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Comment 17 Aug 2017

It is hard to go undefeated, but the 2015 teams loss at home, to Sparty with a backup QB could be one of the worst "gags" on par with the 1975 team that bludgeoned UCLA on the road, but then lost to them in the Rose Bowl taking away a National Title. 

Comment 07 Aug 2017

To me there is less parity in today's College Football. It has joined all the other professional leagues, and especially like the NBA where there are only 5 teams that can win it. Every now and then you have a great class from one of the little schools that sways the 4 and 5 teams, but even going back a couple of decades, it has been no mystery as to what teams have the best talent. Ohio State and Alabama have owned it with Clemson now replacing or entering along with Florida State.  Prior to that it was USC or Oregon, Oklahoma, LSU perhaps Auburn.

The four team playoff has almost guaranteed that OSU and Alabama are in joined by one of the other "blue bloods."  So parity is a joke and I like it like that. Does not mean that the playoffs is easy as OSU has to beat SCum, win the B1G 10, then 2 playoffs games, but it is up to them in this new league and being a fan, pre-Tressel, I love it!

Comment 18 Jul 2017

Always hated the OH-IO. At a game, it and O-H-I-O are great, public, especially on the road and yelled out is extremely annoying.  Even better is if you do not respond, then the OH- person gets mad at you.  If you are a kid, then you will get a regularly spoken -IO, but it is as ludicrous as "wear this color" games. Tantamount to the USA, SEC, American F'ya, etc, etc, etc instructions.  It is not what this country and OSU is all about. We are better than that.  Reminds me of the schools that celebrate first downs. :) Go Bucks!

Comment 13 Jul 2017

If you are going to take away wins, then decide to give them back to certain teams or not punish others, then how can you justify not giving them all back?  Punishment fitting the crime thing.  How about deciding on one course of action and just sticking with it? 

Always been a fan of SCum with the most wins. Of course you guys were winning games for the first couple of decades. You were the only ones with uniforms, practice, etc.  Halarious!

Comment 27 Jun 2017

Been to Crappy Valley 5 times and the stadium is a dump. It is like a great big Tinker Toy or a week Erector Set.  They kept adding on willy-nilly as they could and as my mom stated created a manstrocity.  Because of their problems with adding on to the original, then subsequent stadiums, the VIP Suites are in the End Zone, because they could not put them in a normal part of the stadium due to the many years of expansion with little foresight.  People are upset, mainly those who have been there and know what a poor stadium it is.  It is basically Columbus Crew stadium, but four times larger, but even then, not necessarily better.  

Almost all are "old" so forget that and loud is one thing, but great, best, good, enjoyable stadium it sure as hell is not!  Indiana and Purdue have better ones in that respect.  Then there is the fans, which we all know so I will never go back to State Penn and waste any more time in Crappy Valley. Facts be facts.

Comment 02 Jun 2017

3:30PM is actually the best time to attend a Buckeye game.  This is based on decades of if need be, getting anything that might needed to be done in the morning,with as much tailgating as desired, then after the Buckeye you and your friends would victory celebrate all-night by watching highlights and teams play that wish they were The Ohio State University Buckeyes!