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Lifelong Buckeye, raised by lifelong Buckeyes. In my mid-20s, from the Cleveland area.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: JT Barrett and Joey Bosa against Penn State in OT 2014. There have been too many great moments across all sporting events I've witnessed, so I'm going with one I saw live.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: past: Chic Harley, current: Vonn Bell
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: D'Angelo "Silk" Russell
  • NFL TEAM: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NHL TEAM: Pittsburgh Penguins
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians/ Pittsburgh Pirates

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Comment 07 Nov 2015
I didnt even think about that, man. That's another great storyline for a rematch. TCU or Baylor would be great cause of their whining about not getting in last year. LSU would be great for obvious reasons. Same with Florida, if they could sneak in. But, I want Clemson. Show the committee who the real #1 is.
Comment 07 Nov 2015
I was not aware of this, thank you very much CB for informing me. I'm sure tributes will still be paid by MSU next weekend. You know, Ole Miss has the opportunity to do something very classy for their rival today again Arkansas then. I feel like if something tragic like this happened at Michigan, Buckeye Nation would have an outpouring of support. And, whereas I believe our fans show grace and tact at a very high rate, most people across the country dislike our fan base because of a very vocal minority. Some things in life transcend the game of football, and we as human beings should always band together to voice our support.
Comment 07 Nov 2015
I want an Ohio State vs Clemson rematch for the Natty. As a bonus, it would teach Deshaun Watson a healthy piece of life advice: Urban Meyer was the better choice than Dabo Swinney. The kid is a stud and has NFL stardom in his future, so he didn't make a mistake, per se. But, when it comes to winning CFP trophies, tOSU > Clemson.
Comment 07 Nov 2015
Man, such tragic news. I cant even imagine how the other members of the family feel. I'm not sure if MSU is playing at home or on the road this week, but hopefully theres a moment of silence during the game to honor them. Every other member of the SEC should do the right thing and provide a moment of silence too. Its a moment that transcends sports, something all people can relate to. When Kosta Karageorge took his own life last year, it had a profound effect on the team and all of Buckeye Nation. A lot of people are hurting, and I hope all the institutions in the SEC take a moment to let people reflect
Comment 07 Nov 2015
Not a fan of the title, sir. Took it very literally and thought my favorite Buckeye in the NBA literally broke his own ankles. Silk will be mentioned in the same breath as Havlicek and Lucas when discussing all time great Buckeyes in the NBA. Very well could end up the best, although his competition is unbelievably stiff and it is somewhat unlikely. John Havlicek and Jerry Lucas are both top 50 players of all time.
Comment 03 Nov 2015
I posted it before I saw that headline, so I guess I should change it now. Sorry for the confusion.
Comment 03 Nov 2015
You, me, and every other fan on this site that has read our teams depth chart at DT is wishing to God one jumps on board during or immediately following the game. I hope youre right, JohnnyKozmo!
Comment 03 Nov 2015
Thank you for actually playing. I agree 110% on Richard Lecounte. I hope Mique Juarez is the next member of the 2016 class, but Fuller seems more realistic, I think. Though, that may change without Walker.
Comment 02 Nov 2015
Its definitely one of those shows that I feel comfortable admitting that I watch under the anonymity of the internet. The premise is great, and the fact that it is so far from realistic makes it even more enjoyable. The story arc with the nuclear attack was so laughable, I loved it
Comment 30 Oct 2015
I disagree with any logic that requires a "what if". What if Ohio State played against Ole Miss week 3 while Bama played Northern Illinois? Well, then the game would've been at night with the Gameday crew there and Ohio State would've been pumped up and the crowd would've been crazy. Maybe they have more energy and beat Ole Miss by 5 TDs. That's the problem with "what ifs"...theres too many scenarios. The fact is Ohio State remains undefeated while Alabama is not.
Comment 30 Oct 2015
Netflix's new show about the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar is brilliant so far, Narcos. Scrubs, Psych, Game of Thrones, Breaking bad, SoA, The Walking Dead are amazing. Zombie Nation and iZombie are guilty pleasures. And Arrow is so good, I just cant stop watching it.
Comment 28 Aug 2015
Whereas, I agree with you, I think its important to note that in Cardales 3 starts, Zeke went off for over 220 yards in every game. That seriously effects the "Team Total Offense". And, yeah, you could say that's because Cardales arm strength spread out the defense, but that's taking too much credit away from the best RB and O-line in the country.
Comment 26 Aug 2015
She also appeared as Trudy Campbell in Mad Men, and is currently a voice actor on the Netflix show BoJack Horseman. She was also in the films Scream 4, The Five-Year Engagement, and Get Hard (amongst others).
Comment 11 Jul 2015
And Thome. I loved Jim Thome. But yeah, it was an incredible experience for certain. I got to hear all his stories from his days as a PG for Arizona and how his leaping ability made him a better CF and his court vision translated well into field vision so he always knew where the ball was. Very cool guy and had an affinity for his younger fans, and I was by far his biggest fan.
Comment 11 Jul 2015
When I was 12, I won a raffle and the prize was a dinner with Kenny Lofton. My mom and I got to spend 4 hours with him and he gave me a real jersey that he had worn (with dirt on it from sliding and stealing a base) that he had autographed and everything. He was so nice and down to Earth. He was, and still is, my favorite player to ever watch play the game. Hes HoF worthy for certain. If Ken Griffey, Jr wasn't playing CF at the same time, I think Lofton would be considered the best CF of the 90s.
Comment 07 Jul 2015
You don't have to believe me, the internet is full of people who claim to be anything but what they truly are. I assure you my story is legitimate and would gladly back it up on the court during non-work hours if you are within 50 miles of the Streetsboro area. I'm not as young as I was, but I can still shoot. As I was just helping my little cousin improve his game today, it became apparent I still have some game and the ability to defend the perimeter at an elite level. I was still able to create my own shot, still have an above average crossover, deadly fade away and turnaround jumper, and was still able to bury contested 3's at a high rate. All this against a 16 year old starting small forward that stands 6'6.75". I feel comfortable enough to say I can compete. Please do not misconstrue my comment; there is an absolute zero amount of bad blood. Please forgive me for the delay in my comment. My father passed away and I took an extended hiatus from everything and have been staying with my mother and trying my best to keep her busy.
Comment 07 Jul 2015
My career was details by a Vicodin- turned Oxycontin-turned heroin addiction. It all happened so fast, I was out of school by November of my freshman year. Its crazy how fast one prescription can turn your whole life upside down. I am proudly clean since December 27th, 2013. A relapse on December 26th after 2 years, 10 months, and 19 days is the only thing standing in my way of 4+ years clean. Also, I am openly bi-sexual. I wont name any names of schools, but upon learning that, all but 3 scholarship offers were pulled after learning I had a boyfriend.