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Comment 11 Jul 2019

It is quite cathartic and necessary.  If SCum is always going bring up the statistics from the first 30 years of football when they were the only ones who had equipment and uniforms, we must remember the past.  "Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it."  I hope that never ever happens as I take no solace and do not mention that we had the worst football team, but the best basketball team in my years at OSU in the late 80's and early 90's.   

Now we just need to stop the stupidity and get the 2010 season's 12-1 record back in the books as everyone agrees, and it has clearly been proven by other precedents that what occurred that season had been part of college athletics since day one.  

Comment 15 Jun 2019

After graduating from OSU, I got my Master's Degree from UC and despite them not beating us in the last 2 centuries, I remind Bearcat fans that they are always on the schedule when Ohio State wins a National Championship, so sure I would love to see you on the schedule. Here is to 2002 and 2015 and no 2019!

Comment 01 Jun 2019

Nice. I have always loved those Ted Ginn Jr highlights, but could never understand the first song chosen for it. Of a zillion choices, why that one?  At least play one without the lyrics. Any Dead Schembechlers song would do.  I mean "Ted Ginn Did Everything!"

Comment 29 May 2019

Glad to finally see some stuff about the 2015 season.  Loved the 2014 season, but all the talk of we knew we were going to win, no doubt, 100% lock to finish and do what we did, . . . All that hindsight disappeared in 2015, which I still think is the best team of this current NCAA Final Four playoff season, sans Clemson this year, but we will see their response.  

Comment 21 May 2019

Sorry to see Hanson go. Thought he would have finished out with a year at the new facility, but it is apropos that he ends his career at St. John Arena. Considering that he was coaching when I was a student at Ohio State, his retirement officially makes me feel old.  Here is looking for a quick return to glory. Go VolleyBucks!

Comment 19 May 2019

It is amazing the job that Beilein did and I highly doubt that anyone else will ever reach those heights.  With that said, Matta clearly was better and I am still salty that he did not get the credit he deserved and also had the unjust ending that OSU "faithful" demanded in the end. Hopefully, the new regime can get to his level. 

Comment 10 May 2019

Price points are for one reason, to increase sales.  People have not been going to the games that do not have the "top" teams. That is why they increased those prices, so by adding the cheaper games to the desired ones, they are able to actually sell the tickets to the games people do not care to pay and/or go to. This way, they count as sold, regardless if used or re-sold.   

Comment 07 May 2019

Kahiki of course, but also the Jai Lai and for near campus La Bamba and at the Union, Scarlata and Gray Pizza.   Most recently, Blue Danube. Did enjoy Rax back in the day. 

Comment 30 Mar 2019

One Big Ten title was nice, but when you start the season ranked #1 and end it like this, the "nothing to be ashamed of" comments just do not cut it.  Especially when a team like American International does what it did. 

Comment 28 Mar 2019

This is so true and hilarious. However, if that is Shoelace, then he is the only SCum qb to beat the Buckeyes after 2003. Yes, they barely pulled out the victory at home against that 7 loss OSU team was the worst in over 100 years and sure he has less victories then John Cooper in the series, but even without a Heisman, he cancelled a lot of Gold Pants.

Comment 27 Mar 2019

Perfect article, yet again Mr. Nasrallah.