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OJ got on twitter yesterday for the first time-posted something like "I've got a lot of scores to settle"..................................he thought he'd take a stab at it.................

You're pretty sharp

Comment 06 May 2019

Too many to pick from,I liked point - counter point,with Jane Curtain and Dan Akroyd.It was cutting edge for it's time  .Totally took everybody by surprise when dan called jane an "ignorant slut" the timing made it very funny.IMO Norm McDonald was underrated,also liked Celebrity Jeopardy - "T-T-Tr-r-ebeck you mothers a whore".Hans and Franz were a good chuckle to

Comment 28 Apr 2019


Don't know if it was Hartline's influence or just maturity, but his improvement his senior year was remarkable.


Comment 21 Apr 2019

Buckabroad 19 APR 2019, 4:32 PM 

Ohio State was winning a national Championship with a third string QB under Meyer.

That the Vest recruited ;-b

Comment 21 Apr 2019


Look, I loved Tressel, but you make a lot of leaps in your reasoning. I also think that it’s reasonable to argue that Tressel was a better OSU coach (although I personally would take Meyer).

I'm kind of split.IMO The Vest was a better Xs & Os/technique/mechanics/fundamentals guy.Urbs delegated those and could motivate & recruit like a MOFO

Comment 21 Apr 2019


Ohio State did as much for Urban as he did for Ohio State, to your point. It was a good partnership.




Comment 15 Apr 2019


I know it's probably unpopular but I like 6 more than 8.

I agree,the playoff would have to start sooner to accommodate the extended season.I can see more players NFL bound maybe sitting it out to protect themselves.IMO 6 should be the limit,if they have a bitch with that just STFU and win your games

Comment 12 Apr 2019


Unfortunately there are some strange people that somehow rise up the ranks, in and out of the military, 

There are quite a few of those in a local school system.In public they're pleasant in private they are the plague.Actually shocking there in't mor work place violence

Comment 31 Mar 2019


Douchebags for $200, Alex ...

Exactly,this guy just might be the most delusional douchenozzle ever.Let's see he takes dick-pics in the White House of all places.Has sex toys delivered to his place of employment that is supposed to be building the character of young men.Takes the coaches of prospects to Nudie bars or intended to.Him and his wife fight like Ali-Fraser and makes his boss look REAL BAD,who gave him too many chances as it was.Pretty well sullied the name of a few co-workers along with the Universities Reputation.Wasn't there also something about doing blow off of a strippers body to?And he wonders why he may never get a second chance that rehabilitated convicts get.If he is that bent I hope a court rules he's not fit to see the children.He's starting to make his EX and Brett McMurphy look reasonable - if that's even possible

Comment 23 Mar 2019


1. I’m tired of the OH-IO chant. It’s obnoxious. 

That and "Hang on Sloopy" is the sappiest,limp dick limerick ever."Across the Field" or Buckeye Battle Cry" are great but not that

Comment 19 Mar 2019


Pretty sure Hilliard was a redshirt sophomore last season.

I know Hilliard came in with the 2015 Class.So thinking he's a red shirt senior this season

Comment 10 Mar 2019

lks' Comb Over  [12th Warrior]  24 FEB 2019, 3:23 PM 

This post is leasable space for this dude right here BeatTTUN

Just curious Elk - that guy being the head of Legal Firm couldn't he sue you for using his likeness?I mean any good attorney would - it's what they do

Comment 05 Mar 2019

8MileBuckeye 2 MAR 2019, 2:38 PM 

Is Arizona really that stupid 2 waste a first round pick 2 years in a row on a QB?

The Browns were doing every 3 years it seemed.I was not happy when they drafted a 28 yr old Brandon Weedon.Then a few yrs later tinkerbell johnny football was taken.Even I didn't see him faffing things up the way he did

Comment 31 Jan 2019

The super supplements I've been pushing is BEER.I'm sure some of you have heard of it.Spring water,mood enhancers,probiotic and a plethora of grains/fruits.You can even get it with a Honey Lager or a Honey-Blueberry Ale.You'll thank me later but keep it between us I don't want the price to spike

Comment 20 Jan 2019

BuckeyeChief MOD 19 HOURS AGO 

I think I have ate fried chicken in about 90% of the countries I have visited

Rotisserie Chicken IMO is much better,Bastes itself and is moist w/o being greasy.Costco and the local grocers carry it also

Comment 08 Jan 2019

I don't think he quit the Sooners gave him half a million reasons to leave.Plus what's with the co-coordinator crap,Day had yet to make a move with Schiano so why not bolt.He was lead to believe he was the DC in waiting and that didn't seem to be developing.Ya snooze ya lose

Comment 08 Jan 2019

I wish Saban would just take all the dirty jocks in the locker room.Then shove them in Gary Danielson's mouth and sew it shut.But you gotta give a tip the cap for getting there so often - provided they are not employing bagmen

Comment 05 Jan 2019


Alex Grinch was not a personal acquaintance coaching hire, as Coach Meyer sometimes has done, Grinch was hired by Coach Meyer as a football hire.  I'm sorry to see him go, but understand that something in the HC transition from Urban Meyer to Ryan Day changed the situation with respect to Coach Grinch's understanding with Coach Meyer when he was hired.  That's ultimately Coach Day's prerogative, it's his team now.  He must assemble his own coaching staff. But I'm sorry to see Coach Grinch go.

Yup I agree the trajectory at WSU can't be ignored.I hope RD made the right decision letting him leave.JMO but it's time for Schiano to move along.I thought Grinch was the DC in waiting - I was wrong.Hope this doesn't bite us in the ass