. Shooting 36% from the floor and 15% from 3pt. range and this was a home game! We only made 9 of 19 layups, and I am not sure if that even counts CJ's missed short range floaters but it doesn't count how many easy layups we gave them. . . Not to mention the lack of senior leadership like CJ's consistent turnover problem with 7 more tonight and Woods not showing up for some time now.

Comment 14 Feb 2019

Could be a tough game with our turnover problems and their turnover positives.  Glad to see the Bucks are addressing it in practice now it is time to address it during a game.  We really need to win this game. 

Comment 10 Feb 2019

Yes, an "ugly affair" but I will take an ugly away win any day.  I simply can't believe how we continue to play so carelessly, especially with turnovers, and have not shown much improvement.  Take away even half the points Indiana scored on our turnovers and we win by a greater margin. 

Comment 10 Feb 2019

If Kaleb can stay on the floor and produce and the team maintains their focus and cuts back, way back, on the turnovers they are capable of walking away with a win.

Comment 07 Feb 2019

Delighted with the win but this team has so much to improve on.  Way, way too many casual and careless turnovers and regretfully our senior leader lead the way in that department and while a couple of Kaleb's fouls were highly questionable at best he needs to smarten up and not continue to dig himself and the team into a hole.  We need him on the floor.  

Comment 02 Feb 2019

Kaleb and CJ were on their game and turn-overs were finally under control.  Keep playing this way and we can win four in a row and with better rebounding the score would have been even better.  Congrats to both team and coaches for getting it back on track. 

Comment 02 Feb 2019

It is time for the team to get their heads into the game and focus, focus, focus.. . as on EVERY PLAY. Enough of the undisciplined and foolish turn-overs, not finishing on close-in shots and unnecessary, undisciplined fouling.  Get it together team and bring home a much needed win! 

Comment 01 Feb 2019

Possible but the team will will need to show significant improvement to win all four. . . Like Kaleb smartening up on excess fouls and the team significantly cutting excessive turnovers and increasing shooting percentage via better shot selection and concentration even on short range shots and layups.