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Comment 47 minutes ago

You are not the only one. LeBron loves OSU and his home state, but he would have been tempted to go to a school with a better shot at winning it all his freshman year. Duke (Mike K.) and Kentucky (Tubby Smith) coaches were not big on one-and-done players in 2002. I know, Coach K is obviously okay with it now, but he wasn't back then. And traditional powerhouse UNC was in a down cycle then with very-good-former player but not-so-good coach Matt Doherty. The Tar Heels went 19-16 and missed the 2003 tourney, and Doherty was done, replaced by Roy Williams. (Could LeBron have saved Doherty? Yeah, but they probably wouldn't have won the tourney.)

I'm thinking Syracuse. Jim Boeheim and Syracuse had another freshman who went high in the 2003 draft, two slots below #1 LeBron:  /heh/ Carmelo Anthony. And with Carmelo, Syracuse won it all in 2003. Plus Syracuse is a relatively easy drive from Akron. If LeBron could have foreseen the Orangemen's chances, and felt a mutual fit with Boeheim, that might have been his choice.

And yeah, college football for LeBron, no... too much downside.

Comment 12 Jan 2019

"Well coach, the Florida game didn't go our way, but there's good news and bad news about next season."

"Give me the good news first."

"As expected, the Buckeyes will have a new coach and new QB next year."

"And the bad news?"

"Five-star Georgia QB Justin Fields is transferring to OSU."


Comment 02 Dec 2018

Problem solved for OSU because OSU is fifth. For the team that finishes sixth two years in a row, that doesn't work either. Expand to eight and the teams that finish 9th are moaning. This is how we got to 64+4 in the NCAA basketball tournament. Somebody's always going to get screwed. You want to get in a four-seed tournament? Earn it every game.

Comment 01 Dec 2018

In October and November, up until The Game, The Buckeyes were underperforming against weaker opponents they should have beaten more decisively given their top five recruit talent level. Clearly something was amiss in the middle part of the season. Was it truly fixed for the weasels, or were they just up for their rival and due for another underwhelming performance tonight? That's why the spread is closer than you might expect.

While the Buckeyes have a six-game win streak against the Wildcats, their last two games together, 2016:  24-20 Buckeyes, and 2013: 40-30 Buckeyes, were also closer than might have been expected. I think they win too, but if they don't come in ready and pumped, it could be another white knuckler and a second upset loss is not impossible.

Comment 28 Nov 2018

Clark, they are the gift that keeps giving!

This extended run of glory against them under Tressel and Meyer with M@#$!@# coach-after-coach futility has been the payoff for enduring the taunts from Up North during the Cooper years. And yet, some portion of their fanbase still doesn't get it. We'll just have to keep curb-stomping them until they do. And then do it some more.

Any season we beat those dumbasses is a very good one. And we've had a bunch and will have a bunch more.

Comment 28 Nov 2018

You doing this, even inadvertently, has been a safer bet than them doing it. Let's see, how many B1G championship games have those dumbasses actually gotten into, let alone won? Oh that's right... ZERO.

/channeling Mike Ditka, making a zero sign with thumb and index finger towards a heckler:  "That's your IQ, M@#!##@ fan!"

Comment 28 Nov 2018

I'm sorry, I don't get it. They're dumb enough to prepay for a reservation because they're sure they're going to beat the Buckeyes? And then they're dumb enough still to call the hotel back and cancel a nonrefundable reservation so the hotel can sell the room a second time to Buckeye fans?

Oh wait this is TSUN fans we're talking about. Of course they're that dumb. Maybe it's more surprising they don't show up to check in and ask if the B1G consolation game kicks off at 4 pm.

Comment 25 Nov 2018

On a serious note, I am disappointed Urb didn't go for the final TD at the end - especially with this game being the 50th anniversary of the "Because I couldn't go for three" contest.

If the score and situation had been the other way around, Harbaugh probably would have gone for the late TD.

About a decade ago, Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh went for two (and failed) in the LA Coliseum late in a game he had already won against rival USC. There was no friendly postgame handshake at midfield. Pete Carroll got up in Jim'z grillz on camera:  "What is your deal man??" as Harbaugh gave a "What? Who, me?" look.

Of course, the score and situation wouldn't have been the other way around yesterday, because M@#@$ sux.

Comment 29 Sep 2018

No worries about you jinxing it... I got this.

Laughing at 17-0, I tuned into UM radio network live stream, hoping to hear lots of whining, and after one brief passing reference by the UM announcer to a "rout" so far, UM has the ball, boom boom boom down the field, TD, 17-7. 

I'm out. If there's laughing to be done, I'll catch it on YouTube tomorrow.

Comment 29 Sep 2018

Famous NW cheer from years back:  "That's alright, that's OK, you're gonna work for us someday."

Comment 07 Aug 2018

Bulletin Board Material for the PSU game, and if OSU sees them in the B1G championship, Wisky, and if in a bowl game, Clemson.

