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Comment 30 Sep 2018
Anyone think Haskins wasn't quite the same after the tip and interception play where he slammed Penn State defensive end Shareef Millers ass to the ground. He kinda lost his composure there. Always hard to regain that lazer focus after shit like that. What a competitor though, the kids got moxy. I've never seen such a good, bad, weird, exciting and hard fought game. McSorely looked really good, should have kept it on their last play, glad he didn't. Go Buckeyes.
Comment 23 Aug 2018
Urban may have gotten a few additional pointers from Coach Belichick on interviews with the media. In the Q & A portion of the presser, i enjoyed Urban saying more than twice 'could you repeat that question please' when i'm pretty sure he heard it. And the reporter asking him if there's anything he'd like to say to CS..C'mon man Go Bucks!
Comment 17 Sep 2017
Dobbins is phenominal and so much fun to watch run that ball. Get your eclipse glasses back out when this kid carries the rock because he is too hot to handle. His change of direction is reminiscent of some of the elite backs of the past 25 years. Pure RAW talent. (Obv. didn't want to compare him directly B. Sanders) Only comparing that slashing, cutting, nastiness i saw in the open field today. Defenders, at times, literally had no chance of stpping him in space. J.K brings the swag with a throwback style. Love his attitude as well. When he gets to the end zone he acts like he's been there before. Can't wait to see him run wild againt ttun. Loved the sportsmanship at the end of the game Saturday...ending the game in V formation, not trying to run it up, showed much respect. Also singing Carmen Ohio hand in hand with Army players. Class act. Wish there were more of this in college football. All in all, it felt like they put last weeks mess behind them yet they know they have to put their hard hats on and get to work. Go Bucks!