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Comment 13 Nov 2019

The committee is there to find the 4 best teams. Which 4 teams have the most talented rosters? If you had 1000 dollars on the line, are you putting it on Bama or minnesota? LSU or Baylor? LSU/Bama or Clemson? I believe the 4 best teams in the nation are Clemson, OSU, LSU, and Bama. LSU has beaten good teams and looked good while doing it. OSU has dominated decent teams. That's all the committee has to go off of right now, and their rankings look correct to me, with the exception of UGA. They don't belong in the top 6 

Comment 12 Nov 2019

I have no faith that Ed Warriner/Tim Beck would've put that team in a position to win the playoffs

Comment 11 Nov 2019

This is an interesting year, if everything holds as it is now (LSU #1, OSU #2, Clemson #3) then the first seed in the playoff may have a huge advantage playing suspect PAC12 champ or BIG12 champ. Don't think either of those conferences are putting up a fight this year in the playoffs, where Clemson will be a challenge. 

Or bama makes the playoffs at 4 and we have a rematch

Comment 08 Nov 2019

From Bill Greene at Bucknuts:

Regrading Chase Young:

1- The people I trust the most aren't saying a word which is understandable. So I'm now working down past my best sources into an area of people I'm not going to trust. And I've gotten 4 different versions so nothing concrete from me. It's not fair to do that.

2- OSU is concerned enough that they are not laughing this off and they are investigating, as they should. There's no way this gets wrapped up in 2-3 hours so my feeling is that Chase Young WILL NOT play tomorrow. That's fine. It doesn't hurt OSU and it won't hurt Chase if he's exonerated.

3- This MIGHT not concern the player directly and it could be they're looking into someone close to him. A few people feel this is the case.

4- This also might be minor enough that it's not career-ending or season-ending. I was told that is a possibility as well.

5- I wouldn't kill the kid just yet. Let all the facts come out and if he's guilty there will be plenty of time for people to get their pound of flesh from Chase's hide.

6- I hate to even say anything when my info is this flimsy but OSU has a lid on it and they SHOULD. I just feel you guys at least deserve some discussion on it from someone at 247/Bucknuts. As I get more info, I will put it right here.

7- I'm also not afraid to break a big story but I have to have the goods to do that. On this, I have very little goods I could stand behind. When I had the Urban Meyer to Ohio State story dead nailed, I broke it and beat all the big boys. I have a little above rumor on this one.

Comment 30 Oct 2019

I wish every season had 2 bye weeks. As far as I see it, its an extra week of college football and its more time for these kids to heal up, catch up on school, have a life. Not really any downside to it at all, this week just happened to play out such that the top teams all had byes.  

Comment 24 Oct 2019

I'm in the process of joining the armed services so I'm curious.. how often are you all able to get tickets like this? It doesn't matter, just naturally curious. Enjoy the game