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Comment 13 Oct 2018

I would like to see two backs in the backfield and mixing up some zone coverages on defense. It may just all be too predictable but what do I know I’m not an actual coach. They are 7-0 and after watching today anyone can beat anyone if you don’t show up fully ready.

Comment 23 Aug 2018

To be honest with you I’ve spent many sleepless nights fighting in areas of the world I’d rather forget. This is a pile of PC BS so high I can’t imagine that this is the freedoms I fought for. Regardless of opinions and your own personal feelings I’ve come to realize I don’t really give a damn what anyone thinks about the Buckeyes and my beloved state. My football coach did no wrong in my eyes in fact he’s just that much more respected. Everyone keeps wanting this black and white answer when the bottom line is we live in a world of grey. Perfectly enough this grey world includes my scarlet and grey and for anyone who is against us fine, you’ve chosen your side now prepare to be carried home on your shields because Buckeye Nation it is now us against the world and in this case that is a bad thing for the rest of  college football. O-H/ GO BUCKS/ Urban 4

Comment 05 Aug 2018

IMO this should be let go and let’s move on to the season and school year. I think it is funny to watch all the critics come out now and say how terrible Urban is and the school. It’s funny ESPN hired him after being such a morally disgusting person. Everyone on here that keeps saying she is a victim and that everyone’s heads must roll doesn’t quite understand the damage this does to families who were trying their best to make this situation better. Nobody on here knows what actually happened with Zach and his wife. There is too much hearsay and opinion to make any clear conclusion. What we do know is no criminal charges were never filed and the man is free as it stands. Why do we as a public feel the need to crucify everyone without hearing both sides and giving the courts their opportunity. We are all guaranteed the right to our opinion but I don’t think anything was done maliciously in this case. Domestic issues are tough and you don’t want to make the wrong call which could potentially damage an innocent persons life forever. Urban does not deserve to be fired, Zach is gone and it’s his burden to carry now. This is not a Sandusky case or anything in the same realm. Sick of a society that automatically jumps to an accusers defense with no evidence and no real sense of what happened in the moments leading up to it. 

Comment 21 Jan 2018

Thanks for that! Smith looked fast and was great in the game. Ruckert was messing on the sidelines and was just unreal catching the ball. Would just love to see more reps out here at this game. It is a huge opportunity to get some inroads out here. I’m not a super recruiter guy but I’m telling you there is a movement happening out here and it might be good to get in on it.

Comment 21 Jan 2018

Crazy part is neither did I. I was throwing the O-H to Smith and noticed those two hanging out. Looked him up and saw that was his dad. I called a buddy in Ohio and he linked me up. I met Curtis and talked to him about his son, who by the way is a great player. Curtis is working for Anheuser Busch and doing well. He finally looks like he is in a great place. It was a fun night with some outstanding high school players. It is a hidden gem of a game.

Comment 21 Jan 2018

It was interesting to see the ties to the community. I have been here for a few years and the local coaches are dying for some recognition and some big names. I spoke to a coach this evening of a middle school program who said they are always traveling to the mainland and are wanting some help here. Not saying Urban has to come here but building a pipeline here wouldn’t be that difficult. It would take a little visibility but these young kids know OSU and were pumped when I was telling them about the 4 we had our here. Mariota was there as well and I can feel the swell of interest especially with Tua now on the scene. Been around a lot of Polynesians in my Army career and they are some hellacious athletes. I just think it would be pretty great!

Comment 21 Jan 2018

I thought the same thing until I saw 4 Bama recruits 4 USC recruits and a roster stocked with 3,4 and 5 stars. It’s just something to think about. There is a massive football push happening here and several schools are producing absolutely dominant teams.

Comment 09 Jan 2018

Is this a Buckeye thread or a ode to the SEC? I’m damn glad we have Urban who is loyal to his players and their families. Great on Bama for winning a suspect title. It will never be perfect and nobody will ever agree. There is bias towards the SEC and that’s ok because we still have what I believe to be the best team, fans, coaches, players, and band! Enjoy what we have, and to say Dabo and Kirby are better than Urban is just crazy.

Comment 04 Dec 2017

Being honest here I’m upset and saddened but at the same time excited to play USC and show the committee they made a huge mistake. To act as if Alabama is leaps and bounds better than OSU is actually quite comical. I think that at the core Alabama is quite similar to us. Hurts isn’t a game changing QB in the likes of Watson, or Young. JT struggles at times but I think I appreciate his toughness and dedication to our team and school more than anything. Not to mention he has won a boatload of games. I am absolutely satisfied as a Buckeye fan and don’t need America’s approval for my team to be the greatest, as long as they are in my mind!

Comment 11 Sep 2017

I gotta say losses are always disappointing but to think the sky is falling after every loss is not serving us well. We are still in great shape moving forward. We will get better and if the QB position is still hurting he will pull the trigger. If anyone of us had spent this much time on a QB and he gave you so many wins and holds tons of records you wouldn’t just bench him. Team is the word here and to play like a team takes time when you lose key personnel every year. Oklahoma lost two last year and the world didn’t end. Let’s be the fan base that gets football not try’s to coach from our couch. O-H!

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Being a Soldier and a Buckeye, Urban Meyer and this team make me so proud to be an Ohioan. I'm currently in Hawaii, Mariotaville, and it feels better than ever. Thanks Urban for these tough, gritty kids representing our great state. Let's do it again next year!

Comment 09 Dec 2014

I imagine that they will figure it out just really think that for some it's damn near impossible. NCAA is a sorry sorry institution.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Thanks for the info and link. It just seems that if tickets anonymously made it into their hands or if a package was sold to them at ab"discounted" price it would make sense. This seems to bother me quite a bit. It's a travesty that the NCAA has this power.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Who's not happy! I'm ecstatic!! I just want to relish the underdog role for us. They already has Bama +9.5 so we can get ready. Nobody thinks we can win except us and that's all that matters!