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Comment 12 Dec 2019

I only watch ESPN if there’s a basketball or football game on that catches my fancy, mostly the Buckeyes. I rarely get on the ESPN website, tired of LSU, Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, and the other clown SEC teams dominating the articles. I watch only the last 10 minutes of College Game Day to hear the pics. ESPN really sucks anymore. I have to believe they’ve lost serious market share. 

Comment 17 Sep 2019

I totally agree, Buckinraleigh. Many comments on here seem to criticize Urban, as if these “armchair coaches” know so much more than one of the greatest coaches to ever step onto a college football field. I’m pumping the breaks on Day, at least for now. His 6-0 record consists of 5 very inferior opponents, if memory serves, and 2 Buckeye teams with a boatload of talent. He may very well be a great coach. All indications lean that direction. Let’s see how things go once they’re in the meat of the schedule, and maybe the playoffs. One thing for sure. Day has a long way to go before being put on Urban’s level. Those who disagree need to check Meyer’s head coach history.  

Comment 09 Sep 2019

And observing the replay, that tackler had a 15-20 yard lead on Borland, albeit it from the middle of the field, but still giving him a good angle. One of those blockers needed to hang back and take him out. Those who love to trash Borland won’t consider those factors, and choose to tell all how he doesn’t belong on the field. Of course, they presume to know more than the coaching staff.