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OSU alumnus, was still celebrating the '02 National Championship when we won the last one....and I'm still celebrating both.


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  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!
  • NFL TEAM: Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns
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Comment 27 Nov 2019
Honestly thought this was some kind of "who's your daddy" reference... Had it all worked out in my head until I saw the Rockwell reference.
Comment 12 Oct 2019
I think Chris Borland really opened some eyes when he did it a few years back. Especially after the rookie year he had just had. Did Patrick Willis retire right before or right after that? Then of course Andrew Luck this year as well. You're right, we are going to look back on this era and see that these guys that walked away early were ahead of their time. That said, if I were in position to play the game and had a choice of CFL & XFL, I'd go XFL in a heartbeat. Shorter season, in the states, and they're supposedly making strides to update the game. We'll see.
Comment 30 Sep 2019
It's the one thing I whined and complained and bitched and moaned about during Urban's tenure was how sloppy we were. Penalties, turnovers, missed kicks and kicks out of bounds etc. And it never seemed to be a point of emphasis and it never seemed to get better. It was maddening.
Comment 25 Sep 2019
Agreed for in-person. Pre game fun, day drinking if you so choose, and an afternoon kickoff in the sunshine. Later in the year, you get that Autumn chill and a bit of a night time game under the lights feel for the second half. I'm still partial to noon bangers or prime time games for TV though.
Comment 20 Sep 2019

Was watching casually but noticed Tulane getting themselves back into it.  Settled in to watch the last ten minutes and I'm sure glad I did!  What a finish!

Comment 14 Sep 2019
Did there used to be a place in Raleigh called Playmakers? If so, I believe that's where me and my gang watched most of App State's win over scUM. It was quite the App St. crowd in the house, too!