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Comment 19 Apr 2017

Still forgetting about JT's redshirt freshmen year I see?

The point was he has beaten those teams you mentioned. Some multiple times (Michigan, PSU and MSU).

Comment 18 Apr 2017
Awful lot of praise for a guy who has yet to play against a first team defense in a game. You can have as big of an arm as you want but there is more to that at the QB position. There are things that JT and Burrow are way better at than Haskins that lead to then being ahead of him on the depth chart But he has a flashy big arm so that makes fans like him. I just hope he has the maturity to take the beating he'll get from our fans wanting to replace him with a guy who can move in the pocket (Martell or Jones) when he has his first underwhelming performance.
Comment 28 Mar 2017

There are a lot of interesting takes in this thread:

1. "I don't want kids who don't want to be Buckeyes". You can't expect every single kid to grow up rooting for OSU and was born to play for OSU. some kids will need to be recruited. Typically, they are the ones who are worth it. I'm sure glad we didn't drop Von Bell, Zeke, Conley, Jamaraco Jones, Shaun Wade and Baron Browning when it looked like they may not sign with OSU.

2. "This will kill our 2018 class". If Carman goes to Clemson it would hurt, the same way it hurts when you allocate a ton of resources to players who go to other schools. But we'd survive and find someone who, while maybe not as good, with as good of a ceiling or close to it.

3. "This means Clemson leads". Personally, this to me looks more like an attention getting way of him saying "I don't like that the media know I'm going to OSU". Can't have an announcement without a second team. He let off too much at the start of his recruitment and now needs to backtrack with an extreme statement. He did that. But he'll be a Buckeye.

Comment 15 Jan 2017

Disagree wholeheartedly. Recruiting is speeding up. Kids are committing much earlier. You need a kid to be interested in order to get them to commit. And just because they don't commit to you doesn't mean they weren't interested. 2018 class is just around the corner and a lot of the guys that are interested in us now are going to build the bulk of our 2018 class.

Comment 21 Dec 2016

I don't read it as much as I did when Birm was here. Andrew doesn't seem to have the same kind of sources Birm had. But sure, it's alright.

Comment 21 Dec 2016

This is inside information. It is not and will not be on twitter unless other people steal the info too and tweet it.

Compiling information from free sources is fine. Taking paid info from other sites and distributing it here is not.

Comment 21 Dec 2016

That's not the point. The point is that it's posting something for free that other people pay for. Saying that they're not competitors doesn't just make it okay.

It wasn't even from an article. It was a post.

Comment 21 Dec 2016

Everyone else is doing it, so it's okay if I do it too!

Comment 09 Nov 2016

Oh yeah! How could I forget Bubba.

Definitely Bubba and Okudah.

I think we finish off Browning on his OV.

Comment 09 Nov 2016

One of the silents is definitely Okudah. The other is probably Harris but I could see it being Browning as well.

2018 guys that are 'done' should be Carman, Gill, and Oats. I think Derrik Allen and Dallas Gant are close as well.

Comment 22 May 2016

My five:

1. Jaylen Harris will not be a Buckeye: OSU will sign Trevon Grimes and Tyjon Lindsey. If there is a third WR in the class it is DPJ

2. OSU will sign 3 5 stars from Texas: Okudah and Browning will both commit to OSU before the summer ends and Dobbins will move up to a five star (4 if we somehow get Marvin Wilson :) )

3. Neither Jackson Carman nor Emory Jones are the first 2018 commit: Taron Vincent visit OSU in June. I think he end the process then (both Carman and Jones are Buckeyes, though)

4. OSU will sign one Wade in 2017: either Shaun Wade flips and we get Lamont Wade or Shaun Wade sticks and Lamont Wade goes to PSU or Tennessee

5. OSU will receive official visits from 15 current five stars Najee Harris, Dylan Moses, Marvin Wilson, Josh Myers, Donovan Peoples-Jones, Jeffrey Okudah, Darnay Holmes, Wyatt Davis, Shaun Wade, Baron Browning, Cam Akers, Trevon Grimes, Tyjon Lindsey, Chase Young and Tate Martell.

Comment 15 May 2016

We'll have as many scholarships for as top guys as we want that want to come here. The numbers always work themselves out.

Still, I'll take a stab.

QB: Mond

RB: Dobbins, Akers

WR: Grimes, Lindsey, Harris

OL: Myers, Moretti, Honigford

DL: Young, Cage, Garrett, Tufele

LB: Simmons, White

CB: Wade, Williamson, Wade, Reip

S: Okudah, Pryor

K: Haubeil

It also would not surprise me if Danny Davis is the in state receiver in this class instead of Harris.

Comment 10 Apr 2016

There's no way we don't get a guy because they are enrolling early. We will find a way to make the numbers work.

It could mean a guy that currently wants to enroll early does what Branden Bowen did and graduated early but did not enroll until the summer but worked out the entire Spring and came to camp ripped.

They'll make the numbers work though.

Comment 10 Apr 2016

Why do you see Grimes going to Florida and Lindsey to USC?

Almost sounds like you want to be pessimistic just to be pessimistic.

We have an almost insurmountable lead for Grimes and a decent lead for Lindsey. I think Lindsey is committed by the end of the summer and Grimes very well could be as well.

Comment 10 Apr 2016
The issue is Wade wants to be an enroll early. But right now, we don't have any more spots available to enroll early. So either someone who is currently planning on enrolling early will need to not enroll early or someone on the team currently won't be there when Wade enrolls. That's the hold up right now and there is no way we lose someone like Wade because of a detail like that. Still like our chances.
Comment 20 Jan 2016

Actually I think Burns is a take right now.

Staff really likes him. Maybe above Hamlin.

I think Fuller is in the class and Burns will be too after he visits.

Becker is a take too but he's more of a longshot.