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Comment 08 Nov 2013

Stanford loses to Utah (who is now sitting near the bottom of Pac 12 standing above only Colorado) and Oregon is subsequently dominated by Stanford, but for a unlikely blocked field goal return and an onside kick, which made it appear as if the Ducks actually had some marginal ability to score against a solid defense. 

Arizona State (who narrowly defeated Wisconsin at home with the help of a call the iced the game when the Badgers were within a field goal of winning) now sits atop the southern division. 

I see no reason to believe a Pac 12 schedule is miles ahead of Ohio State's B1G schedule.



Comment 11 May 2011

Here is my concern: the problems facing current NCAA targets (USC and Ohio State) are the result of the Buckeyes and Trojans being on top in the first place, not that they "cheated" to get there.

There is no evidence to suggest that either schools' football program came to promince because cheating occured; quite the contrary, shady agents, runners, and dealers converged on the programs because they got good, had a vibrant merchandise market, and became stocked with NFL talent. (You don't, for example, see "runners" [or generous tatoo artists] anywhere near Iowa State and Syracuse). So, in essance, USC and Ohio State were victims of their own success. 

This, as opposed the "Death Penalty" warrenting Cheating with a capital "C" that SMU did... as paying recruits is the only reason they ever got good in the first place. 

I'm interested to see how the NCAA begins to see this distinction with regards to Oregon, who allegedly paid a thrid-party agrent to bring in a top recruit.

Comment 11 May 2011

UPDATE: Actually noticed that ESPN just relayed the correct info across their hompage (via Rittenberg). Doesn't quite put the toothpaste back in the tube, but I'm glad they did.

Comment 11 May 2011

How much do you want to bet the this "story" **retraction** even makes it across the ticker on EPSN.

I think we have earned our shared of criticism and am not saying we're totally innocent in the dealership matter... but claiming a player paid $0, before looking into the BMV record or considering the financing situtation seems like a way for the Dispatch to make it look like their story had more teath than it really did... 

Not to mention, it hung this player out to dry all over ESPN as a rule-breaker when it would have been this easy to look at the BMV records and see that he wasn't. 

Comment 11 Mar 2011

Agreed, if the jumpers aren't falling and Buford or Lighty turn invisible on the offensive end we'll always have Sully to pound the ball to down low. Opponents can either hack or leave other guys open for Sully to kick it back to. The more times Sully gets the ball down low in the second half, the qicker the refs will come around and quit letting defeners get away with fouling him. 

Oh yeah, and and we've got Diebler, who can always beat defenders off the dribble and slash to the hoop!

Comment 11 Mar 2011

Same old rough-housing passes granted to anyone defending Sully during regulation, and  Northwestern shot a 3 after the shot-clock buzzer that should not have counted. Also, they called Sully an charge that could have gone either way, then immediately called Craft, *I believe, for a block under the rim on an identical post play -got the crowd ticked a bit.

Refs started calling NW for hacking in OT and that was it. I think it had more to do with the team's resolve in getting the ball down low to Sully, and Jared subsiquently getting over his second-half frustrations. Buckeyes just looked more assertive, refs took note, and Northwestern got furstrated/desperate and started taking more, *obvious, fouls. 




Comment 08 Mar 2011

This could mean that the "allegations" have already been addressed, and perhaps ingnored or refuted by the NCAA. Or, it could mean that they will simply support the NCAA in upholding the previous ruling rather than reducing the suspensions. 

Either way the phrase itself seems to suggest that the allegations are not new to OSU or NCAA, which may actually be a good thing since we haven't heard that this might be a serious issue until the story broke.

Comment 08 Mar 2011

I'm failry sure that was in regards to the Oregon situation regarding street agents and AAU-like camps/recruiting services... specifically because Cowherd said the publication about to break had "bank accounts" ,ie a money trail, to back it up; The guy suspected of directing TX RB Leache Seastrunk to the Ducks was paid $25,000 by the University of Oregon and there is a check to prove it. 

Our current situation does not involve money, as it has already been proven that TP and Co. accepted benefits in exchange for stuff. 

That said, this sitution is very serious as well.

Comment 02 Mar 2011

Gus Johnson: Basketball on the Big Ten Network is brought to you by eHarmony... LOVE STARTS HERE!!!

Comment 20 Feb 2011
Top to bottom, I'll take OSU, Purdue, and Wisc over any other conference's top 3.
Comment 19 Jan 2011

I can't apologize for Herbie, esspecially for his treatment of TP, but I think a lot of this stems from his network, which is hegemonically trying to marginalizing the Big Ten conference. Call me a tin-foil head, but I'm honestly noticing a lot of suspicious biases, and much of it started when the BIG TEN became the first conference to control the majority of the television revenue IT produces via BTN, which has become a stageringly successful ventue.  

Compare the boradcast of the Sugar Bowl versus the National Champion Game... I litterally had to turn the sound off during the Sugar Bowl because the broadcasters HAD to mention the suspensions EVERY time one of the players involved in the scandal made a play. As soon as the ruling came down (a decision made not by Ohio State but by the NCAA) It was open season on those five players - players who broke no law, and maintained satisfactory grades throughout their careers. Hell, I remember Herbie and Musbeger breaking into the Las Vegas Bowl broadcast to explicitly mention the scandal brewing at Ohio State - a scandal, which at that point, was little more than Blog rumblings.

Now, lets talk about the National Championship Game where there was little talk of what, if proven, would have been a much greater scandal involving Cam Newton - who, by the way, legitimately FAILED out of Florida for cheeting not once but twice, and who was also charged with recieving stolen property in the form of a laptop. But, in Newton's case, this is all just an example of how he matured and overcame "adversity," and how coach Gene Chizick considers him family (one year on the active roster and no degree counts as "Family" at Auburn... but Jim Tressel needs to set an example by throwing five suspended players under the bus.)

But then again, I could just be a Chicagoan with Basbosol on my face, Rotel chilis in my stomach, and Sarlet and Gray tin foil on my head...

Has anyone seen anything reported explicitly about SEC on Sports Reporters or Outside the Lines? Those programs seem to be pretty legit from a journalistic perspective.  

Comment 31 Aug 2010

The Cubs I don't typically follow other than a game or two a year. But if I go anywhere for the Buckeyes, it'll be McGee's in Lincoln Park. 

Comment 31 Aug 2010

Nice, I'll be at the Cubs game tonight... officially putting baseball season to rest 

Comment 30 Aug 2010

Good Work. I'm Looking forward to following the site in the future. 

Go Bucks. - italics