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Comment 10 Aug 2019

I thought I could haul serious coin buying first-year toys and other items related to Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, as officially known. There weren't a lot of items back then. And I also predicted... correctly... when I saw the film as a new release, despite meh box-office performance, that it had strong potential to become a cult film.

What I didn't foresee was that once it got cult-film status, Disney would start cranking out dozens of items in all price ranges to sell every year then and since... in effect gutting the value of my "investment."

Sports collectors... see any parallels here??

I know, it seems obvious now, but take it from me, back then, Disney's hypercranking of TBNBC merch wasn't predictable. The problem was Disney, the studio that debated even releasing vs. spiking their film.

As with buying stocks, real estate etc., you can be 100% right in reading the market based on what you know at the time you buy and still not get what you expect years later because of forces beyond your control. There's no small measure of luck here.

We've also seen a general decline in the value of most collectibles in the last decade due to lower personal disposable income except among the 1%, combined with a general Boomer inclination desire to Downsize. Having dealt with trying to clean out the crap from my parents' and my wife's parents' personal belongings, I'm all in with that. I do not wish that pain on my children. If you think you're doing them a financial favor by amassing collection(s), eeeeeeeeeeeeh... I dunno.

Comment 30 Apr 2019

Oh my. Scary fast dominance. Definitely looks worth five stars.

I love these high school year highlight tapes. Are there any out there where play after play, the kid looks lost or gets beat? You know, like Jabrill would have with TTUN vs. the Buckeyes?

Comment 08 Apr 2019

3M: "Saban suffers a lot of turnover on his staff, primarily because he is nearly impossible to work for, and when he wants your opinion he gives it to you."

Nooooooo. Saban, hard to work for?? Doesn't every assistant coach like getting reamed on national TV by his boss?

Course, Kiffin prolly deserved it, but...

Comment 22 Mar 2019

I agree everyone who is physically capable and properly equipped (boots, not flip-flops... I kid you not, i have seen people descend wearing flip-flops... plus carrying at least a quart of water per person) should descend at least partway into the canyon to properly appreciate it. It is completely different below the rim than at the rim.

But while descending to the Colorado River and back up to the rim in one day is arguably okay for prepared, fit hikers in the winter with no ice near the rim, it is beyond reckless to do this (particularly with children) in the summer or early fall or any other time when bottom-of-the-canyon temps exceed well over 100 degrees, unless your preparation is exceptional. There are just way too many verified stories about people who got into serious trouble doing that to suggest to the average visitor that this is generally a good way to go without caveats.

If you have experience hiking mountains, remember in assessing your ability to descend to the river that the canyon is a mountain-in-reverse. If you're climbing a mountain and have a lick of sense, you can turn around and descend if risks exceed benefits. But when you start down first, you need to have a keen sense of judgment to know when it's safer to turn around so you don't get into serious trouble ascending.

Comment 21 Mar 2019

You are not the only one. LeBron loves OSU and his home state, but he would have been tempted to go to a school with a better shot at winning it all his freshman year. Duke (Mike K.) and Kentucky (Tubby Smith) coaches were not big on one-and-done players in 2002. I know, Coach K is obviously okay with it now, but he wasn't back then. And traditional powerhouse UNC was in a down cycle then with very-good-former player but not-so-good coach Matt Doherty. The Tar Heels went 19-16 and missed the 2003 tourney, and Doherty was done, replaced by Roy Williams. (Could LeBron have saved Doherty? Yeah, but they probably wouldn't have won the tourney.)

I'm thinking Syracuse. Jim Boeheim and Syracuse had another freshman who went high in the 2003 draft, two slots below #1 LeBron:  /heh/ Carmelo Anthony. And with Carmelo, Syracuse won it all in 2003. Plus Syracuse is a relatively easy drive from Akron. If LeBron could have foreseen the Orangemen's chances, and felt a mutual fit with Boeheim, that might have been his choice.

And yeah, college football for LeBron, no... too much downside.

Comment 12 Jan 2019

"Well coach, the Florida game didn't go our way, but there's good news and bad news about next season."

"Give me the good news first."

"As expected, the Buckeyes will have a new coach and new QB next year."

"And the bad news?"

"Five-star Georgia QB Justin Fields is transferring to OSU."


