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Comment 10 Feb 2020

I’d rather take the kid that’s already 300lb than trying the beef up the 270lb kid. I’m not a big proponent of the “athletic” (euphemism for lacking bulk). Dramonte Jones was one of the better “athletic” DTs we had and he was completely underwhelming against decent OGs. Clemson won two NCs featuring two space eaters in the middle, not tweeners.

i sincerely doubt Ohio State would put emphasis on getting Bradley if they thought Payne was coming here. I’m not saying Bradley won’t be a good player, but having Payne and Hill together in the middle would’ve been nice.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

I wish people stopped bringing up Michigan in threads unrelated to them. They are an also ran. They are irrelevant. We basically do them a huge favor by treating them as a rival. Because Ohio State is so well respected nationally, this is the only thing that legitimizes a mediocre program whose glory days went the way of leather helmets.

Now, going back to the topic, there’s a good chance LSU jumps is in the final CFP poll. If we beat Wisconsin too bad, Wisconsin will fall out of the top 10 hurting our standing. If the game is too close then LSU’s victory over Georgia looks more impressive as Georgia will still likely be ranked higher than both Wisconsin and Penn State. This looks like a lose/lose scenario to me. Nevertheless, there’s nothing wrong with a No.2 seed and drawing Clemson to our side of the semifinals. Clemson hasn’t beaten anybody so no reason to be afraid of them. I’d very much like the opportunity to beat Clemson (after so many bowl losses to them) en route to a NC.

Comment 26 Nov 2019

If both LSU and tOSU win out, we’ll stay at No.2. We won’t have the resume to jump them. Beating Georgia will trump beating Michigan and Minnesota/Wisconsin (again!). So we’ve no choice but to draw Clemson in the playoffs.

But that’s fine with me. You cannot legitimately claim to be the best unless you play and beat the best. 

I am more concerned about what we saw in our D when Will Levis was on the field last week. The D couldn’t stop Penn State’s ground games (regardless of whether it was Levis or Brown that was running a ball). I hope that doesn’t expose a chink in the armor.

Comment 21 Nov 2019

Honestly I don’t get all the venom spewed towards Drake. His job was to boost Ohio State’s reputation as an academic institution and bring the resources necessary to maintain its status as a first-class public university. Has he failed in that job?

He doesn’t answer to a bunch of myopic football fans, nor should he.

Comment 09 Nov 2019

It all depends on how you assess the dollar value of the benefit. A loan is not the same thing as a gift. At most the value of the loan should be the difference between the interest paid and the what should be considered the customary interest for such a loan. Let’s say the loan amount is $900, the customary interest is about 22% (this is about what credit card companies charge low credit score customers), Chase paid no interest and the loan was paid back within a year. Under these assumptions, the benefit accrued to him can’t be more than $200, good for a one-game suspension.

What’s unknown here is how Chase got the money to pay off the loan. The NCAA will look into whether the means to repayment constituted a separate violation as well.