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Comment 15 Feb 2018

Totally fair point about not ruling out Burrow. He was amazingly tough about his hand injury last year, and that goes a long way. With that said, I think dual systems are often the worse of both worlds. Martell coming in for Haskins would be more like a "wildcat" but with a legit throwing threat. 

Comment 15 Feb 2018

It's sort of a blessing and a curse that OSU has three returning starters + two super high potential guys all at guard. With that said, we've seen that the tackle vs guard vs center distinctions can be pretty fluid. If the guiding principle is to get the most talented player on the field, there is a real logic to trying Davis out at center. It would be hard to imagine either Bowen or Jordan not playing. I guess Myer (or Davis) could potentially give Knox a run for his money. 

Comment 05 Feb 2018

Cuba was a Spanish colony prior to the Spanish-American War. Teddy Roosevelt, who had never previously been a solider, quit his job as Assistant Secretary of the Navy to form the Rough Riders. Think about how crazy that is. Castro overthrew the pro-US Batista government in 1958. Castro actually visited the US after he took over and met with Nixon, who was the VP at the time. Things went downhill between the US and Cuba with the Cuban Missile Crisis. Relations remained not-great until arguably the present, but Obama lifted some sanctions and made it ok to visit.

Comment 05 Feb 2018

Depending on the kickoff time, I'm wakin up and taking a long hard look at myself in the mirror and asking if I'm ready for what the day holds. Possibly hitting the gym to both blow off the nervous energy and get into the appropriate testosterone idiot state of mind. Compulsively checking 11W every 42 seconds. Possibly sending some texts to trusted fellow fans. Never sending trash-talks texts for fear of evil karma. Watching every high-quality hype video from the Urban Meyer era.