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Comment 18 Apr 2016
Thanks Dubbs. I couldn't watch the game (I was at work). You are awesome.
Comment 10 Apr 2016
Total meltdown by Speith. He was dominating after the front nine, then the wheels came off. Man, tough way to lose.
Comment 10 Apr 2016
The Pirates left a ton of men on base during this series, but so did the Reds. If Herbert Hoover doesn't give up a grand slammy on Friday, this team is undefeated. So, we will see. Long way to go.
Comment 09 Apr 2016
Rav-but he asked for the ring back. That kind of suggests that he has had his fill of her. But, then again, I could be wrong.
Comment 09 Apr 2016
Man, if I'm you (I'm not), I run away from her as fast as possible. She has shown you a side of her that can only mean trouble down the road. What do you think marriage will bring? More of the same I'm guessing.
Comment 31 Mar 2016
This^. Last year during summer evaluation period, Cobbs was still nursing a bum shoulder, thus, no major offers. The guy can flat out get after it, strong to the hole, and is better than average from 3 point range.
Comment 29 Mar 2016
Re read my post. I said that I liked Thad and all that he has done for the program. Who is making up facts now, fool.
Comment 29 Mar 2016
Luke Kennard, starting as a freshman at Duke. Carlos Bragg, Kansas. Xavier Simpson, ohio Mr Basketball, Michigan. I could go on and on.
Comment 29 Mar 2016
Three players transferring out in less than one years time is not a good thing. There seems to be problems inside that we will probably never get to the bottom of. I like Matta and all that he has done for the program, but I don't believe he can take the Buckeyes to the next level (National Championship ). He has allowed way too many in state players to go elsewhere. College Basketball, like football , is all about tecruiting, and Matta ,for whatever reason, doesn't have it anymore. If Urban was missing out on the top in state players, most everyone on here would be going ape shit crazy. But Matta misses on the majority of Ohio's best, and it's no big deal. It's time for a change.
Comment 25 Mar 2016
As always with Deadspin, the comments are hilarious.
Comment 21 Mar 2016
Xavier messed up. They were up 3 and allowed Koenig to shoot a 3. Should have fouled him and put him on the line. And, that was a flop on the ensuing play.
Comment 20 Mar 2016
Xavier messed up. When they were up 3, they should have fouled Koenig and put him on the line.
Comment 20 Mar 2016
I watched a documentary once that said Rockefeller and the automotive companies conspired to buy up all the electric cable car companies, who they saw as a threat to their businesses. They bought up all the cable car companies and literally destroyed them overnight. It was a fascinating show.
Comment 20 Mar 2016
I think asking a young team to go into Norman and pull out a win might be a bit much. So there is 1 loss. Maybe a loss at PSU. Hope I'm wrong.
Comment 19 Mar 2016
Meatchicken scored all of 22 points in the 2nd half. They bragged Beeline up all night. What happened? Purdont, Sparty, and crap weasels go down. Iowa scrapes by, and Wisky looks like ass, but wins. The only conference that looks worse is the Pac-12
Comment 18 Mar 2016
I really thought this might be Izzos best team, but I see I was wrong. Shit happens. I'm not upset about it. Just makes the Big Ten look bad.
Comment 18 Mar 2016
Now let's all pray that the Irish crush the Weasels, and the whole shit bag state will be jumping off of buildings!
Comment 18 Mar 2016
You have to give credit to Middle Tennessee, they played lights out. MSU never led in that game. I thought the Spartans jacked up a few too many 3s early in the game, that and they had too many turnovers. Crazy.