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Comment 16 Nov 2015
I first heard of him on a reality show to give guys a chance to play in the NFL (with Dallas). He didn't win, but I think he is doing better than anyone on there Glad he got his shot and has been able to stay/ maintain.
Comment 16 Nov 2015

Fournette hasn't looked go for two games in a row. I think his stock is dropping. Plus LSU has lost two in a row. Losses look bad for the Heisman since now it's mainly the best/ most popular player on the theoretical best team.

Comment 16 Nov 2015

If you live in Austin, can you tell T-Bird and the Breaks to come up here? I think they play 6th street bars quite a bit. 

Comment 16 Nov 2015

If you're looking for advice, i'd say find out/ figure out what body type you have (mesomorph, endo, ecto, etc.). After that, look up workouts and exercises that work for that body type. Make sure you change it up and don't always go heavy.

This is basically what I did (minus deadlifts, squats and a few other exercises since I don't like to go superheavy). I also made sure to use cables and dumbbells to hit awkward angles. I had a theory that if I could strengthen everything possible that it would help out the main muscle groups. I also did yoga a couple times a week (the more advanced "power" kind from videos). Yoga really helps. One of the most important things I think is to watch other people workout. See how bad their form is or what they're doing wrong and don't do that.

I did cardio 3-4 times a week and would mix it up. One day I might swim then run later that night; the next cardio day I might do the stairmill for 1.5 miles then run 3 miles; if the weather was nice, i'd ride my bike 20+ miles (I used a mountain bike with street tires); typically one day a week, i'd try to work in a long run of 6+ miles. I always did cardio as fast as possible. Endurance was/ is important to me, and my resting heart rate sits in the high 40s/ low 50s.

I'm barely 5'8" and up until about 4 years ago I was about 205lbs (waist was usually around 34"-35". I'm barrel chested so my low back was pretty thick). I could rep 225lbs 16 times. I have shoulder issues that interfere with endurance and power or i'd probably been able to do more. Plus, tearing my rotator cuff several times over the years, I no longer lift heavy. I just maintain moderate strength and do a good amount of cardio when I have the time (I get stuck at work a lot).

I use to work with a guy that swore by working in powerlifting routines every so often. I wanna say he trained sometimes at Westside Barbell or some other notorious heavy gym.

I hope some of this helps.  

Comment 15 Nov 2015

I like Josh Homme. I've seen him on Anthony Bourdain's TV shows a couple times. I'm not much of a Queens of the Stone Age or EODM fan, but I do like Them Crooked Vultures. Might as well do a TIMH on his other bands as well. Trilogies typically work well in the movies...

Comment 13 Nov 2015
"Also what then will work." I don't have an answer to that. We killl some of theirs. They kill some of ours: lather, rinse and repeat. It's not the right way but sadly is the only way. I can't say too much due to guidelines, but I'm not a fan of any faith and would love for them to disappear (I apologize to those people of faith). Even if it did disappear, people would likely just find other routes and excuses. I'd say education, stop brainwashing, allow people and communities to evolve and stop controlling ways. I doubt these will happen though. Man always has to have a dream even if it's wrong.
Comment 13 Nov 2015
I fought these people, in Iraq, while in the army. Sending a message does not work.
Comment 13 Nov 2015
Damn, that's the guy from Queens of the Stone Age's band: Josh Homme (sp?) He's also in Them Crooked Vultures with Dave Grohl and a guy from Led Zeppelin. Also, somehow us related to Anthony Bourdain and been on a couple of his shows. Hope he's good along with everyone else.
Comment 12 Nov 2015
At least Barrett spoke the truth about him being an tOSU qb. Nobody wants here half the stuff myself or others have said while drunk and/ or to law enforcement. Disclaimer. I have never had a DUI and am not a reliable representative or the views or opinions of those that have.
Comment 11 Nov 2015
I want to give a shout out to the combat arms. The guys on the ground doing the dirty work. And then the rest of the military, even the reserves and national guard (get it done, nasty girls...)
Comment 11 Nov 2015

I understood the message before the mod edit.

