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Comment 05 Jul 2019

"Alabama and SEC used to often sign"    key part "used to".   OP said he was disappointed OSU does the same as SEC.  I was pointing out the difference and why it is not the same.   Yes, you are correct,  the SEC a few years ago had enough pressure on them to stop the practice.  The BIG you can go over 28 but you must submit an explanation and get approval of why you are surpassing the 28 in a given year.  

By the way the NCAA only pertains to the 85 total.   The 25 per year was a number the conferences agreed upon outside of the NCAA and the SEC was the conference that was supposed to monitor that agreement.  Of course they were the conference that abused it.  This is why the NCAA never did anything about it as long as they did not go over 85.   It was the other conferences that put pressure on them to abide to the rules they all agreed to.    Plus the fact that more players from SEC that were "dismissed"  because of medical issues stated by schools were coming out and saying they never had an injury and were flat out dismissed.  This along with pressure from other conferences forced them to get on board. 

Comment 05 Jul 2019

I believe the BiG rule is you can only max out with 28.   The difference between OSU and the SEC is I do not recall OSU ever going over 28.   As we know OSU often only takes 22 or less when they do not have room.  I could be wrong I don't recall every seeing an SEC take less than 25.  Alabama and SEC used to often sign 35, 38 and i have seen over 40 a few times.    BIG BIG difference!!!    There is no way you can justify those type of numbers with transfers and guys leaving early etc.    These are schools kicking out the under performing players.  

Comment 25 Jun 2019

Archie,  I would agree about the 3 super fan yahoos, but would disagree about Neutron man.   Used to sit a few rows in front of him.  Most games he would leave right after his dance.  He very much liked the attention.    I understand he was a very nice and good guy but could do without “neutron man” 

Before he became that guy most of the stadium jumped and danced and hollered when the band turned to play.  After that everyone stood and watched him.   The atmosphere in that stadium was never as good after that and still isn’t.  Big games excluded of course.  So a tradition was lost of everyone dancing for one old drunkard flopping around like a fish out of water.  

Comment 14 Jun 2019

Ah, the todays journalism proof.   Not saying choking did or did not happen.  But this text message sequence proves nothing and certainly not an ADMITTANCE by Zach.   She claims it.  He says "I know' and "I'm so sorry"  but does not say to what.  The first sentence she mentions 'cheating'   he has admitted to that.  So that could very easily what his comments refer to.

And in other text you basically said why on earth would anyone say "I'm so sorry" if it wasn't true.  Well besides my comment above - have you ever argued/debated with someone and they are sooo stupid you just finally say "ok, yeh your right. Sorry"   just to move on with your life.  I think most of us have at some point. 

You say you were not charged for what you were accused of.   Then you want to throw around the only reason Zach wasn't was because the Prosecutor was a chicken shit.  How do the rest of us know that was not the case of why you were not charged? 

It doesn't matter and I don't care.  It just seems pretty hypocritical of someone who is trying hard to convince us you were in a similar situation as ZS.   I don't have any idea who you are, but just from reading your comments in this post it sure does not seem you have come very far from the punk you say you were at 19. 

Comment 29 May 2019

Except it wasn’t Tressel’s play call.  Pass was supposed to go to TE.   Krenzel saw Jenkins would be man to man and went for it.  Not what Tressel wanted him to do.  

Comment 30 Apr 2019

Because most of us do not continually live in the past.   Leave that to the TTUN people who are still relishing the 1800's win over Ann Arbor High School.   2015 I am pretty sure we were all pretty happy and excited about then.   2018 game was just 5 months ago and we have played only other game since then.  When we beat them in Ann Arbor this year I will not be concerned about the 2018 game.   

Comment 28 Apr 2019

It is over a 4 hour drive from Salt Lake to Zion.  Zion to Yellowstone is going to be over a 9 hour drive.  Then going to be in Vegas on the the 7th.   You will be the Griswolds in Vacation, jump out take a pic and get back in the car.   Vegas is closer to Zion.  Bryce Canyon is 3 hours from Zion.  If you like hiking Zion and Yellowstone are both worthy of more than a couple of days.   Based on my experience going to places like that you try and do too much in one trip you end up missing a lot.  Safe travels and enjoy whatever trip you decide.    

Comment 27 Feb 2019

I think we can all agree refs are absolutely horrible, in all sports, and seemingly getting worse each year.   But I find it funny a team that leads the nation in free throw attempts for the year is whining about it.   Calm down Fran, the officials are more than likely responsible for half of your wins this year if not more.   

it goes to show how entitlements effects the mind.  He and his team are so used to getting all the calls they believe they are getting screwed when commit legitimate fouls.  Bad calls both ways last night as there always will be.  I actually thought it was one of the more decent officiated OSU has had in Big 10 this year.   if he sat down and watched the film objectively he would realize his team still got the better end of it. 

Comment 10 Feb 2019

This team is very frustrating,  but when you are constantly playing by different rules than the other team, it cant help but be ugly. These guys and Holtmann keep their cool way better than I would.  

Comment 10 Feb 2019

How can the bad passing happen game after game.  This is jr high stuff.   Guys need to sit rest of game if they can’t make passes 30 feet from the basket.   If we end up playing walk ons to complete game,  so be it.   It HAS to STOP 

Comment 08 Feb 2019

One team is complaining and one team is not.   Your conclusion is one fan base must be whiners.    Possibly one team is aware they got some good breaks from refs .... therefore why would they complain.   Just curious. 

