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Comment 23 May 2014

As my waistline has expanded over the years, I have grown quite fond of the term, "husky".  All I can think of when I hear the term "rugged" is that Dr. Pepper Ten commercial with the flannel-dude toting around tree trunks and canoeing with his bear buddy.

Comment 30 Jul 2013

Is it bad that my favorite part about this article was the subtle mouse-over on the "I'm Fat - Let's Party" picture?  I guess we really don't mature past the age of 16, but then again, I've never seen a downside to that...

I will say this in response to the article though:  Had there been a camera on me every weekend when I was 20-21, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be proud of everything I did.  However, I think we need to separate judgment between dumb actions and violent actions.  Johnny Hangover is just a trainwreck that we can't stop looking at because it keeps getting thrown in our faces.  The Pee 'N Flee scandal was pretty much the same to me.  More of a joke than anything else.  No need to get upset about it.  Just sit back and relax...September is almost here...