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Comment 02 Dec 2019

TTUN's Dline was never their strength this year. It's Don Brown's scheme of insane Run/Pass Blitzing and taking away gaps getting less talented teams off schedule. Shear talent wise you're right. LSU and Clemson have more talented Lines than the Khaki Kids. However, LSU can and does get pushed around (OLE Miss ran them into the Gulf). OSU's talent, discipline (executing different schemes from exactly the same look) and Dobbins means OSU CAN run on them. Clemson is a different beast. Vernables is an elite DC, with elite athletes. It'll be hard to achieve our YPG average against them. We'd have to Pass more on 1st down (and Win) to stay on schedule.

Comment 01 Dec 2019

You couldn't get ole Desmond off of Get Up last week. Debating Paulie Findbama about the Rivalry(Huh?) Doubt we'll see him tomorrow morning to take his medicine. Stuff a man would do. Like his occasional stints as a game analyst. He screams "I'm just here for the paycheck." 

Comment 26 Nov 2019

Saw that too. Not sure how any one human (Mark May aside) could constantly be so consistently shown to be a Know Nothing Loser. Desmond compounds it with staggeringly stupid takes. PSU was the only good team they played? What about The Badgers (Who BTW just scored again on Don Brown's Defense) Did he forget that they play almost the SAME schedule? EPIC Dumbness.

Comment 23 Nov 2019

Agreed, except with a few caveats. Not sure the ball security from JK is a thing to worry about, I think that had more to do with him not having reps going into 3rd quarter and far exceeding his normal rush attempts. He looked exhausted on some of the runs. Concern on Fields is warranted - his gotta have better situational awareness. Last, I think Day was thinking they'd wear PSU down like TTUN did. Problem was Franklin went to Press Man and practically dared Fields to throw it as they stacked the box. Still, 220 plus on the ground (against that D) ain't Hash. Yeah, they could have went for the blowout, but a win is a win. Go Bucks!

Comment 19 Nov 2019

Agreed IF you knew like Rutgers, that 2 inexperienced DE's are playing (to be put in conflict) That shouldn't be the case on Saturday. Also, White or Bullet is plugged in as the Edge Player (If PSU runs this, they'll highlight iso with TE) and get him some REPs knowing how to handle the release. Recognize it's primarily a QB run, Landers is crucial. Hafley will have it diagnosed and fixed by Saturday.

Comment 14 Nov 2019

Herbie needs come out and explain WHO his source was! It clearly wasn't OSU. 

Also, ESPN/Get Up needs to fall back. Days ago Show Host Greenie let reports of "OSU says 4 Days" reign all over his show, then yesterday it was Desmond Howard - straight up implying that Chase was lying and insinuating that he doesn't understand how Loans work (Which BTW he paid back months ago!) - Which I'll admit was a straight up bigoted statement (I'm AA) that would have cost anyone else their job. He doesn't know Chase, his family or his knowledge level so how he gets to say that shish on ESPN is beyond me. Never confused Desmond with knowledgeable (or for the people), but c'mon bro. (Hope he's available to assist on Paterson's Autopsy cause you just got our QB murdered)

NOW, it's Greenie stating the NCAA is not trying to make it a thing so he should have gotten 4 games but they are going easy on him - 2 games. - "Soooo, we still need to know how much the loan was". Try'in too hard to make this Loangate.

Comment 09 Nov 2019

The NCAA is a non-profit, governing body. It's revenue comes from March Madness and Bowl championships. Grants are delved out AFTER operating expenses. And largely to Non-Revenue generating sports (Archery, Crew, etc.) The Conferences and the member schools are largely responsible for their own Athletic Scholarship program support, Not the NCAA. The Conferences set their TV contracts, again not the NCAA. Each school decides how its revenue is divided up, again not NCAA. Bottomline - B1G making money, yes. MAAC- not so much. There is no collective beast. 

Comment 09 Nov 2019

First, that's not how it works. There are compliance officers and assistants (teams of them) That's their job (that they get paid really well to do) Blame falls on them. Second, funny how everyone wants a 20 year old to accomplish the remarkable task of following every rule society sets forth. Maybe you should lecture the millions of full blown adults that break rules large and small every hour of every day.

Comment 07 Sep 2019

Great job as always Kyle. Gotta agree 100% that the FAU game plan was as much about showing UC and B1G how much more they have to prep for (Pro Sets, Man/Duo/Zone Blk Schemes/Rams Passing Concepts). Not sure how much Mesh they ran (Kyle?) Additionally keeping reads as simple as possible for Justin so he could establish confidence. Going forward I think they will introduce OSU (Cowboy) downfield concepts, getting RB's in to the passing game, Playmaker Screens, etc. to compliment what we saw. Just the beginning.

