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Comment 02 Dec 2016
I dont know fla st . Didnt have a problem stopping to see him . You can send as many assistants as u want . Its the head coach . Who is limited.
Comment 02 Dec 2016
I wish someone would explain . What is the real deal with marvin. Kids a stud . we havent got sum 1 . like him in 4 ever. He has stated . he would have committed 2 yrs ago if offered. He loved his view of the bucks at Oklahoma game . He comes 4 his official .Tells his mom he's having so much fun . He doesn't wanna leave. The staff is doing the rds in texas . But no mention of seeing him. Sounds like hes begging 4 the staffs love . And there not giving it . Why someone pls explain .and its not cause they have jt in the bag . his mom is not keen on the distance. There has to more to this.
Comment 15 Jan 2016
http://247sports.com/Player/Nathan-Rourke-85015 wish we would off this kid. Birmingham had a article on him in the hurry up. Kids a baller .And would commit on the spot.
Comment 29 Aug 2015
Just because he wasn't chose to be a captain. Big deal . Lot of great buckeyes. Weren't He is always gonna be my dude . Cause he came in and kicked Ass. In 3 biggest games of the yr. And if you don't think he made a difference. You might wanna re watch all 3 over and over. 12 gauge 4 ever
Comment 23 Aug 2015
I saw the kid at fnl. And that's exactly where I'd play him . Safety. There were tons of kids there. And he just stood out. Built like truck. M gonna get a freak athlete.
Comment 19 Aug 2015
Last yr the Sunday after we beat wisc..got hotel rental car thru hotwire. $140 flight $110 tics 930 am game day $400. Been trying to get the jump on glendale. Found nice hotel $89 tics $300. But can't get flight less than 5 or 6 hundred. The flights r what is gonna be the most cost. For this yrs champ game. Hate 2 see what they will be in Jan. If there that high now.
Comment 17 Aug 2015
You talk ACDC for me .I want this for our entrance. U crank this up . And the pa guy says . Get on your feet . Here our your 2014 National champions. Ohio state Buckeyes . Nothing better. https://youtu.be/hV70XXyiIao