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Comment 09 Mar 2017

I miss him every second.  In typical Corey fashion, he has created something incredible out of something ridiculously terrible...his passing has made the closest group of friends I have ever seen even closer...It's what he did, made everything better. 

I know you Rider...

Comment 18 Sep 2016
I don't agree that they don't trust Webber. He is averaging close to 20 touches a game and over 100 yards a game. I believe he is in the top 15 nationally in yards rushing. I think we have 4 good running options and to separate those touches is best for all involved. I could go for a few less QB runs, but that is just to protect JT.
Comment 02 Jun 2016
I can't find the right words to effectively describe how absolutely thrilled I am to not know you personally Mr. Flush. I honestly hope your 11W account was hacked by a terrorist as I simply don't want to believe a member of the 11W community is as ignorant as your posts in this thread have been. Reset your password or delete your account...which ever shoe fits.
Comment 06 Dec 2015
Anyone claiming Cook was caught up in the moment or didn't recognize Archie is nuts. You do realize that more people have walked on the moon than own 2 Heisman Trophies? Let me say that one more time; more humans have WALKED ON THE F-ING MOON!!! Didn't recognize Archie my ass.
Comment 07 Nov 2015
I'm a father of three and would NEVER stop them from participating in sports of any kind. It is more dangerous driving to sports practice than any kids sport.
Comment 18 Oct 2015
Not real sure what you've been watching, Samuel is very good in the hole. He has fantastic vision, very quick feet, and way more powerful than his frame would indicate. He gets the yards that are there and then goes for more when the opportunity arises. He was not moved from RB because of any deficiencies, he was moved so he would be on the field at the same time as Zeke. Go listen to anytime Urban talks about him or his move to H.
Comment 28 Sep 2015
Cafe Bella, bring your own drinks...of any kind. No menu, Italian, everything is fresh (you sit outside in their garden for Woody's sake), cheap (even more so when you consider you bring your own wine/beer), and you will not leave hungry.
Comment 27 Sep 2015
The WR's played fine today (still need to keep improving on the perimeter blocking). The only problem today (if your want to call it that) was CJ throwing late in the wide open deep balls. This is fixable. The O-line improved as well, CJ had all day to throw late. Now that he knows he is the QB he can relax and throw the ball. I think we have a way to go, as we should because this was only game 4, but I truly believe the corner has been turned.
Comment 19 Sep 2015
I think Urban and the offensive coaches are tinkering too much. It's not just the QB's either. We seem to have very little continuity at all of the skill positions. I realize we have talent all over the place but the reality is that we need to settle on a #1 guy at each position and ride them. The 2nd string guy will get in when the #1 needs a breather. I don't think it was bad to tinker, but I think it's time to stop. Luckily our D has provided the ability to tinker with the O.