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Comment 19 Jun 2015

It would be pretty funny to see each QB pitch themself like a political ad. You might have something there SB4L

Comment 11 Mar 2015

The amazing thing about those Craft highlights are that the hitch in his shot is gone. It's too bad they couldn't iron that out in college

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Great points! I've been saying the same thing for about 2+ years. I like Matta, but I just don't understand the philosophy. Most of our teams can't shoot jumpshots, but we run an offense (at least I think we are running an offense) that caters to jump-shooters. We never run any screen and roll, no action with our big guys down low, and very little ball movement away from the top. We are constantly pulling our big guys out of the middle of the floor to set screens 5 feet behind the arc, and then wonder why we get out-rebounded every game.

This is my least favorite class of seniors at Ohio State that I can ever remember. What you said about lack of development is very telling. What do these guys do day in and day out? We know they don't practice free-throws or shooting, so does Matta just devote all practice to defense? It feels like most of our points are scored off transition, or Russell just being a ball player. 

Trey McDonald just plays dumb. He can't be on the floor for more than 2 minutes without picking up a bad foul. Anthony Lee, is this guy really a 5th year senior? He plays like an undisciplined freshman? He misses layups and then sulks while the other team runs fast-break. Amir Williams, do I need to say much here? Does he have a post move? Has he taken a jump shot in his OSU career? He looks huge, but guards and forwards are constantly taking the ball away from him, and he just stands around flat-footed while other guys out-hussle and muscle him for rebounds. Sam Thompson is the same freakish athlete he was in high school. I remember watching youtube videos of him jumping out of the gym. He is good for a dunk or two a game, and also missed free-throws and jump shots. There was a time I thought he could be a great player, but time has run out on him. Shannon Scott has become a good point guard, but I think we all expected him to be a little bit more. He was dropping dimes on nobody teams early in the year, but has really dropped off going into the Big Ten. I just wish he would be more aggressive at driving to the hoop because he has the quickness.

I guess I'm done ranting. There is plenty more I could say, and I hoped I would be over Saturday's loss by now, but I always have higher expectations of this team, and they constantly disappoint. Think it might be time for Matta to go. He might just retire on his own due to his ailing back.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

Is anyone else extremely confused/frustrated with our offensive game plan? Urban says he wants to make more of an effort to get Devin Smith more involved, but play after play we throw the ball to Corey Smith? He just isn't ready for that many targets. Where are our senior wideouts? Why are they hardly involved? Urban says he wants to get our tight ends more involved. Were they even targeted once? Jeff Heuerman is a serious weapon, especially in the red zone, and he doesn't even get a look. That's one thing I was looking forward to when Meyer took over. He used his tight ends religiously at Florida, ran pop passes and screens and really got them involved. If our offensive line blows, throw quick hit passes. Throw slants, running back bubble routes, wr screens. Is it really that hard to figure out? I also think Curtis Samuel is ready to take over as the starting back, he has showed the most promise thus far. 

Comment 09 Sep 2014

I agree that Delany has done a great job for the conference when it comes to revenue, but his major failure has been conference expansion. Sure it's nice to spread the B1G brand to the East Coast, but adding Maryland and Rutgers when Florida State, North Carolina, Kansas, Mizzou, and maybe even Notre Dame were on the table was a real eye opener. Adding more "weak" schools isn't helping the national perspective, and Delany just comes across as a weak commissioner. Just look at the SEC. Mike Slive hardly lets the NCAA touch his schools, but Delany runs and hides when anything comes up at his biggest schools. I do believe the direction of the conference starts at the top, and a more assertive commissioner could definitely help change the direction the conference is going.