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Comment 7 hours ago

Some of it makes sense.  It is one of he few places where we can learn from SCum's mistakes.  Some folks might recall the school up North was with Nike signing a record deal, but obviously not reading the fine print.  When they moved to Adidas, Nike had the right to Maize of the Maize and Blue, so when they were with Adidas they could not use one of their two school colors. I believe Maize was like 201 on the color scale so they moved up to 202, but laugh all you want, but I hope with their branding prowess, that they did not give up the rights to Scarlet and Gray when they took all this bank when signing their uni contract.

Comment 06 Feb 2020

DId anyone else notice that the SCum Brit singing the national anthem got the lyrics wrong? I know British English can sound differenet, but he screws up the very first line. Clearly  he says "by the dawn's early night" istead of light.   Considering that is the only line we hear, I believe that clearly sums up where that school up North is in many aspects.                                   

As for Newcomerstown, it is awfully nice of them to name a street after not only  Mr. Woody, but Mr. Hayes as well.. 

Comment 31 Jan 2020

Forget Wade having to do anything different.   The main issue with that and the "roughing" the kicker penalty was that in a video replay that was seen a hundred times from a multitude in angles, the other penalties on that play that were just as egregious were not called or even mentioned.  Most everyone knows Chase Young was held and had hands to the face that for some odd reason did not result in his helmet being ripped off and on the running into the kicker player a Clemson guy grabs a Buckeyes facemask and whips him to the ground above the fair catch. His looking around and seeing a flag had him surely regretting his idiotic play, but as we know the calls never happened.  Sigh.  You young cats only have a few lifetime of 'gagging' games, but hopes that there will not be a plethora like there has been in the last 50 years.

Comment 31 Jan 2020

Despite my love and appreciation for Liam Neeson, the 1981 Clash of Titans was way better, so there is that.  Also, when the Crew started only hoard core "football" fans went aboard after getting drafted by the 1994 World Cup. The main issue I had with the Crew, despite naming it after a plethora of other soccer teams, was their terrible YMCA logo.    No need to comment on Seattle's mistakes.   

Comment 29 Jan 2020

Sad and usually connected with a "famous" musician.  Everyone have a crackerjack day.

Comment 13 Jan 2020

Four in a room and sixteen to a suite was tantamount to a prison cell.  Two to a room would be manageable.  From those who made it happen, thank Lincolns 1640 UN Suite folk.

Comment 04 Jan 2020
When we were old enough to go to Ohio State game, prior to attending OSU, in the mid to late 1970's through the 1980's we would head down from Youngstown, get off the highway and drive by 15th and Fraternity row and go to the Oval (before the 15th entrance was blocked) then we would take a left and park in the garage next to the Union.  One in the Ohio Union 1951-2007 we would get Scarlaa & Gray pizza, owner Barney Greenbaum always remembered and placed it.  My brothers and I would go to the Video Arcade, deposit our quarters and play some game until our pizza was ready. Then we would walk through the Oval to Ohio Stadium for whoever the Buckeyes were going to take care of that day. I remember seeing students in classes and think what kind of "loser" would be going to class on a football gameday? 
After the victory and the singing of Carmen, Ohio, that I always loved even before Jim Tressel made it a team event that every other college has followed since, my father would talk to old friends, coaches and player and we would trek back to the Ohio Union then head to check into our hotel and continue our Ohio State weekend with a restaurant trip, then a Sunday watching if the Bengals could replicate the Buckeyes success, mainly at Damon's.  Loved the Union, but loved spending time there with my loved ones even more.  Go Bucks!
Comment 01 Jan 2020

Always a necessary read after any Ohio State game.  Still sour that we clearly got screwed with the #1 pick and the yearly bye against Oklahoma.  Sucks that the best two teams had to play in the semi-finals and more so that the better team dominated, but still loss.  

I will continue to say it, if this was the old one game championship, Ohio State would have fallen from #1 to #3 and would not have played in the National Championship.  Aaaaaargh!

Comment 25 Dec 2019

Was at that game with my brothers and little did we think 2002 would ever come.  Again, Merry First Day of Christmas to Jim Tressel.  Even going to games in the 1970's, all I ever wanted for a season to be considered successful was to beat SCum and win our bowl game.  Two games defined it as National Championships were never a consideration.  The Senator/President changed all that.  Go Bucks and lets win it all