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Comment 11 Apr 2019

Actually Ramzy imho you are # UNO!  I really enjoy your sports articles. Love the sense of humor that is unique to you as a writer.  The Buorbon.. not so much, but that's okay.  Keep it up man!

Go Bucks!

Comment 06 Apr 2019

"Diallo is certainly unpolished offensively. But he is a rim protector, OSU currently lacks. He seems to be a nice change of pace from Kaleb and could change games on the defensive end. Really hope he likes what he’s seeing at OSU."

I would like to see a Diallo type in the game at C with KW at SF and 3 3pt SGs. That could create HAVOC! 

Comment 09 Mar 2019

"Washington is the only player with an offensive game of shooting and driving to the hole. Yet Holtmann does not start him and the team scores 2 pts in 6 minutes."

Right now DWash is the best PG on the team for at least getting the ball across the time line than faster than has been all season.  He sees asst ops better than CJ/Wood imho too.  This team for the most part so far this season does not fake enough to throw off blockers... When they do, we have had a better chance of winning the game.by eliminating most blocked shots and TOs by lazy passing.... Team passes around the perimeter too long then throws up desperation shots. ugh!

Go Bucks anyhoo!

Comment 09 Mar 2019

"Because he's part of the family (team) and they want him to return to the family/team. He has to serve his suspension, suffer the consequences and earn his way back. But he's not divorced from the team. He's just grounded for a bit.

And it's not just for him. Holtmann's building a culture. His teammates see that even the star player gets handled the same way they would be."

Not only that he must face the cameras as the talking heads remind the Nation why hes NOT playing.   Good psychology.

Comment 28 Feb 2019

Seattle: "Getting humbled can be a good thing sometimes."

For players maybe, but not for FANS!  LOL!

Comment 28 Feb 2019

I have thought all season that we needed more score power. Our defense at its best was more than adequate imho. I thought with my post above that Justin had the ability to heip the offense when given more PT and it worked out to the Bucks benefit.

I do realize that he was hot at the best time for us and he is now a "marked man" and the D will make it tougher for him to repeat that personal high, BUT there is always a flip side---he will take some of the oppositions pressure away from some other teammate.

I love it! Go Bucks!

Comment 24 Feb 2019

When coach thinks LeDee is ready to play, giving the Bucks a chance to play two bigs simultaneously and LeD at backup, I would like to see a lineup that has KW and KY along with the three best 3pt. shooting guards in there.  Ahrens(? most of us like his shot, but I appreciate his sharp passing and rebounding as well),Washington ? and AW/Jackson (?). 

Other observations:

Luther's only tired imo, from his aggressive overall play, 1st extended season, and his shot has been affected.

Lazy no faking passes cause a lot of our TOs.

Same reason for our blocked shots, plus KW (at 6'8"/9") lowers the ball before shooting 'neath the hoop sometimes giving the D time to block it.  He should have corrected that long ago. That is just a bad habit.

I love it when K.Wesson shoots the 3, and would like to see Young underneath at the same time.

D.Wash should  be PG imho as he gets the ball down court faster and looks for the fast break better. 

Looking fwd to the youngsters improving.  Go Bucks.  

Comment 12 Feb 2019

Yeah, their food is so horrid that we have to wait 45 minutes to get seated.

Yeah, their food is so horrid that peeps on the road drive off  to their not so easy to get to restaurants to get some of their horrid stuff.

Yeah, their food is so horrid that their stock price went from $8.33 p/shr (1999) to $180+.00 p/shr in 2019.