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Comment 13 Mar 2017

Here's my lukewarm take for the day:

I was at the very first Student Appreciation Day and it was incredible just because it was entirely the opposite of what they have created the event into after a short six years.  Back on that fateful first day it was amazing for OSU football junkies such as myself because they ran the thing pretty much exactly like a regular practice, there just happened to be a small mob of students on hand to watch.  It was like peeling back the curtain, sort of like getting to be a fly on the wall.  Fascinating stuff, got to watch all the position drills and try to interpret and divine what all the activities and positioning meant for the upcoming season.  

Fast forward to the more recent years, and inevitably, the thing has been built up into a huge production.  Now I acknowledge that is just a part of any OSU ran event, however it has been seriously diluted from something that was extremely cool for the more hardcore part of the fan base to something that is much more catered to the masses.  They don't really run it like a practice, much more like a light scrimmage. Then they throw in the fastest student competition, DJ's, and catering? Just really changed the overall look and feel of the event.  

I know my musings on the interwebs don't mean anything and something like this is unavoidable, however I just figured I would post some nostalgic longings from what suddenly feels like a very distant six years ago that I enjoyed very much.  

Comment 02 Apr 2016

Some of my personal notes (partially echoing what was said above):

-Antonio Williams is a little smaller than I was expecting but he moves very well and showed some great ability to "pinball" his way through a defense.  Had multiple impressive carries (albeit against the two's)

-Burrow was obviously flustered at points (due to protection) but made some great throws when he had the chance. Good zip.

-Williams was tapped to carry the ball more with the two's than either Weber or Dunn with the one's.  Have to imagine the latter two can pass protect much better than the young Antonio however.  The one's couldn't move much at all on offense while the two's were either boom or bust with long passes from Burrow or long runs from Williams.  

-Starting O-Line was indeed pretty hard to watch without Elfein and Price in there, JT could hardly do anything in the passing game and what they did attempt was honestly pretty rough.  McMillan and Holmes among others had a few points where they could have pasted Barrett had the non-contact jersey not been in there.  

-Jordan was running exclusively as LG with the ones while Knox and Lisle were sort of rotating at RG.  Jordan does indeed have great hustle and Jamarco was even coaching him up on the field between plays.  

-AJ Alexander appears to be the solidified second team tight end and although he could probably use a bit more weight just to help with blocking he moves well and had a fantastic one handed catch in the middle of the field.  Hopefully he can give some solid depth at the position.  (Beat Darius Slade in the circle drill)

-T. Gibson has potential written all over him, like star in the making.  Obviously that's not a guarantee but he was one of the few bright spots at receiver today.  His ability to separate was not great but he was definitely able to attack the ball and fight through DB's to make a few catches (more than any other WR could say today)

-Austin Mack looks like he could use a few pounds to help when he plays against the physical corners but he did have a fantastic one-handed catch while being fouled pretty badly.  

- Both Baugh and Alexander were targeted a decent amount.  I know we have all heard about targeting the TE more often in the past but it looks like Warriner might get it done at least a bit more.  

-EGW (#19) was at safety with the one's a little bit and Arnette (#3) also got a shot opposite of Conley for some of the series on Defense.  

- There honestly were a lot of players on the second team defense that I had never seen before or heard of (walk-ons, transfers?) looks like some more depth would be beneficial.  Robert Landers was one of the DT's with the two's but I don't think the other DT with the two's is even on scholarship... 

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Yet another piece of the soul died tonight. The second the rebound was flubbed it was over.  Yikes this is why I usually try to not get emotionally involved.  Everyone burns me in the end...

Comment 05 Feb 2016

That would make sense.  Rumors had it that Prince would be the guy at LT before Pridgeon was in the fold but now things are different.  The guy looks like a mountain of a man who should be ready to go at LT right away and Prince could bump over after Pridgeon is done here.  I have a pretty good feeling about this O-Line any way it shakes out though.  

