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Comment 08 Jul 2020

My wife has been on my case for the better part of a decade to "take a single Saturday" in the fall to do "fall things". Hope she's ready to cash all her chips in, because, hunny, we're going to be doing a whole lot of socially-distanced, mask-wearing apple pickin' come 10 weeks from now.

Comment 09 Feb 2020

This is the only game on the entire schedule that gives me any sort of pause, and even with a loss, 11-1 probably punches your ticket to Indianapolis and 12-1 gets you in the playoff. PSU will lose a tricky game somewhere (ex: that road game in Bloomington the week of looks ripe).

Comment 11 Dec 2019

The bowl tie-ins need to stop, and I say that as a traditionalist who loves him some Rose Bowl. These slate of games suck in large part to how the bowls have to choose teams. Imagine swapping UVA for Penn State, and getting UF vs. PSU. That game is immediately 100x better than what we're getting now, which is an awful Orange Bowl... perhaps the worst in recent memory (or ever?).

In terms of intrigue, I like a few of these games. TTUN vs. Bama, MSU vs. Wake and Minnesota vs. Auburn are all interesting on paper.

Not as excited about the Rose as some are, but I'll watch it—like always. Wisconsin either wins that game in a methodical fashion by a point or two, or they'll get decimated and it'll be over by half.

Illinois vs. Cal is skippable. No thanks. Indiana vs. Tennessee is something I'd turn on if I have nothing else to do.

I loathe the Cotton Bowl. After hearing the breakdown of PSU's lines vs. Memphis (80+ pounds, and no way Memphis' OL will be able to block Matos or Parsons), it's a gimme NY6 trophy for Franklin.

Comment 11 Dec 2019

Can't pull myself to root for Bama ever, even when against those guys. I am so tired of them, and knowing they'll always be a thorn.

Kirk mentioned this in the preview show, but Penn State outweighs and out-athletes Memphis on OL and DL by an exceptionally large margin. I wouldn't be surprised if this game ends up exactly how it looks on paper, especially with Memphis having an interim HC. 

Comment 06 Dec 2019

Unless the new TTUN QB is great and we just don't know it, I don't see them being any better. Lots of turnover already on their D, and some mishaps and bad vibes coming from underclassmen.

PSU should be on par with this year, it seems. They lose some starters on defense and maybe Hamler, but the 13 other returning starters were young this year. Parsons should be an absolute nightmare. They'll still lose a game or two, as they do.

Comment 06 Dec 2019

For stability reasons, this is a major W for Penn State.

For x's and o's reasons, this is a major W for Ohio State.

Maybe the new contract helps the PSU AD with buyout money? It was very low. Also wonder how much he's getting now and what kinds of facility "promises" he got from their AD, since that was a large part of this.

I don't dislike Franklin like most, but I do think his game management (and calls down the stretch) is suspect at best. He's a great recruiter, sure, but what's it matter if you can't get over the hump? On the contrary, Michigan fans have to hate this. They'll be pillow fighting for third best B1G East team forever.

Comment 02 Oct 2019

I really don't like where any of this is headed, especially where there are states OK with the proposal (most notably PA). I'm indifferent on my feelings as to college athlete's being paid as a whole, to be sure, but I fear seeing half the "blue bloods" splitting from the NCAA's mandate and going on their own, and what that does to the sport as a whole.

Penn State being able to offer legal $$$ is ABSOLUTELY an unfair advantage vs. Ohio State, and they will absolutely reap the benefits of such. Why would a 17-year-old teenager not accept the benefit of legal pay-outs, if available? The B1G will have to address this directly with legit regulations, if it comes to that... even if that requires schools like Penn State to be removed.

Comment 19 Dec 2018

Mentioned in another post earlier, but Penn State's class snuck up on me this morning (it's actually very talented). I need to pay more attention.

Michigan, meanwhile, is going to wear this "Recruiting King" crown around like a 12-year-old who just won a game of H-O-R-S-E against their grandpa.

Comment 19 Dec 2018

The problem with the QB position isn't the spotlight as much as it is that it's just one spot. These 4 and 5 star HS QB's aren't going to college to sit the bench, thus Fields decision himself to transfer. So, let's play the hypothetical game...

Fields comes to Ohio State; has to sit a year / Haskins declares: GREAT! Tate has 2019 to sew his spot. Maybe he's a one and done too? I think Tate will wait this out and stick by us.

Fields comes to Ohio State; has to sit a year / Haskins stays: Tate is gone. He's right back to competing for the spot again in 2020 and he has a year to mettle his NFL dreams.

Fields comes to Ohio State; doesn't have to sit a year / Haskins declares: Something will have to give. I'm 50/50 on what happens in the competition.

Fields doesn't come in: Dwan Mathis, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?