Comment 08 Feb 2019

Of course not.... we can never criticize your fellow referee brethren brotherhood.  I'm sure one of them made a call to you and gave the explanation of what really happened, since then couldn't consult you during the game.     

I have no doubt you no more than Holtman -  who publicly informed everyone he has spoke to the "powers that be"  on how unfairly his team, specifically Wesson has been officiated.    And by the way the talking heads at Big 10 Network have also expressed their frustration on the same subject.  

We all understand basketball is a very difficult game to officiate.  We all understand they are going to be bad calls and missed calls during a game.  Most normal people,  who are not part of the Fraternity,  are able to easily see when those bad calls and missed calls lean in one direction.   It is not just Ohio State it is any game you watch anymore.  

Comment 30 Jan 2019

Norcal,  if it is soo great why have I been reading article after article about the mass exit from San Francisco area.   I will have to see if I can locate it but there was an article I came across a year or two ago from here in Ohio as Ohio was experiencing a huge influx of people moving her from the Bay area.    Most of those interviewed stated in was the best decision they ever made in their lives and discussed how much happier they are here and how much better the people are.   

Like others,   not sure what the exact point of your post is other than telling others about how your perceived life is way better than everyone else.    I have been to San Fran during rush hour, even if the weather is nice no one seems to be enjoying it sitting still in their cars on the freeway.  

Comment 29 Jan 2019

Ohio State is cash cow of BiG 10 they need to start pushing their weight around or just leave the BIG 10.  The league couldn’t survive without them 

Comment 26 Jan 2019

$250,000 is not getting paid a cent?   Ok.   Sad they work that hard to be this incompetent.   

Or maybe you are proving my point for me in pointing out it can’t be from incompetence so they are just doing what they are told. 

Comment 25 Jan 2019
  • why does the closer get more credit for his scoreless inning

You can take the stats on a per-nine-inning basis

         True.  But it is mostly proven ERA's go up the more hitters and innings you pitch in 1 game as batters see your stuff that day and stamina.

Why are outs 25,26,27 more important than the other 24 outs?

      Yes,  managers can make adjustments that can make it harder in 9th inning.  But the reverse can happen as adjustments managers may have been forced to make earlier in the game may make it easier in the last inning.  How many times are you facing 3.4.5 hitters as opposed to 7.8.9. 

Good counters to my points.  We will not convince each other either way.   but good conversation.  


Comment 24 Jan 2019

Nut and Pastor,   I agree officiating is not all of the teams issue.  But to think that is not a huge factor and is not affecting how players play during a game is shortsighted as well.   We did not play great yesterday but neither did Purdue.  Many of those questionable calls seem to have come every time OSU got the score under 5.   To think if those calls would have gone the other way it could have very easily changed outcome. 

If OSU made more plays down the stretch could they still have won,  of course.  Purdue still hit some big 3's they could have missed.   But one could argue they did make some plays down the stretch and they were taken away by poor officiating.  We see it game after game after game.   Again it is not just OSU or just the Big 10.   It is pretty much every basketball game you watch these days.    Many times it is not the calls they make but the ones they don't make.

I am not trying to make excuses either,  I just see what I see.   Wesson could have (and should have) been in the game more and Purdue deserved to have some guys on the bench for foul trouble but did not.  

I agree some schools (MSU, Purdue, Wisky) seemingly get advantages from official and those schools have been the consistently the 3 best in Big 10 as of late.  Coincidence?     And yes there have been games when OSU seemingly got the best of the calls.  Few and far between.

Comment 24 Jan 2019

The most difficult stretch in his career because he has probably never dealt with so much 1 - sided refereeing.  He very politically called out the refs in his press conference earlier this week.   He got a technical in this game and the look on his face last night late in the game showed he knew his players had no chance to compete.  As Matta once said " I have no idea how to tell my players what is a foul and what isn't"   

If you think I am just a 'whiner'  I will gladly watch these last 5 games with you and point things out.   it is not just OSU - Rutgers totally was getting screwed last Saturday against Minnesota.   These games in Big 10 rarely get called the same way for both teams.  

Comment 24 Jan 2019

We are barking up the wrong tree with the Refs.   They are just doing what they are told.   There is a reason they get paid $250,000 a year to work 1 day a week for about 22 weeks.    It's called hush money.    But glad everyone is now catching up after last week, this has been happening for decades.    it is just harder to conceal with all the camera's now.  It is higher up than Refs. 

Refs are too incompetent to just be "incompetent".  Plus if it was just incompetent it would be evenly that way for every team.  We all know there are some teams that always get favorable calls and others that seem to constantly get screwed.   It is nothing new.    

Comment 23 Jan 2019

Not really.   Punters maybe involved all through the game. OSU/Mich St this year.   And be responsible for helping get your team the lead.  Kickers can actually make the kick that wins the game.    Rivera comes in after his team is winning and for the most part only pitched one inning.  He gets rewarded for not screwing it up.   In a 9 inning game there is a good chance the other team did not score in at least 4 of those and probably more,  why does the closer get more credit for his scoreless inning.  Why are outs 25,26,27 more important than the other 24 outs? And a save counts if it is a 3 run game,  you can give up 2 and still get the save.   The save is the  most ridiculous stat in all of sports.