Comment 02 Dec 2018

Problem solved for OSU because OSU is fifth. For the team that finishes sixth two years in a row, that doesn't work either. Expand to eight and the teams that finish 9th are moaning. This is how we got to 64+4 in the NCAA basketball tournament. Somebody's always going to get screwed. You want to get in a four-seed tournament? Earn it every game.

Comment 01 Dec 2018

In October and November, up until The Game, The Buckeyes were underperforming against weaker opponents they should have beaten more decisively given their top five recruit talent level. Clearly something was amiss in the middle part of the season. Was it truly fixed for the weasels, or were they just up for their rival and due for another underwhelming performance tonight? That's why the spread is closer than you might expect.

While the Buckeyes have a six-game win streak against the Wildcats, their last two games together, 2016:  24-20 Buckeyes, and 2013: 40-30 Buckeyes, were also closer than might have been expected. I think they win too, but if they don't come in ready and pumped, it could be another white knuckler and a second upset loss is not impossible.

Comment 28 Nov 2018

Clark, they are the gift that keeps giving!

This extended run of glory against them under Tressel and Meyer with M@#$!@# coach-after-coach futility has been the payoff for enduring the taunts from Up North during the Cooper years. And yet, some portion of their fanbase still doesn't get it. We'll just have to keep curb-stomping them until they do. And then do it some more.

Any season we beat those dumbasses is a very good one. And we've had a bunch and will have a bunch more.

Comment 28 Nov 2018

You doing this, even inadvertently, has been a safer bet than them doing it. Let's see, how many B1G championship games have those dumbasses actually gotten into, let alone won? Oh that's right... ZERO.

/channeling Mike Ditka, making a zero sign with thumb and index finger towards a heckler:  "That's your IQ, M@#!##@ fan!"

Comment 28 Nov 2018

I'm sorry, I don't get it. They're dumb enough to prepay for a reservation because they're sure they're going to beat the Buckeyes? And then they're dumb enough still to call the hotel back and cancel a nonrefundable reservation so the hotel can sell the room a second time to Buckeye fans?

Oh wait this is TSUN fans we're talking about. Of course they're that dumb. Maybe it's more surprising they don't show up to check in and ask if the B1G consolation game kicks off at 4 pm.

Comment 25 Nov 2018

On a serious note, I am disappointed Urb didn't go for the final TD at the end - especially with this game being the 50th anniversary of the "Because I couldn't go for three" contest.

If the score and situation had been the other way around, Harbaugh probably would have gone for the late TD.

About a decade ago, Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh went for two (and failed) in the LA Coliseum late in a game he had already won against rival USC. There was no friendly postgame handshake at midfield. Pete Carroll got up in Jim'z grillz on camera:  "What is your deal man??" as Harbaugh gave a "What? Who, me?" look.

Of course, the score and situation wouldn't have been the other way around yesterday, because M@#@$ sux.

Comment 29 Sep 2018

No worries about you jinxing it... I got this.

Laughing at 17-0, I tuned into UM radio network live stream, hoping to hear lots of whining, and after one brief passing reference by the UM announcer to a "rout" so far, UM has the ball, boom boom boom down the field, TD, 17-7. 

I'm out. If there's laughing to be done, I'll catch it on YouTube tomorrow.

Comment 29 Sep 2018

Famous NW cheer from years back:  "That's alright, that's OK, you're gonna work for us someday."

Comment 07 Aug 2018

Bulletin Board Material for the PSU game, and if OSU sees them in the B1G championship, Wisky, and if in a bowl game, Clemson.

Don't sweat the small stuff. It doesn't get much smaller in college football than polls before one snap has been taken. I'd much rather be #9 now than #1. Clemson go ahead and celebrate because, as you can see, you've already won... so phone in practices and make rap music videos hoisting a fake trophy.

Comment 31 Jul 2018

It's pretty sad when sourpuss Lloyd Carr was the best coach they've had since the mid-1990s. OK, Carr did have one good season, 1997, but other than that, from 1995 - 2007, he disappointed many scUM fans and delighted many Buckeye fans. At the time of his retirement, I was sad to see him go. But post-Carr, things got even worse for TTUN; he had the last laugh at his scUM haterz.

Comment 31 Jul 2018

Which is why we at 11W have started a fundraising campaign to make Jim Harbaugh scUM Coach for Life. We truly appreciate all he's done for OSU scUM football.

Unfortunately if he's consuming steak every day and shunning chicken... and don't get him started on fish... have you ever seen how they dart through water?? really nervous... "for life" may be a shorter timespan than other coaches.