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Comment 29 Aug 2020

I couldn’t care less about recruiting ranking. I’d be happy if we could pick up Tywone Malone and perhaps Trystan Leigh and be done with it.

Comment 04 Aug 2020

Any update on Tywone Malone? Lack of news flow makes me wonder if he’s slipping away. He wants to play baseball so it may be difficult to keep him away from southern universities which are generally much better in that sport.

it would be a solid foundation foo a defense to build around both Hill and Malone. You can never stress the importance of dominant DTs. You don’t even need to have stellar DEs if the middle of the line is unmovable. Clemson won a NC on the backs of Dexter Lawrence and Christian Wilkinson.

Comment 23 May 2020

Andrew I see that you removed that lone CB that you (or was it Birm?) had for Tywone Malone to us is now gone? Is there any new development? It would be disappointing. This was one kid out of all uncommitted ones I'd want us to pick up. We could've (potentially) had a very good interior DL between Hill and Malone. I know a lot of people are excited more about Tuimalu but he's more of a pass rusher, a 3 tech type. My preference would be to have one more zero or one tech run stuffer.

Comment 26 Apr 2020

Seriously. He was born in Ohio and went to college in Ohio. He may have gone to high school in Ann Arbor while his father may have been an assistant to Bo, but that doesn’t sound like a strong basis for his allegiance to the University of Michigan.

Also he’s not his brother. My brother-in-law is universally known as an idiot but that distinction by no means taints me by association. As a matter of fact, I’ll punch anybody who calls me that in the face!

Comment 22 Apr 2020

I hope Larry Sr pulls Tywonne Malone out of Bergen Co in NJ. For two reasons. At 6’4” and 300lb, he has the perfect body type to anchor the interior of the DL alongside Michael Hall. And it would be great to establish a foothold in one of the hottest CFB recruiting ground in northern USA. Both Michigan and Penn State have historically feasted on studly Bergen Co HS recruits.

Comment 15 Apr 2020

I hope they get Tywone Malone. He has the perfect size for a 0 or 1 tech. We don't need another tweener like Bradley, although Tuimolau would be a welcome addition.

Anyway, another top shelf pure DT besides Mike Hall would be awesome. In as much as Ohio State has superb DE play over the years, production out of DT hasn't been all that great. Can't remember when was the last time we had a true run stuffing DT outside of Hankins. D'avon Hamilton was good this past season but it took him five years to get there. LJ Jr produced some monster DTs while at Penn State. Hope he does something to follow that up here.