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Comment 07 May 2020

More experts have been coming out and saying warm weather severely limits the virus. So it's kind of confusing when decisions like this are being made for outdoor venues. I'm guessing cramming entire sections of people isn't ideal, but I would think spacing out people every other row and seat would be a massive improvement.

I'm also saying this without doing no research on Eugene's average temperatures, but schedule kickoff so it's played under the warmest part of the day.

Hell, it's near miserable sitting in the Horseshoe during some of the September games. Move the game to Columbus.

Comment 01 May 2020

Yup, this stay at home order originally started out as a strategy to minimize positive cases so our medical systems could appropriately plan and add necessary capacity to support future cases.  This mindset shifted to staying at home just to limit positive cases as much as possible.

While I'm all for protecting lives, this will continue to have enormous economic consequences that will start to impact citizen health as well (e.g. losing jobs and insurance coverage, starving families, suicide rates increasing, crime/violence, due to desperation, etc.).

Comment 14 Apr 2020

College athletes are young and in the best shape of their life.  All COVID-19 data that's been released so far would put them at the very bottom of the risk spectrum, assuming they don't have any of the underlying conditions.

They are much more at risk from the fact they are banging their heads together at high rates of speed.

Comment 10 Apr 2020

The thing I'm starting to struggle with is all these stay at home orders were implemented to give medical systems more time to prepare for the virus so capacity (in multiple forms) existed to care for the sick.  It feels like this has turned into a mindset that we need to keep these orders in place until a vaccine is available.  So why haven't we been doing this for decades to avoid every illness known to mankind that are still killing people (even when vaccines for those viruses are available)?

Comment 13 Oct 2018

I have a friend in the Olentangy Orange district whose child is in Harrison's grade and talks to him every so often.  I talked to my friend recently about it and the vibe I got is it would be a surprise if Harrison ends up a Buckeye.