Comment 10 Feb 2019

Also, if he's gonna take reps from Banks, Williamson, and Johnson, here's hoping he'll step into more of a leadership role and demand to cover the other teams best in crunch time. Leaving Wade to cover PU's Moore, PSU's Hamler, etc. when they were kill'in it and you covered the slot in previous years, needs to not be in you if you want that top round NFL grade. Watched Ward accept/welcome the challenge of covering Antonio Brown in Game 1 of his NFL career. Never running away from the challenge. Here's hoping DA3 adopts that mindset in his last season.

Comment 10 Feb 2019

Wishing nothing but the best for DA. Just hope that Hafley's mentorship will re-enforce a bit more reality in him (Like CC did). That talent, starting cb spot and swag alone doesn't make you a Top round pick. I hope consistency means more film study and honing his craft. Things that were clearly lacking in seasons before. Hoping for the best, he definitely has the opp to be good. 

Comment 10 Jan 2019

Agreed. True we need to beat Clemson. It's harder than playing Bama as UFM built tOSU to beat Bama. But Dabo built Clemson to be a better version of tOSU. They rely on outside speed (same as Bucks) but get it from taller, longer ATH's. Power inside (Which OSU had but has disappeared in favor of speed) Tash Boyd was a prototype Urban QB, now Trevor Lawrence helms. Dabo did what UFM would never have done by replacing Bryant. (for all his Bible thumping he's quite a ruthless competitor, a la Saban and not at all like UFM, who keeps it classy on game day) So Day has a chance, we have the ATH's to compete, just need to develop the Mamba mentality again (Had it in '14)

Comment 10 Jan 2019

I'd lean toward giving Day a lot of credit for re-imagining the Defense. Elevating LJ to AC ensures that the focus remains on the front four and the Shiano NFL "I'm scheming my players out of the play so you don't have to" concepts are minimized (front four running games to free up undersized, slow LBs OR having your best pass rusher constantly come up field to take away jet sweeps, etc. only to see he get too deep, allowing the QB to duck under and get out of pocket), Mattison brings ichigan D concepts (which can be cherry picked to take advantage of Brown's Blitz and base D concepts) while Hafley brings overall NFL schemes that don't expose the back seven to scrambling 3rd down QBs and Safeties that don't know how (or are not required to) press the hole on run support. Washington brings improved LB awareness, read and react, clear assignment football and the end of the dredded "Rugby" tackle in the hole (PLEASE!) Hopefully Day has Clemson in his sights and the odd pieces mean a focus on improving each position group. Now if he can address the O line...

Comment 19 Dec 2018

Unfortunately Fields is a black QB in the South, sure he's heard the N word shouted at him A LOT! So that being said, Large part of this is in how Smart recruits, i.e. the Saban method. Meaning if I take you away from another team, then I ensure my dominance. Doesn't matter if I have any intention of playing you. Fields doesn't fit the Dawgs offensive scheme. I watched a few UGA games and a large portion of his snaps were just hand-offs, no subpackages, special plays, just burning his redshirt. Not sure how I would feel if my freshman year was used up - being a running QB in a Pro Style attack. If he's passing in those games, don't think we're at this moment.

And remember, JT was the QB when he last looked at tOSU, now he's seen what Day's scheme can be. Which fits his skillset far more than UGA's "Bama" lite. His friendship with Simba and a shared QB Guru, means he knows EXACTLY what he's getting into. Bottomline, they all want to play on Sundays, let him come and Tate, Baldwin and he can battle it out.  

Comment 03 Dec 2018

I think if we put the 2018 Defensive Unit under a microscope, it starts with the fact Shiano WAS gone. So, UFM,Grinch (along with everyone else) assumed that '18 would be without Shiano. Then Shiano comes back with this High Risk/High Reward scheme that's more of a Vernables/BC hybrid, seeking to disguise fronts and blitzers while leaving the front four to simply rush the passer. (It seemed to rely heavily on Bosa/Young drawing dbl teams/chips, allowing the LB's to scrape close to the line. No Bosa, nuff said. This demands agressive/technique driven LBs and more longer/physical/risk taking Dbs (Clemson lives on that feast or famine approach) tOSU's defense is built on speed, not strength and agressiveness. BIG change.

