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Comment 30 Jun 2020

Prisoners are thought to purposely get the Wuhan in hopes it gets them out of the clink......I could see certain college football players wanting to get it out of the way in hopes of not getting sick during the season. A lot of these guys are playing for NFL jobs.

I pray (for all our sakes) that it gives us immunity powers. 

Comment 30 Jun 2020

Yep, first criteria is All American followed by national awards like the Heisman and then position awards like the Davey O'Brien, Butkus, Outland Trophy, etc. etc.

Comment 30 Jun 2020

CF HOF is pretty rare air and the voters like to spread the inductees over many teams, and they have to star over more than just one year.

1. Chase Young

2. Joey Bosa

3. JTB IF he had been the QB over the last three games of 2014 - since he didn't play those three games, I think he has very little chance.

4. Zeke: maybe - but he wasn't even 1 team All Big 10 in the 2010's so why should we think voters will make him 1st team over many decades across all conferences?

Comment 27 Jun 2020

Shooting Star is an all time rock & roll song. Has it been mentioned?

Comment 25 Jun 2020

Not AE, but if OSU doesn't take Cook then it's because they don't think he will upgrade the position group because they've shown they'll take transfer players like Fields and Sermon.

Comment 25 Jun 2020

I'm just telling you how some people think. You don't have to accept it, but I caution you to not underestimate some American's independence streak and how far they are willing to go to protect it. These are people you probably don't interact with very much in real life. They tend to not live on the coasts and in big cities. But they are out there.

Comment 25 Jun 2020

CB is one of the glamor spots at Bama. My thought on the Bama smoke is it's Saban's way of throwing shade at Day. Smith is in Day's backyard in one of the most talent rich areas of the country. What better way to make Day look bad under the circumstances? Who's to say it's a fully committable Bama offer...just throw a nugget to one of your beat writers and the message gets out there that Day is mistreating Ohio high schoolers - because why should Day ghost him if he has a Bama offer?

This is Sun Zhu shite....which makes me love college football!!!!!!!

Comment 25 Jun 2020

I think a lot people's reluctance about wearing a mask is appearance. They don't want to appear weak and scared of the virus. They're the offspring of folks who defeated the Nazi's, German measles, and the Spanish Flu. These colors don't run.

Comment 24 Jun 2020

Okay, NC is starting to make more sense to me. Signing Tony Grimes puts Dre Bly on the radar as a major player in DB coaching circles. Grimes sees early playing opportunities that probably aren't going to be there at places like OSU and LSU.

I get it; however, I would argue that while he probably will not start at OSU in Year 1 (and maybe Year 2)----Kerry Combs has proven that he can get guys to the NFL after 3 years. All the player needs is one year of starting experience at OSU and you can be a first round draft pick.  

Dre Bly and NC have not proven that they can do that.

Comment 24 Jun 2020

Is Dre Bly NC's defensive back coach?  That's the only real obvious reason for a 5 star DB from outside of NC to want to play there. I know Mack Brown and his DC are awesome recruiters, but the way Grimes' father approaches recruiting, UGA/LSU/UF/OSU makes a lot more sense.

Comment 15 Jun 2020

Yes, I'd like the Sugar Bowl and TTUN wins back because they have been historically tough to get.

I think the OP raises a good point, but timing is everything for such a political hot potato. I think you have to wait about 2-3 years AFTER the full roll-out of the name & likeness changes are implemented. That way the public and CFB honchos are adequately desensitized from college players being financially rewarded. Just wait until everyone sees how much the Bama/OSU/Georgia/USC/Florida Heisman winning QB gets paid.

That's when OSU getting hammered for a few hundred $ of free tattoos starts looking VERY ridiculous. 

Comment 15 Jun 2020

I think the NFL is in danger of losing some of its fervor for several reasons: 1) the number of kids playing football is decreasing which will eventually lead to fewer adults watching the NFL, 2) concussions have turned off a fair number of people from watching it, and 3) politics. They appear to be trying to have the most normal season of all the major sports, so they have that going for them in the short-run. The first few games should be absolute must watch events for the sports-starved fans come Sept-20. I just hope the kneeling thing won't be too much of a distraction.

