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Comment 02 Oct 2019

I know it is unlikely but adding Elias Ricks to this class would be incredible. That trio of corners for the 2020 class would be elite. Plus with Okudah likely leaving at the end of the year it wouldn't be crazy to see Ricks get a lot of playing time as a true freshmen. Him and Harrison could be our next Young/Okudah and anchor another tremendous defense. I'd be perfectly happy with signing Watts (I love his size at the position) but Ricks has been my holy grail for this class from the beginning.

Comment 17 Sep 2019

I think he compares the best with Pryor. From a physical standpoint they are both impressive and I believe they are both capable of beating you with either their arm of their legs. Justin isn't quite as big as TP was but he is close enough imo. The one thing I know for sure is that I am happy to have him on our team!

Comment 04 Sep 2019

From what I can remember Justin made the wrong read almost everytime. The touchdown was the right read and I felt like every zone read called after that he just decided he was going to keep it and try to play hero ball like he did in HS. I think the offense has a lot of stuff it still needs to work out but the first quarter showed what they are capable of when things are clicking. I really liked how the offense functioned in the double tight sets. Ruckert finally got to show what he is able to do in the passing game.