The LBs/S are evidence of this mismatch. Most of the time unaware of what their responsibility is at any given play. 12 games in, no starting player should be confused pre-snap at his job. For example: NW second Goal line TD at 8:10 mark in third quarter NW goes 2 TE's 1 FB (as Wingback) https://youtu.be/sduTHSEeVsY?t=1766 The 2nd TE comes in motion and Fuller came down into the box, mere feet off Werner's hip (effectivily taking away his field contain ability) On the snap, he read pass and took the 1st TE, who slanted inside, his job to pick whoever was in coverage of the 2nd TE. He had no one to pick as NOBODY picked up the motion TE! If they were playing Man, then as the 2nd TE went in motion SOMEBODY should have followed him across the formation. Somebody should have noticed this. No one moved/shifted to react to the now balanced formation. (except Fuller) Unless some of them thought they were in zone. (The DE, Cooper actually ran out after the snap, upon seeing the TE alone in the flat) How that's a technique at the goal line anyone would use, (DE in man on a TE in the flat) I'm not sure. One things for sure, that's not a misread or blown coverage - 11 guys thought they were playing that correct. That's on Shiano. (And considering he had Cooper out in coverage many times throughout the game - One might be correct in thinking HE did think his DE should play the TE in Man coverage on the goal line) Cooper's a fabulous athlete, but that's just scary.

That he would ask a DE to get in a rush stance with shortened splits, then think he can avoid a pick, get out on a pass catching TE, whose in motion heading for the flat (with zero safety help) and break up a pass is proof enough. Even Don Brown thinks that's risky.

Comment 02 Oct 2018

Shaino's concepts need to evolve. Not bad, just everyone has caught on to what we're doing pre snap. This explains the struggles against Penn State/Michigan. Discount Baker Mayfield (McSorley) wasn't superior, he just read the D pre snap and made it a game of him versus the Bucks LBs. Insert Darron Lee (even Baker), game goes WAY different.

Big Plays happen against all CF Defenses (including Bama). Nature of the beast. Difference is Schaino approach (like Mich St.) seems to be mostly scheme based. Bucks use of a simple 4-3 Press man scheme that relies on talent reacting without having to process information. I.E. Superior athletes beat average schemes/athletes. This is in contrast to Alabama/Clemson who use sophisticated concepts along with Superior Athletes. Difficulty in those systems is 2 out 3 players are never going to excel in those systems. Their answer - over recruit. Four years ago we could not adopt that strategy as we were maybe 4 star at 1 deep. Now we are 4 star @ least 3 deep on the roster.

Pryor can grow into the position. He has the tools. But he's thinking, hesitating.The second problem is that the LBs are doing the same. With exception of Booker, Harrison and Tuf, the rest are consistently hesitating before getting into their drops or trusting keys. Eye discipline is way more of a problem. More Reps against 1st team O? maybe. Playing veteran Booker more on passing downs may stabilize things. I know he lacks the upside of Werner or Harrison talent wise, but we need consistence now.

Lastly, Bucks D is concentrated on our front four moving QB off his first read. As we saw in USC game, 3 step slant is always there if Db loses contain and D line doesn't get hands up. Especially if LBs don't get depth. Quick Fix: Several players are out of position. Arnette Jr. is a slot Corner (Where he projects in NFL). Wade/Ok should stay outside (why was Wade inside on Hamil?). If we are going to play Werner, he needs to become a true Viper back like Hudson in TTUN or least until he bulks up. Scheme him to get penetration and move around the formation (putting in show press on slot occasionally), instead of normal read and react where lineman can get clean shots at him. In the end, Shaino's concepts aren't bad, it's just that other teams catch up. They need to simply evolve. As always GO BUCKS! 

Comment 20 Dec 2017

First Dabo is a tool. Phony Christian cut in the Saban mold (not the good one). Absolutely believe he neg recruited the kid. But the kids mindset is what's in play here. Go to OSU, compete for starting job immediately. OR Clemson, 3 deep full of Sophs, Jrs and Grs. Does he want to play now? Also, someone suggested he might want to go to a more winning program, than why not solid commit to Tigers, Tide from start then? Don't know his heart, but if he wanted to play early, OSU was the call. Hands down. 

Meyer has flipped the switch on the prog. First years he grinded to get SEC competitive talent on the 2 deep. After '13, he has the talent, but many don't have the fire (see Worley/Webb/Prince/Dunn). Which is what made the '13/'14 teams so good, they had a mix of blue chip talent and 3/4 star grinders who couldn't dream of NFL, had to play for now. I think his mindset about Jones, Carmen is that he wants guys who wants to compete from DAY ONE (see Dobbins). Look at how much more critical he is of certain players work ethic now (Knox) Who if he would have grinded like he did this season, would have been a starter long ago. He wants guys who will push Victor, Bowen, Prince, Haskins, etc. because he knows that the greatest competition teams like Alabama face is in practice, which keeps their edge, year after year.

UFM has said it a few times, they've missed on a few guys they thought would be sure fire producers. Main reason they're not in CFP. Alabama (and now Clemson) can afford to miss. UFM is trying to get roster there. Good luck Carmen, you weren't the right fit.