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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Buckeyes - blew the Championship game by throwing an interception - OH WAIT - Maurice rips out the hands of the Maimi defender - Buckeye's Ball.
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Comment 09 Feb 2019

It is clear on paper and on the mat Penn State has better wrestlers -  OSU should have won a few more matches and these could be chalked up to not ready to go or some coaching but they do not have the team at this point that can beat Penn State without help from Penn State.  They have four ranked at #1 and one of Ohio State's top 2 wrestlers (Moore) has to go against the best of them all.  This Penn State team is going to be hard to beat in a dual and sad to say even harder in a tournament  without some of the top guys getting upset.

Comment 21 Jan 2019

The origin of the term redshirt was likely from Warren Alfson of the University of Nebraska who, in 1937, asked to practice but not play and wore a Nebraska red shirt without a number. The term is used as a verb, noun, and adjective. For example, a coach may choose to redshirt a player who is then referred to as a redshirt, and a redshirt freshman refers to an athlete in the first year of participation, after a redshirt non-participatory year.  - THANKS GOOGLE

Comment 21 Jan 2019

Agree - that was an absolutely horrible no call, but still have to question the throw on first down - if ran it 3 straight times - less than a minute left and zero time outs.    Reminded me of the call Urban made against Alabama in the playoffs in the 4th qtr.  tried a cute pass and gave them an opportunity to score again.  

Comment 20 Jan 2019

This is nice but does not compare to what Haskins did in his first game highlights stepping in against the team up north to come back and win.  This is UMASS and not the game.    With that said - he is good and I believe he has 4 years left of eligibility left b/c did not play enough to burn redshirt - I could be mistaken 

Comment 10 Jan 2019

so what percentage of all posting - were crying about Urban picking Haskins to start last year b/c Burrows had earned it and not enough tape on Haskins.    I remember some screaming especially after the spring game and the number that Burrows put up....  I would bet coaches have better idea of what they need then most of us.

Comment 03 Jan 2019

 Gundy called them snowflakes.   

So guess you are against kids leaving early to go to the NFL.  So are you fine with a kid leaving if a coach leaves they thought would be there, and I guess you are saying these kids are not trying to make a living and preparing for their future.  Many of these transfers make millions b/c they transferred.   So I guess the three Heisman trophy winners I listed are losers - did not suck it up and did not work hard.   

100% correct - coaches that make millions of dollars riding the talent of these kids are not the same as the player.  Urban is a quitter.  He should finish his contract too.  Many folks quit or leave their job for better being pay, location, an ass of a boss, etc.  Are these quitters?  Or only college kids can be quitters.  

So just in case Justin Fields comes to OSU next year or any other transfer in the future - just make sure you label them as a quitter and cheer against them b/c they are not responsible men.  

Comment 03 Jan 2019

Yes - then he should have never left Baylor or Maryland for a better job.  Also - OSU should never take a transfer student b/c they are not committed.   

It really is called reality - some situations are better and some grass is actually greener.  I would never tell a kid who made a decision at 17 or 18 that you are stuck somewhere even if the coach staff mislead or even lied on your role with the team.  

Baker Mayfield should have stayed at Texas Tech what a snowflake

Kyler Murray should have stayed at Texas A&M what a snowflake

Cam Newton should have stayed at Florida - Snowflake

Lebron James should never have done any moving for his career - what a snowflake (so guess this includes any player or coach that wants to go anywhere in the NFL, MLB, NHL, or NBA).

Comment 02 Jan 2019

looking at the helmet photo l have wondered in the past - it obviously has happened - but how many have filled up their helmets with stickers - wonder what the record # is for the year and a single game.