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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Adam Dunn's walkoff grand slam to for the Reds to beat the Indians.
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Penguins
  • NBA TEAM: The fighting LeBrons
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Chelsea

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Comment 20 Aug 2015
Im getting more intrigued by the talk of 3-4 defence. I understand that a one game switch probably would be bad for mastery of the system come week 13 or so, but what if we stay 3-4 for the whole season? I like our LBs better than our interior d line (beyond Washington). The only drawback I see is how it potentially puts Bosa in a less impactful position for his skillset.
Comment 20 Aug 2015
I thinks hes a real good guy and a buckeye fan. The only complaint I have about him is how hard he toes the company line sometimes. He'll advance ESPN narratives a little too wholeheartedly. I wonder if he was more 'free' (on BTN, some other network) he'd be a little more unabashed in his love for tOSU.
Comment 13 Aug 2015
Also not sure where I heard this, but supoosedly a compound femur fracture is the worst pain a male can endure. Apparently child birth is worse, so its the second worse pain a woman can endure.
Comment 12 Aug 2015
College budgets and all, just a few more years of me mooching my football news from you guys then ill start paying.
Comment 08 Aug 2015
My dad had a Canadian dime when he was at college. The machine counted it, but it then fell through the coin return, never had to pay to do laundry.
Comment 08 Aug 2015
My mom came home yesterday with literally 18 new pairs of socks and twenty new pairs of boxers. Ill only have to do laundry like once a month. I still like my old socks and boxers, Ill have like 30+ pair each at campus.
Comment 04 Aug 2015
Also should say that im not 21 and dont plan on attempting to enter a "bar" bar. But you can still talk about them, just put something like (21+) next to it so I know.
Comment 03 May 2015

Mayweather won the fight. I wished Manny won, but he just didn't. However the bigger story is how this event epitomizes how boxing has been machinegunning itself in the foot for the past few decades. The style is only half of the story, yeah, the fight was boring, and Mayweather is the quintessential counter striker, but that's not really boxing's fault, knockouts are few and far between when you pit two pretty equally matched 150 pounders against each other. The problem comes when you demand that the consumer spend $100 to watch said boring fight, especially after hyping it like they did. Boxing can't rely on purists alone, boxing needs to attract a large percentage of "casual sports fans" like they did way back when. Teddy Atlas made a good point when he said that it looked like a "hedge fund convention" when referring to the audience in the MGM Grand. No everyman sports fan could have dreamed of getting into that fight. This all combines to make boxing feel extremely inaccessible. And then, when you decide you are intrigued enough by the constant promoting to spend $100 dollars, you get to see the fight as it really is with two men in their upper thirties with a limited chance of a knockout bounce around a ring. I'm not faulting Mayweather for his style, 48-0 means it works, but it turns off the average sports fan.  

Comment 19 Apr 2015
I generally dont get on thr backs of commentators to much, but if it was up to this espn crew, Isaiah Thomas would have had a 4 point layup and Lebron would have like 9 fouls.