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  • SPORTS MOMENT: I was at Nationwide Arena for game 4 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 2014. That building was absolutely electric after the tying goal to send the game to OT, but after Foligno scored the game winner in OT, the arena went nuts. The crowd noise after the game winning goal was by far the loudest thing I've ever heard (that includes a Motörhead and Metallica concert). On the walk out of the arena and to my car, there were chants of "C-B-J!" and "Let's Go Jackets!" all throughout the arena and sidewalks outside. The city was alive with excitement and that's something I'll never forget. I was so happy to have been a part of that historic moment.

    As of January 12th, 2015: Watching Ohio State silence the doubters with a 42-20 win over Oregon to claim their 8th National Championship.
  • NFL TEAM: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Columbus Crew SC

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Comment 28 Mar 2019
The Office is my all-time favorite show, so much so that I constantly go The Office trivia nights and have one a few times. That being said, while part of me wants it to come back (because I miss the excitement of watching an episode for the first time), I just can't get on board because the show ended so perfectly and I wouldn't want that ruined. However, if they did a spinoff, similar to what they planned to do with Schrute Farms, I'd be down for that. Remember, Parks and Rec was technically going to be a spin-off, but they changed their minds. I'm not too sure what the plot could be, maybe something that involves a lot more Creed, but that would fill my Office void.
Comment 05 Jan 2019

I did just see this tweet posted about an hour ago re: Al Washington. 

Comment 15 Nov 2018

I've had YouTube TV for over a year now and I won't switch to anything else. I originally planned to keep it only for football and hockey season (which in Columbus is September thru April) and then ditching it in the summer, but I quickly realized that all the shows I watch are on channels included with YouTube TV. I never watch anything live (except sports) because I hate commercials, so the unlimited DVR is HUGE. It also includes every sports channel except for NFL and NHL networks.

It's nice having different profiles like Netflix too because my buddy and I split it and we have our own accounts. You won't find anything that offers everything YouTube TV does for $40 a month.

Comment 27 Aug 2018
This quote gave me a laugh: "I’ve had to block more than 500 vile Urban Meyer worshippers." She blocked me on Twitter simply because I quoted her tweet and said I hope the lesson with this whole thing is to not jump to conclusions before we have all the information. If that's vile, then she needs to stay off Twitter and go back to brainwashing Eli.
Comment 16 Aug 2018
He just deleted his Twitter account. I assume it's because his tweets FINALLY got some attention and people called him out on his BS and knew he'd been had.
Comment 03 Aug 2018
It's ironic that Brett is mad Urban lied, yet Brett himself continues to lie and say it's not personal when it very clearly is. He's been smug and arrogant about it, he retweeted something about him taking down one of the most powerful football coaches of all time, and he continues to withhold texts until he needs something else to fuel the fire. He said as much on 97.1 today that he was aimed at directly by Urban. Now he wants his revenge. It's pathetic.
Comment 21 Sep 2017

I think a big part of it is how difficult it is to watch whatever game you want. For college football, if you have ESPN, every single game is at your fingertips on the WatchESPN app. For the NFL, you either need to get satellite and then pay for Sunday Ticket or you can pay $70 A DAMN MONTH to watch all the games. That is ridiculous! I know I'll get hate for saying this, but I'm a Steelers fan and I only get to see about half the games a year because I'm at the mercy of the local CBS and FOX stations. It's 2017, then NFL needs to embrace the times and move away from their early 2000s broadcast model. If they opened it up the way college football is opened up to anyone across the country, then their ratings will jump up, I guarantee it.

Also, not allowing anyone to watch the games on a mobile device unless they have Verizon is completely stupid. Whoever made that decision should be let go.

Comment 08 Sep 2017

I second this. I use the Next Radio app because the 97.1 app sucks with great data signal, let alone the spotty service you're sure to get in the Shoe. Also, if you listen on the app, there will be a 30 second or so delay. I get a clear signal and there's no delay with Next Radio.