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Comment 21 Sep 2020

We all realize these polls are basically worthless, only there to draw discussion. Their logic dropping a team that hasn’t played behind other teams who also haven’t  played, using the term “a bye”, only confirms the irrelevance. 

Comment 17 Apr 2020

Your negative comments toward Barrett tells everyone what kind of idiot you are. Barrett is one of the top five QB,s to ever wear the scarlet and gray. Consider his statistical records, his won/lost record, and his leadership. Throw in how his teammates looked up to him for four years. Listen to what his coaches said about him. Your opinion is not worth reading.

Comment 12 Dec 2019

I only watch ESPN if there’s a basketball or football game on that catches my fancy, mostly the Buckeyes. I rarely get on the ESPN website, tired of LSU, Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, and the other clown SEC teams dominating the articles. I watch only the last 10 minutes of College Game Day to hear the pics. ESPN really sucks anymore. I have to believe they’ve lost serious market share.