Don't sweat the small stuff. It doesn't get much smaller in college football than polls before one snap has been taken. I'd much rather be #9 now than #1. Clemson go ahead and celebrate because, as you can see, you've already won... so phone in practices and make rap music videos hoisting a fake trophy.

Comment 31 Jul 2018

It's pretty sad when sourpuss Lloyd Carr was the best coach they've had since the mid-1990s. OK, Carr did have one good season, 1997, but other than that, from 1995 - 2007, he disappointed many scUM fans and delighted many Buckeye fans. At the time of his retirement, I was sad to see him go. But post-Carr, things got even worse for TTUN; he had the last laugh at his scUM haterz.

Comment 31 Jul 2018

Which is why we at 11W have started a fundraising campaign to make Jim Harbaugh scUM Coach for Life. We truly appreciate all he's done for OSU scUM football.

Unfortunately if he's consuming steak every day and shunning chicken... and don't get him started on fish... have you ever seen how they dart through water?? really nervous... "for life" may be a shorter timespan than other coaches.

Comment 24 Jul 2018

This Sucks.

Imagine having gone through the pain, surgery, and rehab for one knee and feeling relief at having that behind you and then having to go through it all over again for the other knee as well.

Unfortunately having one ACL tear does increase the chances for the other to tear. Just a higher risk, not certain, and not caused by the first knee but rather a statistical association; playing football increases that risk as well.

Stay Strong and Get Better Soon, Kamryn. Thank you for being a Buckeye.

Comment 23 Jul 2018

Easy to see why coaches like him:  his height, his hands... underthrow me, overthrow me, just get it near me and I'll go up and get it.

Not only do Buckeyes recruit less in CA than in the Midwest and South, an arguable mistake, because California is up there with Ohio and Texas in producing top recruits... but OSU is a tougher sell to a California kid than UCLA or USC, if only because of climate and family. So Buckeye coaches did something special in attracting Chris, and I'm glad they did.

Welcome to the Buckeyes, Chris Olave!

Comment 23 Jul 2018

Let's not go there. With scUM, you don't want to think about where their index fingers have been...

Comment 22 Jul 2018

Jim Harbaugh keeps coming up just a little bit short

against Ohio State. OK sometimes a lot shorter than that. Now 0-3 he might get only a few more chances to beat Ohio State before "moving on to a better opportunity" as QB coach for Florida Atlantic under Fire Lane Kiffin. But we hope that's not true, because we do enjoy getting to see Jim's tantrums and sideline antics, and seeing him come up short again and again and again.

Comment 20 Jul 2018

BAJ, rereading your question, and now it's too late to edit my first long answer, I see I kind of missed the main theme of what you were wondering about.

You weren't really asking what it was like to live here or how to do that best, which was what I was addressing. You were really asking what it's like to move away from friends and family to a whole different part of the country where so much is different. Sorry I wasn't more on point and helpful the first time around. Let me try again to stick to your question.

It IS different down here. But one point of my answer still holds, at least where I live on the coast in Nags Head NC. There are a lot of former Ohioans visiting in the summer and moving here. More Virginians. More from Maryland. But Ohio is high on the list of where residents and visitors came from. And it's in large part due to the fact that you can drive here in a day from parts of Ohio. 

If you're living close to the NC coast, you can probably talk your friends and family into visiting you here at least once, one summer, because we have one thing Ohio doesn't, ocean beach. Some will start coming many/most/all summers, because they fall in love with the place as locals have. A few may join you in moving here. It has a lot to offer.

Again, there's a tradeoff which, since you already own property here (sorry I missed that detail in my haste to answer), you know. You have a bead on the risks and said, this may be worth doing anyway. And I think it can be, and for my family, it is.

The difference for me is that I've lived in a bunch of other places only starting with Columbus Ohio. I guess you have always or mostly lived in Ohio. It's hard for some folks to make that first transition away from what they know. And some move away and then regret it and want to go back. But most recognize it for what it is:  a different chapter in their lives with new opportunities. There will be things you like better. There will be things you miss. Only you can decide whether it's a risk worth taking. As I always say to HS football recruits considering going to OSU, I wish you only the best in your decision.

Comment 20 Jul 2018

The Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill), parts of the Outer Banks (coast), and Asheville are islands of blue in a geographically-predominantly red state, but a lot of people live in those three areas, so it does make the state purple in many ways, going for Obama in 2008, Romney in 2012, Trump in 2016. But in 2016, the governor's office also flipped from the GOP to a moderate-to-liberal Democrat. Two very conservative GOP US senators. So mixed picture all over, with people moving in from the north, so stay tuned.

NC taxes may be higher than Ohio's--I dunno. I was too young to be paying taxes during my time in Ohio. I moved to NC from fiscally-mismanaged Illinois, where total taxes can (due to locally variable property taxes) be far higher than Ohio or NC, and my income isn't that high, so the tax burden doesn't seem bad here to me.

