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Comment 12 Oct 2020

I turn 50 this year but keeping the youthful thoughts of Joe and the Big Red Machine close to my heart will help lessen today’s sorrow and turn to cherished memories while facing the later half of my life.

Thank you, Joe.

Comment 05 Oct 2020

I didn’t know he got another job after being fired as Buckeye basketball coach.

Comment 30 Sep 2020

Fryar’s black stripe was the point.  DJ is not on the fourth/fifth string OL, where Fryar is sure to be.  If it makes you feel better:

On the roster, #70 is a frosh walk on (Fryar), with a black stripe...that’s a special teams formation.

11W grabbed Bill Landis’ RT of OSU photos, where Landis says it “looks like” DJ is playing some OG.  Landis wasn’t even there.  He’s guessing.

Ref your “guy on the left”, over the years, I’ve seen several STs plays where the gunners are in motion at the snap or set tighter to the ball before the snap.

DJ’s number 79 is clearly visible in the single pic, if you click on it and zoom.

It’s fair to say we’re not budging on our opinions but I’m willing to put money on never seeing DJ in the OG slot this season unless it’s a ST play.

Comment 29 Sep 2020

First, Fryar’s schollie status has nothing to do with this argument.  He’s a frosh black-striper.

Second, it’s a scrimmage and, since you mentioned “tinkering”, maybe that’s what the legs you’re obsessed with are...just legs not relevant to the scrimmage.

Jones is not playing OG unless it’s a special teams or goal line play.