Comment 24 Jan 2016

Broncos cannot move the ball on the ground and it's killing the usual pace of that offense.  Peyton will need to win this game, something he hasn't been able to do against the Pats all that often.  Broncos have mostly "won" the first half but it's the flippin' pats and you need to play sixty minutes and then some to put them away.  

Comment 22 Jan 2016

Good post, location is the factor that we unfortunately cannot change but is really killing us in these battles.  We keep finishing as a "close second" to these kids that opt to stay close to friends and family (totally understandable) while our program is often a fantastic fit for many of these young men.  Stability, scheme, & spots, as Birm said, are all there for the Bucks but the stupid flippin' question of location is really the only thing that they can "beat" us in.  The twisted SEC paradigm that many are indoctrinated with doesn't help either but we've been through that before. Extremely frustrating but I do think this is just a few cycles of bad luck and we'll be just fine probably even in the 2017 cycle.  

Comment 16 Jan 2016

Unbelievable.  That Janis catch will spark all sorts of new debate about whatever a "catch" is, but they didn't win anyways so I guess it won't be as explosive.  Insane stuff though, I'm very glad this game was competitive unlike the regular season one.  Glad to see the Cardinals get a chance for the first time in awhile.  

Comment 04 Jan 2016

I sure hope he can become a stud for us, as experience is going to be hard to come by in 2016.  I just have a bad feeling when I hear about that perpetually nagging foot injury along with Urban saying that he was not a good practice player in the past.  There's still plenty of time for him to do great things as a Buckeye, let's hope whatever he needs to have a breakthrough happens.    

Comment 17 May 2015

I would hold my tongue if I were you, those are some insulting assumptions to make.  It is indeed quite likely that he will never get the position back, however it was the man's dream job and he was likely just settling in for the rest of his career as Head Director only to be violently uprooted and pinned with a whole bunch of crap that he could not reasonably be held accountable for.  

I can't put words in his mouth, but he was wronged and I imagine he wants to put up a fight so he can look back and know that he didn't just sit back and take this disgrace without defending himself.   

Comment 27 Apr 2015

Urban even admits that Fickell called it right (he didn't see Lee as an Ohio State caliber player at first).  Now we will be seeing him on Sundays before too long... But I'm still not sure where he would fit in a defense around 220 lbs? 

Comment 19 Apr 2015

What angle can they possibly be pulling? They have been mediocre at best, have had buffoons like Golson and Te'o bringing bad publicity to the program, and got whipped by 'Bama, all in the past few years.  I know not everyone will see the true guiding light of Urban's system but seriously, how are they out-recruiting OSU's program right now? We're so hot right now.

Comment 23 Mar 2015

Outcome of the tournament this year so far has been pretty disappointing.  Exclusively highly seeded teams or teams with great basketball pedigrees have made the Sweet 16.  Where's Cinderella? :(

Comment 09 Feb 2015

Well played, the "Michigan Man" trying to appear brainy by quoting such things can be repaid in full, without being so pretentious.  Quote all you want, still have to recruit and win.  

Comment 07 Feb 2015

Yes I graduated from Davidson in 2011, finishing up my last year at OSU right now.  Good to see folks from Hilliard doin' work on the site!

Comment 07 Feb 2015

Very fun to watch, nice work. Reminds us all how badly Corey Smith wants to be here when he's getting blocks like that... good lord.  Darron Lee lighting up Keenan Reynolds still has to be my favorite, he has quickly become a favorite of mine.  What a great year!

Comment 12 Aug 2014

Things are constantly changing in recruiting, but who would you peg as the remaining offensive linemen we get by February?

And additionally, if we get two more OL that will be nine in the last two classes, could that scare some away for 2016? (We have so many Ohio studs to sign at that spot!)

Comment 11 Aug 2014

Saw plenty of pretentious signs from NU students on College Gameday back when we played last season, however I'm sure they don't even know how to give other fans crap about football.