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Comment 05 Jun 2020

Exactly! You can’t keep these ridiculous stipulations up for very long. Mr. Smith, are you going to test them every time someone makes a tackle or block? Uhmmmm....yes we’re going to use an actual football but it it must be disinfected between the center and the quarterback and the quarterback and the running back. Consequently, games are now going to last 7 hours, SMH.

Comment 08 Jan 2019
Uhm...Uhm...Uhm, I believe that, yes...I'm sure that Clemson's win over Alabama was a by a greater margin than OSU's loss to Florida in '07. Don't mean shit, but it does make me smile for a second or two...or three.
Comment 07 Dec 2018
I'm from the next town over from Cade Stover, watched him play, and I'm definitely a fan. But Tommy's video reminds of the Hawk. I know that's premature but man I would love to see these guys banging heads in the middle over the next few years!
Comment 02 Dec 2018
Folks, I think we're seeing the full political sledgehammer at play. The Smith fiasco is why we're being snubbed via Georgia. We can argue top 4 all day long and the committee BS, but it's my opinion they're telling us politically they want Urban out. As an alum with Buckeye in my veins, of course I would reply to this farce with hardy O-H-"F*** OFF COMMITTEE"-I-O, but it's more prevalent than ever despite the Pur-don't loss it's Ohio State against the world. GO BUCKS!
Comment 01 Nov 2018
I'm glad there is urgency, I'm glad there are some players that are "pissed", but I don't like to hear player's references to looking at the remainder of the season as a whole. I'm sure coaches are preaching 1 game at a time, so why aren't we hearing it reflected in player rhetoric? 1 game, 1 snap at a time - max effort each snap. That's how any champion is made! Hope I'm not overreacting. Go Bucks - Beat the Huskers!
Comment 25 Oct 2018
I'm certainly not the only one on here stating the obvious, but can we please stop thinking in terms of making enough special sauce to put us in position for a playoff run? Prepare for Nebraska, execute against Nebraska, beat Nebraska, learn from any mistakes made while beating Nebraska. Repeat Nebraska cycle against Sparty, Repeat Sparty cycle against Mary....u get the picture. One game at a time and we'll regroup in December. Go Bucks - Beat the Huskers!
Comment 23 Oct 2018
Agree with both Joshie and Fireball. Peterson move incorporates the leg, but I think this could have been a planned "hail Mary" from the other camp. Snyder's clasp is akin to a grizzly bear. So hitting this move banked on Snyder holding on a little longer than normal. But it was executed very fast, and very effectively. I'm just surprised they tried it so early - so hat's off. Snyder will be back with a vengeance and rest assured he won't get caught in it again if we're lucky enough to see round III.