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Comment 20 Sep 2020

A 5-star rating opens plenty of doors for you, but there are no guarantees; the rest is up to you.

Comment 19 Sep 2020

I have lost count. Which swing and miss is this???

Tate's history of commitment, compiled from his Wikipedia article:

  • Playing QB in Pop Warner football, Tate committed at age 14 to UWashington
  • At age 15, decommited from UW and committed to Texas A&M
  • Played QB as freshman at Poway HS, San Diego; team went 4-7
  • Transferred as soph to Bishop Gorman HS, Las Vegas; with him as QB, team went 45-0, and Tate garnered a 5-star rating
  • Decommited from Texas A&M and committed to OSU
  • After completing the football season as senior at BGHS, transferred to Desert Pines HS which, unlike BGHS, allowed him to graduate early to enter OSU as freshman in spring 2017.
  • Redshirted at OSU in 2017, played a successful role as backup to Dwayne Haskins in 2018, and taunted Justin Fields ("swing and miss") in transferring from Georgia to OSU for 2019. Tate said he was 100% committed to staying and competing for the starting QB position, and then two weeks later, entered the transfer portal.
  • Gets hardship waiver due to coaching change at OSU. At UMiami, loses the starting QB position to a redshirt freshman. Tries wide receiver position. Switches back to quarterback. One pass attempted, one pass completed at UMiami.
Comment 03 Sep 2020

LOL Been there, reposted that. At least people had good-natured fun with it.

Countdown to Lemmings thread nuke in 3, 2,...

Comment 26 Aug 2020

Impressive soph video for Malaki Hamrick. I see why Coach Day likes him. Great speed on cuts. Great speed on closing to the ball. A lot of sacks in this guy's future.

I like the attitude as well. When a TTUNer "swaggers" like this, it's yet another September Heisman waiting to happen. When a potential Buckeye does it, I know he will step up in training and deliver at gametime.

I hope OSU can land him.

Comment 15 Aug 2020

I can't comment on Universal Studios Orlando. I've been to US Hollywood and like it very much, but haven't visited US Orlando.

I'm in the camp that says for first-time visitors, hold off for now to get the full Disney Monty... things like fireworks, shows, parades, character meet-n-greets, which are a huge part of the Disney park experience, are as you know off the table for now. Disney ticket prices may be a bit lower than they would be but are not discounted enough to reflect the loss of those things to those who enjoy them.

HOWEVER... if the main appeal of WDW to you is the rides... what I'm seeing online is that most all rides are running with reduced waiting times, so you can often ride a favorite ride multiple times in a row, or once with minimum wait, and get in a park's worth of rides in a day with no trouble, if you're there at the park's opening time. Don't try that during Spring Break when waits of an hour-plus are common for popular rides, or most times of the year, for that matter, at WDW. No guarantee it will be that way in October, but that's what I'm seeing online for August. This opportunity could swing the pendulum towards going now, depending what you like to do.

Also keep in mind a worst-case scenario that Orlando parks can be shut down for two unlucky days in a row due to hurricanes through October, or open but not fun to visit due to a tropical storm, and some days even arguably in October in Orlando can be oppressively hot and humid, limiting many Northerners' enjoyment.

Would your state require you to isolate for two weeks at home after traveling to Florida, and would you care if they did?

It's a roll of the dice, but I don't think going this year is totally insane. I believe both parks are being as careful as they can in terms of the virus. You may be more at risk flying, in your hotel, or at non-park restaurants than in the parks.

Comment 28 Jul 2020

Expect grumbling from those who aren't ticketed (if demand outstrips supply--it may or may not) but potentially even more grumbling from some who get tickets. Assuming the tickets are for reserved seating and not GA, because of social distancing requirements, some people who get tickets would be seated far from where they were seated last season, and not for the better, from their perspective. Many would have a ticket that cost a lot but was a less valuable ticket in a regular season (even though it could be a potentially more valuable ticket for resale purposes because of limited supply).

Sure, you'd like everyone to just be grateful and make the best of a bad situation, but for the money and high hopes involved, that's gonna be tough to sell to some.

Also it sounds like everybody has to be spaced six feet apart, which is a little odd considering many people go as couples from the same household. 

Comment 25 Jul 2020

Fair question.

Bill Gates, deeply involved in funding the vaccine research, and others in-the-loop, are saying:


...that this could be a virus (like shingles, at least in the most recent version of the shingles vaccine) where two, possibly even more doses, staggered at least a month apart, may be necessary for effective immunity.

Also keep in mind that while the early data is good, we're still short of knowing that a safe and effective vaccine will ultimately be available, affordable, etc., or that enough people will get the vaccine for herd immunity to develop. (We still don't have a good vaccine for cold viruses for example, and sometimes the early evidence, especially in crash/rushed research projects like this one or, historically, swine flu, crash-and-burn farther out.) But we're closer to the goal than a few months ago, so there is reason for optimism.

Comment 25 Jul 2020

I totally get the slow-walk to policy decisions on this fall for schools. I'd expect that most universities, school districts, teams, etc. are mapping out contingency plans:  If this... then that... stuff. Resistance to reopening in-person seems to be coming most from faculty, staff, and parents... not students or athletes. And I don't blame the faculty, staff, and parents who are scared... okay, possible exception:  athletic staff whose desire to play covers, for some, fear of the virus. The attitude of teens and 20-somethings, that they are invulnerable, or don't care anyway... that's just how I felt at that age. But the thought at my age now of being exposed to a virus that can be minor OR life-altering OR fatal, when I'm dependent on young people being super-careful when they don't particularly care, is chilling.

Comment 15 Jul 2020

You might want to read this thread:  https://www.elevenwarriors.com/forum/other-sports/2020/07/115058/psa-regarding-covid-discussions

Pay particular attention to the posts with the MOD icon...

Comment 15 Jul 2020

StubHub doesn't have a legal leg to stand on, obviously. The problem is that this is a class action lawsuit, and 99 times out of 100, those settle with the company admitting no fault, the customer victims (here the ticket-holders who didn't get refunds) getting some nearly-worthless monetary amount or amenity like a discount coupon, the few people filing the suit getting something more equitable, and the lawyers on both sides getting most of the money changing hands. It's not how this problem should be resolved. The court should just tell StubHub to refund everybody NOW who bought tickets under the policy you linked to.

Comment 15 Jul 2020

Some of these companies are not going to survive. And as a customer, you don't know how long it will be before you need tickets from StubHub again. People opting to take a credit rather than a refund for canceled prepaid events risk losing their money if the company goes bankrupt or if the people never use the company again before the credit expires. I would take the refund (via credit card chargeback if necessary) every time, even if it meant getting my account closed out. (There would always be a way to get tickets in the future, with or without StubHub.)

Now if it's a nonprofit organization you bought tickets from, that's different. Then if financially you need the refund to pay your bills, take the refund. Otherwise consider donating the value of your tickets or taking a ticket credit. But you don't want to donate to StubHub. They can pound sand.

Comment 10 Jul 2020

What they're doing... NCAA, B1G, Ohio State... is slow-walking fans to the cancellation of the college football season, or at least its postponement to the spring. All the signs point that way.

Football is a large-scale contact sport. It's not gonna work with sufficient safety with cases ramping up in most states and only two-plus-months to the beginning of the conference schedule. It will be heartbreaking for everyone involved. But sometimes you gotta suck it up.

Comment 13 Jun 2020

Ohio State should send in Jackie Chiles. When told Ohio State had their 2010 wins and conference title vacated, he responded.