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Comment 03 Jan 2017

If he's honoring his commitment to Bama, there is no need to reaffirm.  Harris is a an extremely close-to-the-vest, humble kid from what I've read.  It sounds like he absolutely hates the attention, doing interviews, etc.  What a breath of fresh air it is for a kid not to need a ceremony or video of him jumping out of a plane to tell the world where he's going.  He's just showing up and attending class like 99% of the student body.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

You're right.  Classes do begin tomorrow.  I'm assuming the early enrollees have an understanding with the professors.  If not, DPJ, Dylan McCaffrey, Tarik Black, Deron Irving-Bey, and any other EE commits practicing for the Army All-American game are missing their first week of classes.  Even if that were the case, missing one class in a semester probably wouldn't turn too many heads.

Comment 02 Sep 2016

Easy, there, Kareem.  FBS, yes, but we're talking about the Sunbelt conference.  I had to look it up to see who is even in there.  I'm guessing most of you aren't too sure either.  Arkansas St, Georgia St., Georgia Southern, Louisiana Lafayette, Louisiana Monroe, South Alabama, New Mexico St., Idaho, Troy, and App. St.  Also, let's not forget that the Hoke-led, 5-7, 2014 Wolverines beat the FBS Mountaineers 52-14.  App. St. looked good tonight (very one-dimensional offense, though), but it's going to take a lot of convincing for me to put this team ahead of the late 2000 App St. teams that one 3-straight  national titles.

Tennessee will probably drop 3-4 spots, if that, even though they should drop further.  Media has to build up the Race Track Bowl.

Also, what are all of your thoughts about Jalen Hurd?  I know he was pretty high on OSU's board in that cycle.  I wasn't impressed.  He seemed to miss a lot of holes/lanes and run into traffic. 

Comment 04 Apr 2016

Clearly he had a flash back to "Script Ohio" and the Sousaphone-toting dot-er while reciting his ABCs:

c d e f g h i... *silence*   ("those were the days")

In all seriousness, C'MON, MAN!

Comment 04 Feb 2016
What are you laughing at, exactly? That Jaybaugh acts like a dofus sometimes? That Michigan had a top 5 composite class while OSU was 4th? That Partridge was Scout's #1 recruiter and 247's #8 nationally (1st in the B1G)? Nobody's claiming Michigan beat OSU. Trust me, I saw Elliott's track meet, firsthand, 2 + months ago. But, it's laughable, IMO, to think that yesterday wasn't a good day for UofM, and, even more so, to think that you're going to see a complete repeat of the Hoke era. Does that mean Michigan will overtake OSU and MSU? Nope, but it's the best step forward they can take right now.
Comment 31 Jan 2016
Likewise. There hasn't been a ton of overlap, this cycle, between UofM and OSU. I think it was Birm that pointed out Fuller is the first one in a long time that feels head-to-head, and the kid is so stinking quiet, no one really can get overly confident. I'm already considering him a Buckeye, FWIW, but I hope I'm wrong. I do have to ask, though, why the obsession with trying so hard to point out every single potentially negative aspect related to Michigan? I mean, "rivalry," I get it, but you have #1a or #1b college coach shattering records (50-4, right?), are one year removed from a national title and B1G Championship, are sending half your roster to the NFL, and are 14-2 against Michigan in this millennium! I mean, enjoy the damn ride, man. That's not to say your take on Harbaugh's antics aren't justified, especially on the level of the Swenson story(ies), but who the eff cares if some poster on MGo makes a comment about how a top 5 class might make Michigan competitive vs OSU again?
Comment 30 Jan 2016
https://mobile.twitter.com/DougieXFresh29_/status/686950577285238784/photo/1 I'm on my phone, so hopefully that link works. I posted below, but he [has nearly] earned his degree and was buried on the depth chart. The link is to his announcement via twitter. I don't see this as a force out, but rather normal attrition.
Comment 30 Jan 2016
Fair enough. I think Richardson was the other, coupled with Henry declaring and Green thereafter. I think that was all within 2-3 days. I think you're spot on RE: Kalis, largely due to UT grad xfer, Raulerson, heading to UCLA.
Comment 30 Jan 2016
I'd rather you tell the whole story. Hamilton flip was impressive--kudos to Shaw for that one. Yet, no mention of David Long, the #65 player in the country (previously committed to Stanford)? Stewart garnered late interest from Michigan, seemingly after Nate Johnson was rumored to be on his way to South Bend. Well, ND didn't have a spot, so that leaves Crawford, Mitchell, Hawkins, Johnson, McDoom, and Evans (APB projecting as a slot type) as Michigan's current WR haul. Oh, and FL WR, Pie Young, has apparently been trying to commit to UofM since around the time Devin Bush announced. The experts have Pie heading to Louisville, but think if michigan misses on a target(s), he may be a late addition on NSD. So, Stanford 2-1 (sort of)
Comment 30 Jan 2016
Ross Taylor-Douglas earned his degree in three years and is a grad transfer to Rutgers. He was buried on the depth chart. His departure was announced 2-3 weeks ago. I assume the linked articles say as much, but the op seemingly tried to make this into something uglier than normal attrition. Best of luck to RTD.
Comment 29 Jan 2016

