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Comment 18 Jun 2019

BH7, your math appears to be slightly off.  Based on the numbers you show by year, Bama's total is 100, not 148.  Still more than tOSU, but not as big as you state.  I agree though that tOSU ranks right up there with anyone based on average ranking, not totals.

Comment 25 Mar 2019

There was a stretch mid to late second half where we had two back to back positions with wide open three pointers, uncontested, that would have had the lead down to 2.  A couple of possessions later, another uncontested three that would have tied the game I believe, had they hit those earlier threes.  This could have been a much different game down the stretch.  We did shoot very well from three over all though, but Houston was just a better team.  Still proud of the team and looking forward to a great year next year. 

Comment 16 Jan 2019

I am not down on Baldwin at all, but I keep seeing the phrase "Hand picked by Day" when talking about Baldwin.  Wasn't Baldwin a late add to the class after somebody else decommitted?  So he was "Hand picked" out of what was left in the class at that point.  Again, not down on Baldwin at all and hope he does well.  He seems like a good kid with a good arm.  It is just that the phrasing makes it sound like if all the QBs from that class were lined up, Day was going to pick Baldwin over all of them.

Comment 04 Jan 2019

I was going to post about his HS highlights as well.  I know they are just highlights, but pretty much all that is shown is the deep ball.  Can he throw anything else?  I haven't seen any highlights from his limited action at Georgia, but what kind of throws did he make there?

Go Bucks!

Comment 28 Sep 2018

Does the white out in any way actually help?  For instance, does the fact that the opponent will be in white jerseys make it harder for the QB to see the receivers?  Just curious if there is an actual advantage to it.

Comment 18 Sep 2017

I am actually going to this game!  Been a fan for a long time but have never been able to make it to a game.  Coming from Alabama (yes, enemy territory).  Kids staying with my parents and we are driving up on Friday.  Already have a room booked near the John Glenn Columbus airport I believe.  Any advice any of you can give me?  Parking, what time do we need to get there, etc.