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  • NFL TEAM: Stillers
  • NHL TEAM: (sigh) CBJ
  • NBA TEAM: not a real sport
  • MLB TEAM: Reds!!!
  • SOCCER TEAM: Newcastle (it's ALWAYS about the beer)

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Comment 13 Oct 2017

My mother and grandmother both worked in Fees & Deposits in Lincoln Tower, which meant three things:

Throughout my childhood, I was hanging out behind the scenes, including seeing the gigantic vault with tons of cash,

When I was a student, I got to pass that super-long line and have them hold my check until after the weekend. That was particularly nice the day some psychopath cut me off in the parking lot and flipped me the bird. I enjoyed waiving at him from behind the glass and pointing out that I was leaving at least an hour before he would be done, and

Both my mother and grandmother have told amazing stories (some funny, some scary), including when OSU used key-punch cards and athletes had to bring them in to them for verification. They claim Archie was an amazingly nice person and that one of his brothers (I won't say which one) was a douche (my word, not hers).

Great memories for me.