Comment 20 Jul 2018

The church thing is very true in most of NC, but it's not true living within 10 minutes of the coast, at least not in our area. I've never been asked the question jpf heard repeatedly. There are churches here, but like Columbus, it is not essential to be a member of the "right" church or any church to be friends. Many or most families here are unchurched and most of those who are, are casual about it. Much of the northernmost end of the Outer Banks is moderate-to-liberal politically; other parts of the coast to the south are more conservative. It varies by area along the coast. The state as a whole is a little more conservative politically than Ohio as a whole.

Comment 20 Jul 2018

I moved to NC from Illinois, formerly from Ohio, four years ago. And I'm a Jose Ramirez home-run shot away from the ocean, in the northern part of the state.

People are generally friendly. Way more Ohioans than people from TSUN live and visit here, a bonus. Of course it could just be that TSUNers are ashamed to admit where they're from given their team's pathetic performance lately. But the other part is that we are a day's drive from southern Ohio, so many Ohioans come here to play and stay to live.

The state economy is good.. There is a lot of poverty here. You don't have to drive far to find it anywhere in the state, but that's true of Ohio as well. Housing prices are roughly comparable. Taxes are reasonable here. In the north, you're one to three hours away from a major city with airport, major hospital, malls, etc, and I-95 is two-plus hours to the west here, actually. The remoteness combined with the hurricane factor keep housing prices much cheaper than along the coast closer to big cities and interstates. NC is bigger geographically.than you'd think, 500 miles  or a full day's drive from the ocean on the east to the mountains on the western edge.

I think the weather is better on average than Ohio, certainly much better here on average than in northern Ohio as in Cleveland. Note that the weather varies a great deal in NC from west to east, but also to an extent along the coast, from north to south,in the winter. The reason the Outer Banks are known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic is that Cape Hatteras, halfway down the coast, is where the Labrador current sweeping down the East coast from the north meets the Gulf Stream coming up from the south, and the rough shallow water well away from the coast, combined with the bulging coastline when you view an overhead map, sunk a lot of ships back before radar and GPS. And ocean water in the winter is notably colder north of Cape Hatteras, and this affects winter air temperatures along the NC coast.

Here in the north, we go below 30 F a few nights each winter, though not many, but we also stay in the 30s and low 40s for extended periods in the winter, and the wind, when it's coming in from the ocean, which it often is, feels nasty here. So you still need a winter coat, hat, and gloves. This is less true along the NC coast down near SC, because the ocean water is warmer there in the winter.

Don't make my mistake and not pack one snow shovel if you'll be living along the northern NC coast. I've only needed one twice in four years, but then, I was sorry we didn't pack one, because they're hard to find in stores here. We typically get one to three 1-3" snows a year which melt quickly, but once in a while, you get a 6" one that doesn't melt right away. I think our county has one salt truck, and the towns have no snow equipment, so you're on your own, and because people don't know how to drive on snow here, it's best to stay off the roads until it melts.

Summer weather, of course, is generally hot and humid all along the coast, a little more than Ohio, but not way more. But here in the north, again, the ocean water keeps it from getting nearly as hot and humid as it does well inland in central NC. We also get more truly pleasant spring and fall days than Ohio, I think. There are some severe thunderstorms, rarely a tornado, but fewer than Ohio. Popup  thunderstorms with heavy downpours are not unusual in the summer, mostly late in the day or at night, typical for semitropics.

But of course there's no free lunch, and here the bad news is the chance for winter Nor'easters, which you might not expect, and summer and fall tropical storms and hurricanes, which you do. Nor'easters that are on their way to slam a blizzard into New England often spin up off the coast here and can move very slowly, producing damaging wind and ocean waves for days at a time. On the coast in northern NC, this happens about two or three times each winter.

You will likely have a couple or a few tropical storms and a weak hurricane or two that hit directly or just pass by most summers and falls. A nasty hurricane will come in every five years on average, though on rare occasions, two come in just a few weeks apart. This is more true to the south of Cape Hatteras than to the north. Ironically you don't escape this living in NC 200 miles to the west of the coast. Again because of the bulging coastline, a fair percentage of hurricanes come up from the Caribbean and make landfall near the SC-NC border, causing damaging floods there and then move north severely flooding central NC while missing the northern Outer Banks of NC altogether.

So if you're buying property along the coast in NC, it's vital to be very aware of your elevation and exposure to wind and floodwater. Don't just look at your property in a vacuum for floods. Assess the whole neighborhood. Don't assume that because you're 10 minutes inland, you won't have to deal with this. Some people living on the sounds have worse flooding problems routinely than people living on the beach. You want a house up on pilings if your land is lower than 15 feet above sea level, and you may need more if neighboring properties can drain towards you, or if as expected, sea levels rise in coming years..

If you have a mortgage your lender will require you to carry flood and wind insurance, living near the coast. This will cost you thousands per year, and it often only pays pennies on the dollar to your actual damages if you have to file a claim. You need a certain degree of resilience to rare occasions of extreme weather to live here. It's part of the price of living in paradise.