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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Seeing the successes that my former football players have in life after football.
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Comment 17 hours ago
Damn. I wanted to actually see the inside of the arena, but i get why they dont let a bunch of jags running around in there unsupervised. Thanks for the heads up about the pisser sitch over there too. How are the restrooms in the stadium? Please dont tell me "old cleveland muni stadium troughs" or " 2 inch deep river of urine, beer and vomit" either. Unless that's actually the case there, which is actually good to know before drinking.
Comment 09 Aug 2017
Is it wrong that i totally read this as a Michigan fan dad sighing while he painfully explains life to his 8 year old son? (not that you an your dad root for them personally. I just chuckled at the image of UM fans saying that.)
Comment 07 Aug 2017

I like the original Steelers Super Bowl anthem better, but I got a good laugh at my own team by changing the lyrics:

"Here we go, Stoners, here we go! Picksburgh's goin'....to smoke a big fat bowl."

Comment 07 Aug 2017

Me too. I just figured James Harrison decided that Coach Mick needed an apprenticeship, felt generous, stared intently at him and said "Pittsburgh. Now."

In all seriousness, though, when Deebo decides to hang em up, he could be a program-changing SC Coach. I imagine he would also be a hell of a secondary recruiter. Yikes. What? You gonna tell him no when he says he wants you to play for him?

Comment 02 Aug 2017

Meanwhile, somewhere in Johnson City, TN, a gaggle of scurvy Buccaneers are planning to loot an idea...

Not gonna lie, I swear that outline of NC looked like Tennessee at first, quick glance.

Comment 30 Jul 2017

Oh, damn!! You gonna take your ass whipping from dweinz like a man, CC? Come on man, take it. We all take it every now and then. You're no different.

Comment 29 Jul 2017

Here's the thing: the talent is NOT there with CK. He was a gimmicky guy running a BS (in the NFL) offense, but once the tape was out there, NFL coordinators fixed his ass good. He just isn't a good NFL QB anymore because of it. He was never able to adjust to their adjustments. That isn't gonna work at the highest level.