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Comment 14 May 2020

Dr IlliBuckey,   Thank you for the response and taking the time to provide that information.  Even in your own words "are likely directly related to the virus".  That statement immediately eliminates as being verifiable either way.   An educated assumption perhaps but still not verifiable.   21% probable cases and most likely majority of 22% of others.  Which could also mean 0% of those were of Covid-19. 

What exactly is "laboratory confirmed"?   Does this mean autopsy or they tested positive?   My understanding is ventilators have proven to be the wrong treatment for those effected and eventually a death sentence.  My guess are they are all listed as Covid-19 deaths.  But was it Covid-19 the cause of death or was it the ventilator.  Would they have possibly recovered because as we know the survival rate is what 99%.     Just because someone tested positive does not mean they actually passed away from it.  

If we base it on 'baseline"  we cannot do it as a whole.  We have to look at everything.   What is the baseline for cancer?  Did it stay with the expected or did it drop or increase.   Heart attack, Flu, every other death.   

All of your numbers may very well be spot on.  I am not saying the virus is not deadly or not to be taken seriously.  But there is a lot of reasons to be skeptical on either way you lean on this issue. 

Since you used NYC in your example.  It just seems through this process most of the media information is from NYC, they interview Dr's from NYC on and on.  It is not just for this but everything that happens in life.  NYC is nothing like the rest of the country.  NYC is probably the least place to begin when getting a pulse of what people think and are doing in this country.   It was the reason in 2016 the polls predicted Hillary in a landslide.  They admitted they never left NYC when doing their polls.  Sorry that was just a side rant. 

Comment 14 May 2020

Cecsix,  so what evidence do you provide that deaths are under reported?  I am not saying you are correct or incorrect,  but find it interesting you make a statement "it's not helpful to spread unverified allegations like this either" as you spread unverified allegations. 

My question is what evidence could be provided to prove this case either way?  Do an autopsy on every person who dies?   I think there is some evidence of over reporting from the numerous people who are coming out and are upset  attesting to' as example' "My Father and son died in a car accident and the death certificate says cause of death Covid-19".   Believe everything you read or hear, no.  But lawsuits are beginning to come in over this.  I personally know a couple of people who had a family member pass from something clearly not covid-19,  but Covid-19  was listed on death certificate.  But you are correct there is a lot of misinformation out there BOTH ways.  We are all taking in the information and we can will all come to different conclusions and all have a legitimate argument for those conclusions.       

Comment 13 May 2020

Nuts4Bucks,  that is certainly one valid take.   Of course another is, us Old Geezers in the day would actually take those times to talk and enjoy our friends we were there with.  I even recall at times even during time outs of every one still jumping around and singing and basically enjoying the moment and appreciating being at the game with friends.  Did not really care about other games because we were at the one that mattered.  We would find out about those games later.   

Comment 13 May 2020

Nils,  they are on their feet and loud for 4 straight quarters during the OSU white out night game.   Do you watch other games they play?  The stadium is usually not full and generally not very loud.   Either way,  how fans cheer has absolutely nothing to do with the physical structure of the stadium at all. 

Comment 01 May 2020

I am interested in why this chart makes a point of capturing "Flu" deaths and "flu and pneumonia"  separately but they do not with Covid.    This is called manipulating stats to support your agenda.  The reports have been consistent that the vast majority, not all,  of deaths due to Covid was coupled with existing health conditions.   Not saying the overall premise is not correct.  But this particular chart is clearly flawed. 

Comment 26 Feb 2020

They are better just looking at stats, but not overly superior.  We all know you "win" the Heisman the year before you win it.   As we also know there is more involved than just stats.  For instance, Flutie won the Heisman over Byers on 1 play.  Dorsett's Panthers were independent then and finished 8-4.   4 ranked teams. 2-2.   Pitt scored less than 10 points in 2 of them.    And were shutout against Navy.  Dorsett did have a monster game against ND (303 yards) 

The big difference is TD's and everyone knows Pete Johnson scored all the Touchdowns for OSU then.  OSU played 5 ranked teams. 4-1,  lost in the bowl game after the Heisman was already decided.  In those 5 ranked games OSU only scored under 20 twice.  1 being the bowl game after voting.  

