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Comment 09 Oct 2019

The secondary is my biggest worry for next year, closely followed by offensive tackle. I hope Wade comes back but if he doesn’t, then we are looking very thin at CB and missing on Battle and taking no other corners last year could come back to haunt us. We need 3 quality corners against modern offenses and right now I see 2 who have flashed potential in Brown and Banks. Tyreke Johnson would be the obvious candidate to step up but the buzz on him has been worryingly quiet, even on special teams. Riep and Williamson are veterans who were highly regarded as recruits but they also haven’t flashed potential, and I believe both were candidates for a switch to safety at various points of their careers which doesn’t engender confidence in their development. Let’s hope some of these seize the opportunity to step up!

Comment 08 Oct 2019

Replacing the secondary is my biggest fear for next year. Brown and Proctor look like the next men up but I haven’t seen enough out of the younger corners to have an opinion on how the other positions play out. This is especially concerning since you need to play 3 corners in your base defense in this day and age. That all being said, I think Wade should stay if he gets anything short of a first round grade. If he comes back and establishes himself as the number one outside corner, he will be a top 10 pick.

Comment 07 Oct 2019

Agree that Wade should go if he gets a 1st round grade but I think he should come back if he gets anything short of that. He would be our true #1 corner next year, and history has proven that usually means you are a top 10 pick. The difference in $$ between being a 3rd round pick and top 10 overall would make it more than worthwhile for him to come back. It looks like Brown is the next man up but haven’t heard or seen anything to indicate who else among the young corners is in line to fill in next year. Anyone have any information or thoughts on that?

Comment 19 Dec 2018

Tate was expecting to compete with Emory Jones in the class behind him when he signed so now it’s just Fields instead of Jones. Also IF Tate gets beat out by another QB to be the starter then I think he will stick around to be the back up in 2019.