Anyway, I can't stand the fanduel commercials and think they are very annoying. I don't care about draft kings. I don't hope they fail because i'm tired of seeing sports gambling and/ or games of chance being manhandled by our douche uncle sam.

Comment 11 Nov 2015

I want somebody else, Still have ND and Clemson on our 2010's hit list

I have seen tOSU kick the snot out of ND 3 times. tOSU is 0-2 vs Clemson. I would rather play Clemson.

Comment 10 Nov 2015

Riley said he hasn’t missed an Ohio State game in 17 years — and that was only because he had to attend a wedding.

Should have skipped that wedding, even if it was his own.

Comment 09 Nov 2015
I almost believe the committee to be slightly mentally challenged. Also, schools can schedule all the "tough" games they want. They are scheduled so far in advance that nobody knows if that school will be any good when it's time to play.
Comment 09 Nov 2015

This sounds like one of those ridiculous transitive property arguments. um's starting D also gave up 16 points to Rutgers before half time. tOSU's walk-ons gave up 7 points with 13 seconds left in the game.

Comment 07 Nov 2015

I've been a loyal PS user since '03. I have PS2, 3 and got a 4 a month ago. The only Xbox i've owned is the first. The only reason I played/ bought it was because I didn't take my PS2 with me during the war. We had a dept store that rivaled the size of a 7-11 and didn't sell anything PS.

If any of this has been covered, then please disregard.

Online gaming for both will run you about $50 per year. I'm told Xbox has the superior only gaming. I just started online playing when I got my PS4. It seems like the online gaming for Xbox is heavy with the younger crowd.

When it comes to cameras, I have the one for PS3. I hate it because it you have to hold a controller with a lightbulb on the end, and it follows the light. The Xbox connect i've played at Best Buy. I don't remember holding a controller and liked it better.

Speaking of controllers. PS increased the size, and it fits in the hands better. Xbox use to have a superior design, but it's pretty much the same now. I don't like where the L and R trigger buttons are. Xbox moved both theirs to the front where PS' are so the field is pretty even there. The PS' has a light on the front (I assume for the camera). It can't be turned off but only dimmed. It strains the battery. (I bought a 10 foot braided cable for $5 and use it while playing when the battery gets low. I won't use a charging station or leave the console on standby because i've always been told let the battery run low, charge and then promptly remove from power)

I believe both have many of the same smart tv style apps and features. Xbox one not only has an HDMI out but also and HDMI in. I'm assuming it can be used as a DVR or something.

Other than these few things that come to mind right now, it basically comes down (to those) and what games one will be interested in. What sold me, on PS, originally was the issues with Xbox ring of death. After that, Uncharted, Dead Space (I think the 1st one was only on PS3). The rest of the games I play are pretty much on both consoles. Gears of War, Halo and Titanfall are probably the best Xbox games and are only on that system.

PS4 just dropped its price by $50 about 3 weeks ago. I know there will be black Friday specials for it. I know that Meijer will have it for $299 plus $50 off your next shopping trip. I think that's only on Thanksgiving day though. They will have the same offer for Xbox One too. That's the only store I know of thus far.

Comment 06 Nov 2015

I bought the special edition PS4 that came with the original game and all the DLC. 

The original Destiny, at this point, I find to be meh. The Dark Below and The House of Wolves expansions are ok. I've only done a handful of the Taken King missions, but i'd say it's much better. The light level can be increased. There's also new weapons, armor, etc. With legendary items that are found from year one, they can be upgraded to the highest attack level allowable in year one with glimmer, marks and something else. I like it so far. Plus, Bungie keeps updating and changing things in the game every few weeks. What sucks is, if there's a game glitch/ cheat made known, Bungie fixes it within a couple days to weeks after finding out.