Both had great years and either was deserving. 


Comment 13 Feb 2020

Ahrens is so bad defensively because he plays flat footed.  He also has one arm either out to his side or up high towards the guys face.   Except he is nowhere near the guy to block his vision or to stop a pass.  What it does do is prevent him from moving laterally, which is why guys blow by him so easily.   

I would like to think coaches are constantly on him about this, but yet, that is an easy fix and he is still doing it a year and a half into his career.   It just makes me wonder. 

Since he is a liability on defense why would you not play zone while he is in the game.  Plus to offset the liability would you not make more of an effort to get him free on the Offensive side to take advantage of his shooting while he is in.  I have still been unable to determine the goal of this offensive system.   I have seen more movement and offensive cohesion in pick up basketball games with 5 strangers playing together. 

Comment 04 Feb 2020

We have the worst guards in college basketball.   They play hard and I will root for them but they are just not good enough for this level. 

Comment 31 Dec 2019

Jeroe,  here is the deal if TL doesn’t duck and move forward SW hits him right in the back with his shoulder.   Try running full speed load your self up to create a hit by flexing your knees and coil up and do that with keeping your head at an even parallel angle if you are trying to hit someone with your shoulder. You can’t do it.  Unless maybe you are trying to hit someone in the head.   Go try it.   Go watch tape of any football game and watch every tackle and the head will go down right before impact if trying to tackle with shoulder.   Watch play again coz not only does he duck he moves forward to brace for the hit.  He is trying to brace for hit by allowing his shoulder to take the hit.  Notice what happens he automatically lowers his head.  Because that is what your head will do when using your shoulder.   

Comment 30 Nov 2019

Did I read this correctly?   It is NOT your sons Eagle Scout project but one of his friends?  
I was never in Boy Scouts so this is a question.  Isn’t an Eagle Scout project something a scout should earn and not a family exercise?  
I wonder what the entire situation is, such as,  did the friend procrastinate and now needs help?   Does his friend have parents and family and are they helping?  
Isn’t the Boy Scouts supposed to be about preparedness and responsibility?   Not a 4th grade science project that is really the parents science project.   
If they are at the point of an Eagle Scout project I would expect your son and even most especially his friend to come to you face to face and ask you for help if needed.   
so without knowing the full story I wonder if not helping would be a bigger teaching moment.  I would explain it as such.  Will the world stop if you miss game, certainly not.  Should everyone’s else’s life stop  because of ones Eagle Scout project.  No, after all it is HIS project.   
In the end only you know the whole story and what you should do. 

Comment 14 Nov 2019

Not what I said.    Correct, no team has lost a Conference Championship game and got in but there have been teams that have not even played in a championship game and got in.    I admit I don't know the answer to this and I am not going to look it up because none of this is important enough.  Except for Ohio St beating Wisky in 2017 has there ever been another undefeated team that lost in conference Championship since the inception of playoffs? 

Comment 14 Nov 2019

As you even say it is hypothetical - and it is also in reference to what the topic is about which you kind prove what the post is about.  It is specifically about Georgia but indirectly about about SEC preference.   which by your statement proves.  Because your mindset is set that PSU, Iowa, Wisconsin can no way be better than ND, UF, Auburn.  (notice I leave LSU out)  I have seen all of those teams play. And in no way can I say without a doubt that ND,UF,Auburn is better than PSU, Iowa, Wisconsin.   They very well could be, but again the point is SEC is always assumed to be better.  it still comes down to the preseason polls.  what if Minny was ranked 3 going into season and GA was ranked 17.   the same results occurred as they have.  What would the rankings this week look like?

Comment 13 Nov 2019

I think that is the point everyone is trying to make.   Why should Georgia get in if they win out.  What if Minnesota's only loss is to OSU in Big Championship.   You are going to say because GA won the championship game and Minny didn't.  But we have seem multiple cases when the opposite has happened.  Oh,  just last year in fact.   What if Oregon wins out.   And we all know if god forbid OSU loses 1 we are out and Alabama is in.   In your scenario GA and Alabama would both be in again.    If we are going by 'eye test'  then why even play the games.    And by 'eye test'  quite frankly S. Carolina looked like the better team against both GA and FL.  