The NFL will be the #1 watched sport for a while, but I think interest in it will slowly and gradually decline over time.

Comment 15 Jun 2020

And keep in mind that testing positive for the "antibody" means it could have come from any corona virus. For example, you could have gotten the virus when you were 5 years old - and you now have an antibody. The test doesn't distinguish between when you got the virus.

Comment 15 Jun 2020

There is risk the longer your customers go without using the good/service that you provide. I believe this effects: 1) MLB - this sport can't operate like every kid loves the game like they used to, and 2) NFL: a tbd % of their customer base is being turned off by the constant hum of politics seeping into the game.

Comment 12 Jun 2020

I think Kalis's comments are the most inflammatory in the recent history of the rivalry. He just decommitted from OSU, and purposely launched an all out assault boasting he was going to shed their blood. And did this while Buckeye Nation was hurting. Total DB move.

All the other one's are in some way or another a little funny....but Kalis's were all out war.

Comment 11 Jun 2020

I remember when Terry Glenn and David Boston were spouting such things during the Dark Days of the rivalry. I'm glad to be on the other end and chuckle when I hear high school seniors writing checks their arse can't cash. I'm sure the veteran players are sitting back in A2 saying shut the feck up high schooler. We don't need you getting them mad.

Shouldn't Sugar Shane be on this list? I seem to recall him doing some talking as a high school senior and who was the dude who lit the OSU recruiting letter on fire? Was that JBB who turned out to be a huge dud at TTUN?

Comment 10 Jun 2020

And don't forget the founder of Adidas was a Nazi soldier. There's not many large companies in Germany that didn't help power the Nazi war machine. But I see a lot of American Jews drive Mercedes cars and own Bosch kitchen appliances, and are able to get past their Nazi heritage. 

Comment 06 Jun 2020

I might care a little bit if he played any other position than WR. PS: he made the right decision for himself. I would have done the same thing in his shoes.

Comment 05 Jun 2020


RB - PSU - they have several seasoned RB's that have shown they can be the man at the college level. OSU has a couple talented guys, but the juries still out. IF they perform up to their potential, it COULD be a push at the end of the season.

WR - OSU - I'm a huge Friermuth fan and consider him to be the number 1 TE in the entire country; however, Olave and Wilson have proven themselves and I believe both a true #1 WR's and 1st round talents. I think OSU's WR depth is much better too.

OL - Push - this is being generous to PSU, but I like the fact they have 4 returning starters vs. 3 at OSU. IF we can find a good Right Tackle, I think it could be OSU by the end of the season.

DL - Push - I like PSU's starters - but IF guys like Zach H. and Tyreke start playing to their potential this year (like Chase Young and Bosas did in Year 2), this could be OSU by the end of the season.

LB - PSU - Micah Parsons is a Top 10 draft pick next year and OSU doesn't have that kind of talent on their roster. I like Brandon Smith and the dude from the State Up North.

Secondary - easy OSU

Special Teams - easy OSU

Coaching - OSU - Day is an elite play caller and will be even better in Year 2.

Having less than a capacity crowd at Happy Valley due to Covid will greatly mute the effects of the White Out. Justin and OSU's elite WR's have a Huge day. OSU 31, PSU 14,

Comment 05 Jun 2020

One of the main attributes all top NFL QB's seem to have is they're all what I call "nerds" or "film geeks." Guys who'd rather watch film than go out on the town. I remember reading a couple years ago how Dak Prescott rented an apartment across the street from Jerry World so he could just walk over and watch film anytime he wanted. Big time nerds like the Mannings, Deshaun Watson, etc. tend to stick around.

Gone are the days when a tough dude with a good arm and winning attitude (the Snake and Namath) can just show up and succeed.