Hell as frozen over.  Michigan and OSU fans finally agree on something (Maybe twice in one day if we count the Ole Miss situation).  This practice is really dumb, and it makes me feel stupid whenever I read an official press release that refers to Harbaugh as the "J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Head Football Coach, Jim Harbaugh."

F Dave Brandon

Comment 28 Jan 2016
I sincerely hope you don't think I'm trying to "nail you." Additionally, why not? If the 2nd most recognizable sports figure in the world is a fan of your team, why wouldn't you have him present during a prime time game on a monster recruiting weekend? Even if it is Lebron's idea, is Urban supposed to say no? It is a recruiting tool. Just like having football and other alums on your sideline, or even Beats headphones purchased for the entire team. Will a bunch of B-list celebs and former players help land a recruit? Maybe. If for nothing else, it will have my attention for two hours, this Wednesday.
Comment 28 Jan 2016
Derek Jeter, MJ, and Hank Aaron are rumored to be joining the lineup (in order of likelihood, imo). No one is really sure what this is going to be like. My coworker, a big-time donor, was invited but deleted the email (granted, it was before any guests were named. Jeter's project, The Players Tribune, is partnering in the effort. It'll be interesting to see if they tie into any recruit's announcement or if any EE's are present. The best explanation as to why: it creates a buzz around Michigan, a la every single one of Harbaugh ' s crazy antics.
Comment 28 Jan 2016
If Cole is dismissed from the team, officially, I'm 99.9% sure that the release will be dubbed as violation of team rules or conduct unbecoming of a U of M football player (a la LTT). It's not an excuse, but more an educated guess as to why there are rumors circulating that he may or may not be on the team. As I said in my initial comment, there is a lot of smoke surrounding these rumors that his position on the team is in jeopardy (no pun intended). Regardless of the reason, I don't think there is an issue indicating that his dismissal is possible, even probable, but until a respectable source says that he is officially off the team, I don't think it should be stated as fact.
Comment 28 Jan 2016
I think the OP needs to add a ‘?’ to the end of the thread title, for the time being. There is a ton of smoke here, but I’ve yet to see full confirmation that he’s no longer with the team. If he is, in fact, still with the team, he’s on the thinnest of ice. WOTS is that he’s overly keen on “herbal medicine.” Cole was the top player in Michigan’s 2015 class (albeit a down class), the #1 player in Michigan, and a top 75 player, nationally. This is a gut punch to the Michigan fan base; a sucker punch for the far majority of us. As for those of you spinning this as Harbaugh making room, come on now. You guys are smarter than that.
Comment 21 Jan 2016
John U. Bacon @Johnubacon I have learned UM-Swenson scenario more complicated than it appears, but UM can't comment by NCAA rules. More soon. I'm not posting this here to absolve Harbaugh and company of any wrong doing, but this is the first communication that I've seen from a trusted source. John U is respected in all pre/post Dave Brandon era Michigan circles and, to my knowledge, here at 11W, based on excerpts from his last two books being main page articles run by Ramzy and Jason in conjunction with JUB. Again, I'm not making a claim that M is in the right here, regardless, but I do feel what has come out, so far, may not be the full story. Thanks, Blue. The work filter now partially blocks 11W--I can view everything, but can't comment. That means I have to turn to the cell or my home computer to comment and it rarely happens.
Comment 20 Jan 2016