Comment 04 Nov 2019

Most of you talking about "winning the GAME is the only thing that matters",  are going to be the same people if we beat TTUN but were 8-4 on season would be demanding the coach be fired.  It is the worst phrase I have ever heard around OSU "as long as we beat UM doing else matters.    STFU.   I another post already said it... I want to see you people if OSU goes 1-11 and the only win is UM.  Most of you probably wouldn't even watch the GAME if OSU were 0-10 going into it.   \

Heck that is what people who don't really care about college football or those from other schools say to me all the time when they find I am an OSU fan.  "oh, it only matters of you beat UM right... lololol"    

You are all same people in 2004 when we lost 3 in a row and you guys were all happy saying "it doesn't matter as long as we beat UM who cares about these games"    coz that is sure not what I recall hearing.   Just like I recall beating UM in 1979 and and would be Nat Champs but we lost to USC in Rose Bowl.   I somehow do not recall after that game either of every going "ah, who cares we beat UM"     I also remember everyone being pretty damn pissed after losing to Florida and LSU in Nat champ games.  I bet we could go back and look through post after those games and I bet we dont find any  "Who cares guys we beat UM this was the best freaking season ever"  

Maybe we should take down all the Nat Champ plaques in the stadium since they mean nothing.   Personally I have always found those saying "it only matters if we beat Mich"  have always been the ones that are not the true fans. 

Comment 18 Oct 2019

The only way to do it (that won't happen) that will provide no input from committees or polls is 4 Power conferences.  there are 64 teams in the Power 5 conference.   Force ND to officially join a conference and take 15 others from the Group of 5.   4 conferences with 2 divisions in each.   Play your 9 divisional opponents - that leaves game to schedule whoever you want.  We could potentially see good match ups because it won't necessarily hurt you if you lose.  It all comes down to winning the division.  

The Conference Championships are the first round of the playoffs.  Then 4 teams left to battle it out semi round and Championship game.   This is simple and makes waay to much sense so of course will never happen.  

PS.  Who cares about the Heisman

Comment 15 Oct 2019

I understand what you are saying.   But I highly doubt they will get "all" viewers at noon.   I can only speak for myself but if OSU is playing at 3:30 or night I practically never watch the noon game no matter who is playing.  I would think there is a reason all the other networks prefer to show their bigger match ups at 3:30 and later.   Obviously OSU/MICH match up the schools can dictate when that game is going to be played.  But my guess is if the networks had their way that game would be played at 3:30 or later.     

Yes, Fox does do baseball so I can understand not being able to do a night game.  But they are showing a 3:30 game (PSU/Mich St).  In the end no big deal they play the game when they play it.   

Comment 14 Oct 2019

It makes no sense.  They are giving 'free' ratings to ESecPN.   OSU is annually the top dog when it comes to viewership no matter the time slot.   A top 10 match up with OSU is your opportunity to trump ESPN and ABC in the ratings. 

Here is the night games that weekend.   Alabama/Arkansas   ND/Mich    3:30 games:  LSU/Auburn    PSU/Mich St    FOX(Texas/TCU).       ABC, CBS, ESPN are probably sending thank you cards to FOX and the BIG right now.   Maybe FOX cannot do night games.   Still can do the 3:30 games. 

There is a reason they don't play Playoff bowl games at NOON!!   There is a reason the Noon time start is not considered the prime TV slot.     The greatest rivalry in sports is almost always played at noon and that does not change the needle for noon time slots.   Listen to recruits... they love night games!!!   

Comment 27 Sep 2019

I do think for the "good of the game"  every college FBS program should have to play 1 non conference FBS team deemed to be fairly equal status.  In other words Ohio State (as example) can't just take turns playng Vanderbilt, Colorado, Kansas every year.  May it happen some years, Yes.  There could be times when a team is typically good and is not that year.   And vice versa.

And neutral site games need to come to an end.   All games should be played, on one of the teams playing, college field.  Fans pay more and more money for these games,  we deserve a better product. 

Sorry, this is a little off topic but somewhat related.