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Comment 23 Aug 2016

Redshirting should be a last resort option in Columbus. With the talent influx we have coming in year after year - a redshirt year is a wasted year except for Qbs, Defensive and offensive lineman. We have had redshirts in the past 2 years leave as sophomores with 2 more years of eligibility - If the player has ability then they will play and  leave as a junior or senior if not they can use up their 4 years and vacate their scholarship to a player that can contribute.

Comment 01 Jul 2015

Just from memory and watching the highlights of both - Shazier was a more dominant, violent hitter with incredible speed - but he also was a victim of over pursuing and missing some tackles.  

Darron Lee is a more skilled tackler and wrapped up his opponents solidly - but was not as physical and intimidating as Shazier.

Also keep in mind that Darron Lee benefited a lot from having Bosa and a solid interior DL commanding double teams which freed him up to launch into opponents backfield.

Shazier never had that luxury. Shazier playing on the 2014 team would have been a terror and would have won the Butkus I am sure of it.

IMHO at this stage Sazier >>>Darron Lee.

Comment 25 Feb 2014

I Love it how Deion Sanders got on the OSU defensive coordinator for not adjusting their coverage during the Wisky game after seeing that Aberdaris was having his way with man to man.

I hope this year's defensive coaches would be more adaptable and be able to adjust mid games. I also think when playing man to man against a good wideout like Aberdaris (who actually tested off the charts in the combine) - giving him a 10 yards cushion is a recipe for disaster without a safety cover - because the WR would dictate the action and the DB would have to react - instead of giving the DB the option to dictate by bumping the WR at the LOS.  

Comment 24 Feb 2014

What I gathered from Roby's comment is that he was not looking to get paid big $ on top of his scholarship but maybe get a stipend so that he can afford to take a gf out to a dinner or go to the mall. If I recall correctly the majority of major conferences ADs including Gene Smith favored that idea (I think it was $2,000/year) last year but it was nixed by the NCAA.

I am personally all for paying players a limited stipend (pocket money). Think about it a lot of these kids come form under privileged homes - in season these kids are not allowed to work - and with off season workout expectations nowadays + school workload (including summers) these kids don't have enough spare time to work and earn enough money (at least the honest ones who are not cheating). Paying them a stipend is the right and moral thing to do given how much the schools reap from their hard work. 

Comment 13 Feb 2014

This is John Cooper's old recruiting playbook albeit with a couple major enhancements: 

1) Ole Coop let some major Ohio blue chips slip away while Urban is taking the cream of the crop and letting the 2nd tier schools scramble for the crumbs.

2) Unlike Coop, Urban has a bonafide track record of winning big games. (Ok Ok we lost the last 2 - but we went 24-0 before that - and he won 2 Natty's in 5 years at Florida)

Let's not knock the results of national recruiting strategies - Jim Tressell won a Natty with mostly Coop's recruits. And Coop had some incredible teams in the 90s and put tons of players in the NFL during his reign - Where he obviously failed was beating Michigan (2-9-1 record would not cut it, but to Coop's defense the Big 10 was infinitely much tougher in the 90s than it is in the 21st century! and back then OSU had much tougher schedules). 

I truly believe that if we mostly recruit Ohio we will win lots of B1G championships but if our goal is to win National Championships and compete with the elite teams of the SEC, Pac12 and ACC we will surely need to cast a wider net and snatch top talents from their patch.





Comment 11 Feb 2014

My humble opinion on the Malik McDowell story:

I think the people who are chastising the parents for trying as hard as they are to steer their kid into the right path (wherever it may lead) are totally out of line and are being unfair. His parents are divorced yet they BOTH agree that something happened on their son's visit to MSU that made them feel that the school may not be the right one for their son. Further they BOTH agree that their son needs to move from the state of Michigan altogether - personally I don't blame them :) - all kidding aside, I don't exactly know why and what happened and I don't want to speculate - but for both parents to agree and to adamantly and stubbornly put their foot down there must be substantial reason(s).

I hope that fans of all schools involved in the recruitment of this kid back off on negative commenting and let the family resolve this issue on their own.  I also hope the parents stop talking to reporters or recruiting sites - that is not helping in their son's decision process and all its doing is fanning the speculation flames.