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Comment 27 Nov 2018

I disagree about NW. Ya, they had a rough start to the season, but are 7-2 since their loss to Akron with those two losses coming against ND and ttun where they put up very good fights. They have a few solid wins against teams that floated around #20. If they hadn't lost to Akron, they'd be a legit top 15 team. I agree with everything else you said about Clemson. Keeping them at #2 all season is nothing but name recognition. Notre Dame's resume is infinitely stronger in my eyes.

Comment 20 Nov 2018

Heh. My point was they were beatable for 30 minutes by a 4-5 division II team that lost to Towson 44-27. The point spread was 53.5 on that game and Bama only won by 33 after being tied with an FCS team at home at halftime. Bama is no doubt a great football team, but even great football teams can play like crap and lose. Look at OSU in '15 against MSU or the 18-0 Patriots against the Giants, a team they had demolished earlier in the regular season. Let's not forget Virginia lost to a 16 seed last year...

Comment 18 Nov 2018

To be fair, they did only lose to a ranked team by a last second field goal...they haven't had their asses handed to them by a .500 middling team. Do I agree with it? No. But I do understand the difference in ranking. Now, LSU remaining in the top ten is just ridiculous. The Citadel put up a better fight at Bama than LSU did at home against the same team.

Comment 25 Jul 2018

There's really no less subjectivity to it today than there was 30 or 40 years ago. A room full of dudes decide who they think the top 4 teams are and pit them against each other with oftentimes ambiguous "we're making this stuff up as we go along" criteria. Whether that actually determines who is the best team in the country is a whole other argument, but there's absolutely as much if not more opinion determining the outcome of the champion than ever before.

Comment 22 May 2018

Agreed. I'm not sure if it's really one "they'd like to replay", Clemson was clearly the more talented team, so I don't think they'd ever win that matchup. But it'd be nice to go out there and NOT lay an egg. I think, deep down, that game was what kept OSU out of the playoffs this year - not Iowa. The perception of who this team was got altered that night.

Comment 28 Mar 2018

I disagree with the point made about pro sports divisions because there's enough inter-division and inter-conference competition during a regular season that division strength means little. Add on to that that the division winner gets the playoff spot, there's no reason to root for your division. It's different in college sports because perception of the strength of conference means a lot as far as getting your team into the postseason. With that said, I hate Michigan and I wish they hadn't made it to the tourney so I'll 100% be rooting for Loyola.

Comment 02 Mar 2018

They just had our number this year. I wish KBD turned it on earlier in the game, but too many misses from the supporting cast in the middle game. Use this as a learning experience and move forward with the tourney that matters!

Comment 14 Feb 2018

This needs to happen, but I'd be a fan of just having the big 4 teams. UC and Xavier already hate each other and have an annual cross-town rivalry game. Xavier and UD hate each other but no longer play after conference realignment. Ohio State's history with the 3 schools is limited, but the premiere athletic powerhouse in the state should be involved in Ohio's basketball tourney - and it'd be a great avenue for creating some rivalries, since let's be honest, the Basketbucks don't have a "major rival". I'd say just do a round robin on a weekend before Christmas (with games on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

Comment 08 Feb 2018

MSU was the best win of the past 5+ years but that game was not even close to the stage that was set for last night. This game had way more meaning, putting the winner in the driver's seat for the regular season title. You could've made an argument after MSU that we snuck up on them, catching them napping at the projected 11th team in the conference. Last night proved this team is the real deal, on the road, in their first truly hostile environment against the #3 team in the country. Go basketbucks!

Comment 16 Jan 2018

I would say back in 2012, Urban probably deserved it. Took a team that had really nothing to play for other than pride 12-0 in his first season. Izzo and Wright have built a championship calibur brand at both their institutions. I'd say expectations at those two schools are to make the Final Four every year, or at the very least Elite Eight, and I would think missing those goals is a disappointment that doesn't deserve coy merits.