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Born and raised in Columbus. Bleed scarlet and grey.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: After hearing for so many years that Ohio State is overrated and can't beat an SEC team nothing was sweeter than beating Alabama on the biggest stage in dominant fashion.
  • NFL TEAM: New Orleans Saints
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • SOCCER TEAM: Liverpool FC

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Comment 26 Oct 2019
FTFY God Tier - THE Ohio State Buckeyes Champion Tier - . Good Tier - Wisconsin Decent Tier - Iowa, Minnesota, Penn State Meh Tier - Indiana, UofMeh, MSU, Nebraska Bad Tier - Illinois, Maryland, Northwestern, Purdue Why Do You Bother Playing The Games Tier - Rutgers
Comment 19 Oct 2019
If OSU and PSU are both still unbeaten, it will be one of if not the biggest regular season game this year. That means gameday will undoubtedly be there. They might be there even if PSU drops a game. Clemson doesn't play anyone else, Bama v LSU will have already happened. Oklahoma will be through the meat of their schedule. There might not be another high profile game that weekend.
Comment 02 Oct 2019
62 - 3, good guys win big in primetime (again). I'm not buying that MSU is a contender this season. Ohio State is playing beyond elite. We are god tier and natty bound this season. Ohio against the world. We're blowing fools out til I'm proven otherwise.
Comment 02 Oct 2019
Either Bama or Clemson. Depends on how high you are on Georgia and how little you value running the table in a TERRIBLE ACC Conference. To be honest if Clemson continues to look they way they have so far, I'd be tempted to leave them out if I was a committee member.
Comment 02 Oct 2019
I believe Urban won't coach again. I also believe that the Gruden effect will never stop. Everytime a head coaching gig opens up (or is rumored to) at a big time university, loads of people will say that Urban Meyer will be their next coach. I believe it's all bs for views and that Urban is riding off into the sunset as an Ohio State and CFB legend.
Comment 24 Aug 2019
"Asked whether he will refer to Michigan by name or continue to call the Wolverines “the team up north,” Meyer said that’s still “to be determined.” It would be so great if he never mentions them by mame throughout his broadcasting career as well. Also, his actions really don't seem like the actions of someone who plans on returning to the sidelines. I'm in agreement with most of my friends when I say that I believe he won't be returning to the sidelines unless it's at Ohio State again.
Comment 08 Aug 2019
Okay, I never played o or d line I mostly played and have a decent knowledge of wr and db. Maybe some dubbers who have knowledge of these positions can clear this up for me. I've always wondered, seeing how often a lineman will be a rg or something and come into a program and be switched to the other side of a line or thrown in at center. Isn't that not using them to their full potential? Or inefficient or something? I feel like even though it's still the o/d line, it's still a different position...