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Comment 18 Jul 2017

Outside of OSU, I'm not sure anything beats the Michigan State home unis when they're murdered out in all green. That color, coupled with the white spartan logo is simply mean.

Comment 18 Dec 2016

Well, don't forget that OSU's defense was really only -10 against scum with the pick 6. And one of the TDs against PSU was absolutely not their fault (blocked FG return). Also, take into consideration that they held a team that sent TWO offensives players to the Heisman ceremony to just 24 points (at their place). Just think about that one for a second. And I also think they didn't give up a rushing TD for almost half the season?

Comment 29 Nov 2016

Man, I don't know. A lot of people forget 2014. The committee dropped idle #3 TCU to move #5 OSU into the mix (still don't get Briles' complaint since OSU was ahead of them going into the conference championship games). Just because scUM is #5 this week does not mean they would move into the 4th spot if things ahead of and behind them get interesting. I suppose the same could be said for us at #2, though I still think we are in no matter what happens.

Comment 21 Nov 2016

Wait, you think a team that lost 14-7 on the road, and 30-23 at home in OT, both to top 5 teams, should be ranked below a team that got demolished at home by one of those aforementioned teams, and also lost to the 18th ranked team at a neutral site by two scores? What has Oklahoma done outside of their two losses that catches the eye better than Wisconsin has? I donno...I think they are both right where they should be.

Comment 08 Nov 2016

Agreed with this. Wisconsin's losses are both to top 5 teams, each by a touchdown, one on the road and one in OT. They handled a perennial SEC West power at Lambeau. Yes, they got steamrolled by a hungry OSU last week, but Nebraska took that Wisconsin team to OT at Madison. The Big Ten West isn't nearly as strong as the East, but it deserves more recognition than that.

Comment 28 Oct 2016

Look, I go to you. I stick up for you. You no help me now. I say "**** you Jobu", I do it myself.