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Comment 4 hours ago

I'm not entirely convinced that Alabama has been eliminated, although, they should be considering lack of schedule and losing the only game that mattered, at home.  And so to continue the point of SEC favoritism, if LSU somehow loses to Georgia, are 3 SEC teams going to the playoff?  My view is that only Georgia should be awarded a bid.  I'm not entirely convinced if Clemson wins all 12 games that it deserves to be in either, the ACC is historically bad, but beating North Carolina by 1 is still better than losing to South Carolina by a FG at home.  The way it should be ranked, IMO, is as follows:

1. OSU

1. LSU

3. Minnesota

4. Clemson

5. Baylor

6. Oregon

7. Alabama

8. Georgia

9. Utah

10. Penn State

How I think the season will pan out:

1. LSU

2. OSU

3. Clemson

4. Alabama

I think it'll be a bit unfair for LSU to have to beat Alabama twice and could foresee a loss in a rematch.  OSU vs Alabama in the title game.  

How it should pan out:

1. LSU
2. OSU

3. Oregon

4. Clemson

Comment 8 hours ago

I hope someone starts a Haubiel for Heisman campaign after kicking +70 xps in a row

Comment 8 hours ago

107-0.  15 touchdowns and a safety.  I'm hoping Master Teague can get 301 yards to get us two +1000 yard carriers in 10 games

Comment 04 Oct 2019

They might have three freshmen play on the offensive line and that is asking for it against a Larry Johnson line.  I would expect some bootlegs and screens to try and slow things down, but OSU has done a very good job of recognizing those plays generally.  I just don't see them scoring, much if it all, unless our offense hands them multiple opportunities to score easy.  

Comment 09 Aug 2019

Fields will be given plenty of one-on-one chances, and I think our wide receivers will be able to usually create the separation, so he will have to make the throws.  Also, hopefully the receiver blocking continues, that was the difference in the Penn State game last year.  I hope we can convert the 4th and 1s, Haskins could throw but that was one aspect that Barrett had on him and I will suspect that Fields will be an improvement.  Great special teams seem to be crucial for every team needing to get past teams that will give us trouble.  This team will have the talent to compete against Clemson, Georgia, Oklahoma, it will just depend on how much they grow as a team throughout the year.

Comment 04 Jun 2019

Boston has assests, however, would they have anything left if they went out after Anthony Davis and got him. Kyrie bouncing to Brooklyn and  a Davis strikeout may not making them think to unload, extremely situational for them. 

Brooklyn could unload Crabbe for their 1at rounder straight up.

OKC is strapped, they could benefit, but what could they give back? 

Miami is too but they may be in a better situation to deal. 

Should be an interesting few weeks coming up...

Comment 13 Jan 2019
Keep in my coming to Ohio State you are not only subject to a media market that has you as the #1 game in town but a whole host of Sunday morning armchair quarterbacks some of whom could not stop saying a few years back, "FIRE FICKELL!"
Comment 03 Jan 2019
Ok I'm going to fantasy land for a moment but... ...Imagine Haskins throwing to Wilson, Hill, Olave and Mack and spreading some love to Dobbins and the TEs too. Next year could make this year look like a dud in comparison especially with improved run blocking and any improvement on defense. But, my mind tells me that he's probably the best talent to come out of the B1G since Brees, I have no doubt he will eventually be a multiple NFL All-Pro/Pro-Bowler. Kudos to Cousins for making that type of money though
Comment 22 Dec 2018
Not sure what the Brian Snead thing is, is that like the Jimmy Hoffa thing? We all want answers
Comment 22 Dec 2018
Maybe the greatest warriors in history would have used Twitter too, if they had the chance. Imagine this: GKahn: I hope my 2nd million people I kill is as enjoyable as the first. AlexanderDGr8t: Missing Macedonia today, gonna take it out on some Babylonians now JCaesar31532: I'm as high as the North Star