Blue, I agree with everything you've said.  When I first read about this, I felt sick to my stomach.  I remember the elation when Hoke landed Swenson, as Erik was supposed to be the next elite OL at Michigan.  He shared stories about his lifelong fandom for Michigan and Jake Long being his idol (hence the #77 Swenson wore).  I told my die-hard OSU fan friend about these rumors yesterday, as the smoke was building.  I admitted that if Swenson was shown the door, I couldn't call out Urban and the Sabans of the recruiting world, because Harbaugh is no different.  If things are as they seem at face value, then this is the WRONG way to handle recruiting.  No bones about it.

The thing is, there is a very small group of people that know what actually happened here.  Everything we read is hearsay, for now, and one-sided as the coaches can't comment until the kids have signed. Sam Webb, a trusted recruiting source for Michigan, said that he doesn't even know of the conversations that transpired, but believes that the situation is "regrettable." The other Michigan recruiting analysts that I respect above all others, Steve Lorenz/Steve Wiltfong of 247, echoed similar thoughts about not knowing actual details of the back and forth, but also stated that Swenson was on their list of current Michigan commits that they didn't expect to be in the 2016 class when all is said and done.  A list that was created some time ago, not two days ago. Was it just a hunch?  Did they know something a while ago?  Your guess is as good as mine, but there is a solid possibility that Swenson knew what was ahead of him some time ago.  At the same time, I've never heard of this Bobby Kunz fellow, and I sure as Hell wouldn't be using some [relatively] unknown source to shape an opinion.  His "texting" screenshot could be an actual conversation with Swenson, but I wouldn't bet on it.  FWIW on EJ Price, from what I've read, Price didn't even include Michigan in his final group and is a long shot.  So, the idea that Swenson is being cut to make room for Price is a little premature.

Those of you that remember me from when I posted here regularly know that I bleed Maize and Blue, but I'm not going to claim Michigan is holier than thou.  Major college football programs are under a microscope, and part of the rivalry is to call out our rivals when they do something stupid. JT Barrett: DWI, Fitz Touissant: DWI.  Driving with suspended license: Denard/Elliott. Stolen laptop/repeated drug offenses, hitting a woman at a bar/sucker punching a dude a bar, soliciting hookers/recording relations without permission, allegations of rape/allegations of rape, offers being pulled late/failing to tell a recruit that his position coach is leaving for the NFL the day after NSD.  The list goes on and on. OSU, UM, ND, USC, Okl, Fla, Bama, and about 20 more programs are all guilty of it, but your rival is still going to let you hear about it when it's the story of the moment.

TL;DR   If Swenson actually JUST found out that his scholly was being pulled and it's for no reason other than he's not good enough in JH's opinion, then it is absolutely despicable and is on par with oversigning practices, but there's a solid chance that things aren't quite as cut and dry as they seem.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Fair warning, parking prices are considerably higher than they were over the last few years.  Lots that are often $15-$20 to park, were doubled (at least) for the MSU/Michigan game, even those well over a mile away.

I park at a parking garage on Ann, off Main st, downtown.  It's $3. However, the day of the MSU game, they took payment as people were leaving the garage, which resulted in a long backup and us being stuck in there (parked on 4th level) for over an hour.  I recommend getting there early and securing a lower level spot, as the trip back to Dayton (in my case) is already long enough.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

To echo most of the comments in this thread, but from the opposing side, I boycott Dominoes every week because it sucks.  Not to mention Dave Brandon has his hands in that chain. And, F Dave Brandon.